A lot of uncertainties come with California arrests. No one, not even the police, can tell what will happen to you after the booking process. You must wait and trust that the judge will grant you bail, then you can return to your life, at least before trial. It is okay to hope that the encounter with the police is a mere mistake. But once the prosecutor files charges against you in a criminal court, you have to follow due process.

Fortunately, bond services in Los Angeles County could be all you need to obtain a quicker release after arrest. A bonds dealer only wants your assurance that you’ll honor all court dates, then he/she can obtain a surety bond for you. Therefore, consider engaging the service of a competent bonds dealer after your arrest in Manhattan Beach. 24 Hour Online Bail Bonds could be your best bet for affordable, reliable, and timely bonds services. We have our client’s best interests at heart.

Ways You Can Obtain Release From Incarceration in Los Angeles County

The primary worry for many arrestees is usually on the time they are likely to spend behind bars. Facing criminal charges is not a simple issue, but it becomes better if you have adequate time to plan for trial. You can only have time if you’re released immediately after arrest. Fortunately for you, this is possible in California. California law doesn’t allow the police to hold suspects before the conclusion of their case. It provides three main ways through which a defendant can obtain release from incarceration after arrest. These ways are:

Through Citation

A release through citation doesn’t include being jailed after the arrest. The arresting officer simply issues you with a citation, and then you’re allowed to return home with a promise of appearing in court at a later time or date. A citation is usually a written notice by an arresting officer. Law enforcement officers have the option of apprehending suspects or simply issuing citations. A release through citation happens at the place of that arrest.

However, this option is usually available for minor offenses. The defendant must not have exhibited violent behavior and should not be considered a danger to his/her community. The defendant must also not have a notable criminal history.

Offenses in which you could obtain a release through citation include minor traffic infractions. It helps lessen the burden on jails and court systems.

Through Personal Recognizance

If you do not qualify for release through a citation, the police officer will take you to the station, where you’ll undergo the booking process and then be jailed. A few moments later, you will undergo your initial court appearance, whereby the judge decides your fitness for bail. If you qualify for bail but are a first-offender facing misdemeanor charges, you could be suitable for release on personal recognizance.

Release through personal recognizance means that the magistrate could grant your freedom without you making bail. You only sign the release forms, and the police will let you go. But, you have to promise and convince the court of your readiness to make all court appearances.

First-time offenders with strong ties within the community can easily qualify for release through personal recognizance. You might have strong ties within your community if you have a permanent job, run a business, or have strong family roots. The strong ties will keep you within the court’s reach and can guarantee your court appearances.

Through Bail

If the judge does not grant you release through personal recognizance during your initial court appearance, he/she will let you make bail to obtain your freedom. The judge will set bail depending on several factors, including the available bail schedule, your case’s facts, and criminal history. The amount could be higher or lower than the predetermined bail. Thus, it could be affordable or not affordable for you or your family.

Courts in Los Angeles County allow various ways through which you can post bail. For instance, you can pay in cash if you have the whole bail amount or raise the amount within a limited period. You can use a valuable asset, too, to guarantee your release. The asset’s worth must be more than the bail amount. The court will first appraise the said property to determine its current value. If you fail to honor all your court dates and forfeit bail, the court will keep the cash or sell the property.

You can also post bail through the assistance of a third party called a bail bondsman. Los Angeles courts allow the use of surety bonds for defendants who cannot raise cash or property bonds. In this regard, you’ll seek the assistance of a reliable bail bondsman that will post bail on your behalf. The third-party will have separate terms and conditions you need to abide by to benefit from its services. For instance, you must make all appearances before the judge without fail and pay a premium first before service delivery.

Bail Bonds Requirements in Los Angeles County

The use of bail bond services is on the rise throughout California. It is the easiest and quickest way for defendants to make bail and secure their release. Your bail amount could be high, hence unaffordable for you or your family. The only option left is for you to seek the assistance of a Manhattan Beach Bail Bondsman. However, the company must determine your eligibility for its services. Bonds services are usually available for all defendants, but one must meet the individual requirements of bail bonds dealers.

When a judge sets you bail, the court gives you time to make bail, after which the police will release you. You are not usually given a deadline. Some defendants will post ail in hours, while others in weeks. A bonds dealer can obtain your freedom in minutes if you meet their bail conditions.

The first step in obtaining Manhattan Beach bail bonds is contacting a bonds dealer you wish to partner with. An agent will receive your call or message and will start the process immediately. However, the bond agent will have several questions for you to determine your eligibility for their bail services. For instance, the bond agent will want to know your full name, date of birth, state of residence, details of the initial charge, employment status, and criminal history. It is important to answer truthfully to avoid losing the only chance you might have of obtaining a pre-trial release.

Additionally, the agent would wish to establish your willingness and ability to make all court-ordered appearances. You must provide convincing information, as it is the only way the bonds dealer will be willing to obtain your freedom. To maintain their reputation, bail bonds dealers rely on their client’s truthfulness and availability throughout the bail period. Thus, it might be difficult to obtain bail bonds in Los Angeles County if the bonds dealer is unsure of your ability to keep the end of your bargain.

