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Since a police officer just needs reasonable suspicion and probable cause to initiate an arrest, anyone could find themselves in jail for any alleged offense. That person could be you, your son, your friend, or anyone else close to you. Undoubtedly, several questions will cross your mind if you are the one sitting behind bars for any alleged offense.

Indeed, being under arrest is a scary situation, but you are not yet guilty of the alleged offense until the court’s final verdict. Instead of worrying, you should take the necessary steps to quickly obtain your release from jail, pending the court decision on the alleged offense at trial.

One way to do that is by posting your scheduled cash bail, which is often a financial strain to most people because an arrest is an unplanned and unexpected event. Fortunately, with the availability of bail bond services, you do not have to spend more hours or a day in jail.

At 24 Hour Online Bail Bonds, we comprehend your fear during these nerve-racking times. Once you contact us, we will do everything to post your bail without unnecessary delay to have the freedom you truly deserve as you wait for their alleged case’s trial date. If you are looking for Glen Helen Bail Bonds, look no further because we are here for you every day of the week and night.

What it Means When Someone is a Cosigner for a Bail Bond

Once you are booked and processed at the police station, the police will give you a chance to make a call. While you can call whoever you want, it is advisable to call someone who can be a cosigner on your bail if you do not have the needed cash to post cash bail. That person could be your friend, brother, cousin, or any other person who you can rely on during these times of need.

As the co-signer in your bail bond agreement, the person you will choose to call must promise to ensure your availability during the upcoming court dates. Even if he/she decides to pay your bail in cash instead of using the services of a bail bond agent, he/she will be responsible for ensuring you do not miss any court dates as required to prove your innocence.

Generally, when using the services of a bail bondsman or bond agent, your friend must accept the financial responsibility of paying their premium (services fee), which is typically ten percent of your bail amount. That means, if your bail amount is $6,000, the bond agent will take $600 as their premium.

Unlike bail, once your friend pays this ten percent premium, he/she will not receive this money back after the judgment of your case because it is the bond agent’s services fee for their expertise, resources, and prompt assistance during this time of need.

If your bail amount is high, the agent could also ask your friend (cosigner) to place collateral as security for your release. The collateral the agent will require could be any valuable property or asset such as:

  • Yacht
  • Land
  • Real estate
  • Vehicle

It is also worth noting that when you skip bail or violate any conditions of your release, the cosigner will be accountable for your full bail bond amount when the court forfeits your bail. Additionally, they could also lose their collateral to the bond agent.

Therefore, it is important to abide by the terms of your release until your case is over to avoid putting your friend’s money or property at risk.

What Your Friend Needs to be Co-signer in Your Bail

Generally, the requirements and rules for posting another person’s bail following an arrest are simple and clear. First and foremost, someone can be a co-signer in your bail bond contract as long as they are a U.S citizen with a minimum age of eighteen years.

Apart from this basic requirement, here is what the bond agent will require your friend to post your bail:

  • His/her proof of income or financial capability, for example, your recent paycheck stub
  • His/her proof of employment
  • His/her proof of residency, for example, a recent utility bill
  • A valid identification, for example, state’s ID or driver’s license

Also, during this initial appointment or call with a prospective bond agent, your friend must be ready to give them the following vital information to begin the process of bailing you out of jail:

  • The name of the jail or detention center you are in custody and your booking number
  • Details of the alleged charge
  • Your date of birth

Factors That Will Determine Your Bail Amount After an Arrest in San Bernardino County

Depending on the sophistication of the alleged charges you are up against, your friend can post your bail directly at the police station where you are in custody or not. Typically, most police stations have what is known as a bail schedule, which is a list of the predetermined bail amount for various common crimes such as:

  • Domestic violence
  • Robbery
  • Drunk driving
  • Shoplifting
  • Carjacking

If the accused crime you are up against is not in this bail schedule, or perhaps it is extremely high, your attorney can request a bail hearing. The bail hearing will typically occur at your first court appearance, which happens within less than forty-eight hours following an arrest.

At this hearing, it will be upon your attorney to convince the court that you deserve a lower bail amount. According to section 1275 of the Penal Code (PC), the judge should consider the following factors when setting, denying, or lowering your bail amount:

The Severity and Nature of the Allegations Against You

Generally, violent and severe felony offenses will attract a higher bail than misdemeanor offenses. According to PC 1275(2), a judge should consider the following factors when determining the severity and seriousness of your charge:

  • Whether you allegedly used or possessed unlawful narcotics
  • Whether you allegedly threatened an eyewitness or the victim of the offense
  • Whether you had a dangerous weapon in furtherance of the accused offense, for example, a gun, machete, penknife, or any other dangerous weapon

Whether or not Your Freedom Can Endanger the Community

Another critical consideration when setting, reducing, or denying your bail request at the bail hearing is the community's safety. If the judge reasonably believes that your freedom could put the community's safety or the public at risk, he/she could deny your bail reduction request or hold you in jail without bail.

Whether or not you Have a History of Past Crimes

If you have a criminal history, the judge will consider whether or not you have issues of “jumping bail” once you are out of police custody on bail. Typically, a defendant “jumps” or “skips” bail when he/she violates a requirement of their release on bail. You can do this by refusing to show up on your scheduled court dates or fleeing the state after stepping out of jail.

Unfortunately, if you have a record of skipping bail, the court will most likely deny your bail request, and you will have to stay behind bars until the alleged case’s verdict. To increase the chances of securing a release on bail, you should have an attorney on your side at the bail hearing to fight for your best interests.

Once the court sets your bail, your friend can help you secure your deserved freedom by working with a bond agent. Working with an agent can save you from using your emergency fund or any other budgeted money to post your unaffordable cash bail.

What to Consider When Looking for a Dependable Bond Agent for Glen Helen Bail Bonds Services

For speedy Glen Helen Bail Bonds services that you need, these tips can help you or your friend find a dependable bond agent within the shortest time possible:

Look for a Bond Agent with In-depth Knowledge of the Law

Typically, reliable bail bond agents must have an in-depth knowledge of the law because these experts work closely with the criminal justice system. If your prospective attorney is inexperienced, you should find a different agent because it means he/she is also unfamiliar with the legal justice system.

Look for a Bond Agent with a Credible Reputation

Undoubtedly, a bond agent with credible and reliable services will have a positive reputation preceding them. Because you will depend on this agent to secure your freedom within the shortest time possible, you should