Requirements for the Cosigner

If you’re a cosigner seeking help with bail for your friend or family in jail, the bond agent will first determine your eligibility to be their cosigner. You must also meet particular criteria, unique to every bail bonds dealer, to obtain bail services on behalf of a defendant.

First, you should be an adult of eighteen years and over and be a lawful resident of the United States. In addition to that, the bond agent will need the following:

Proof of Income

When you agree to become a cosigner, you must demonstrate your financial ability to pay the entire bail if the defendant forfeits bail. Thus, the bail agent could require you to provide your recent pay stubs. The agent would also like to know whether you will cover the fee for bail services if the defendant cannot make prompt payments.

Identification Documents

The bonds dealer would want to know the identity of the person they are dealing with. Thus, the bond agent will need valid identification documents like your driver’s license and state ID.

Proof of Residency

You should be a resident of California to apply for bail services in Los Angeles County. Therefore, the bond agent will oblige you to provide documents that could verify your residence, like a utility bill.

If you (the cosigner) are the one seeking help with bail on behalf of a friend or relative, the bond agent will ask you to provide more information regarding the defendant and the charges he/she is facing. The information you must provide could include:

  • Charges the suspect is facing

  • The name and address of the detention center where the officers are holding the defendant

  • The defendant’s date and place of birth

  • The suspect’s booking number

When the agent is satisfied with all the information you provide, he/she will begin the bail process. You’ll be required to pay the premium for the bail services, which are usually non-refundable. The premium also serves as the fee for the bail services. The standard charge for most bail services in Los Angeles County is 10% of the total bail. It could be lower than that, depending on the bonds dealer you choose to work with.

You can make payments for Manhattan Beach bonds services in several ways at your convenience. You could use cash, debit or credit card, or money order. Once the payment is made, the bond agent will take less than 30 minutes to process the defendant’s release.

The Cost of Manhattan Beach Bail Bonds

Bond dealers in Los Angeles County make it easier for defendants or their families to pay bail if they cannot afford it at the time of the arrest. They help free defendants to enable them to go back to the community, to their family, work, school, or business. However, the services come at a cost.

As previously mentioned, the standard charge for bail bonds in California is 10% of the total bail. The Department of Insurance in California regulates this rate, and it applies to all bond providers. However, you could pay less than that if you partner with the best Manhattan Beach bail bondsman. You could also negotiate for a lower rate to save some money. Here are some factors that could lower your premium:

Legal Have Representation

Having a criminal defense attorney working on your case comes with many advantages, including a possibility of a reduced bail and reduced premium. Defense attorneys in California are pretty aggressive and could fight for better rates on behalf of their clients. Additionally, the presence of an attorney in your life could assure the bonds dealer of your readiness to follow through with the case to its completion. Thus, you are willing and ready to make all court appearances. That is all the bonds dealer should know to help you with bail.

You are a Government Employee/Union Member/Military Member

Certain people in the United States are given special privileges due to the nature of their job. As a government official, a union member, or a current or past member of the U.S army, you may be eligible for a reduced premium when applying for bonds.

You Have Strong Community Ties

As previously mentioned, strong community ties show that you will remain within the court’s jurisdiction until the completion of the case. That is enough reason for the bonds dealer to lower your premium.

Failing To Appear

Defendants must make all court-ordered appearances, as ordered by the court after bail release. Failing to appear is a severe offense that could cause you to forfeit bail. When that happens, you will lose the entire amount paid to the court as bail. It means that the bonds dealer will lose a substantial amount, which could be charged to you or your family.

Failing to appear is a criminal offense under the California constitution. It means that it will be an additional charge on the charges you already face for your underlying arrest. The crime is a misdemeanor, punishable by up to six months of jail time. You could face conviction for not appearing n court even after you’re determined innocent of the initial charge.

Additionally, failing to appear could cause you to forfeit the bail. It is the primary condition for your bail. The judge makes bail conditions very clear to ensure you understand them and their consequences before you post bail. You give up the entire amount you or the bonds dealer had paid for your freedom when you forfeit the bail. It could result in a significant loss for you or your family.

When you fail to appear without a valid reason, the magistrate will issue an arrest warrant for your re-arrest. You will undergo the humiliation and uncertainty you felt when you were first arrested. The conditions could be tougher for you this time around, as the judge might deny you bail. Thus, you will remain incarcerated until the outcome of your two cases, which are the underlying charges, and the charges for failing to appear. That could be a very long time behind bars.

When you cannot appear in court as ordered for a valid reason, the court gives you up to thirty days to show up. It is advisable to reach out to the court and explain your reasons to avoid the aforementioned consequences. When the police rearrest you, you will undergo a separate trial, in which the prosecutor will prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you intentionally failed to appear.

However, the court might excuse you for failing to appear if you had a good cause. The excuses for failing to appear that are acceptable in California are:

  • An unforeseeable event like an emergency, and you have no time to notify the court

  • Your lawyer withdraws without a notice

  • You did not receive notification for the hearing

Manhattan Beach bonds dealers will require you to offer collateral to guarantee the services to avoid any losses they might experience if you forfeit the bail. You can use a valuable property or investment for that purpose. However, note that the company will sell off the property or asset to recover the funds if you forfeit the bail.

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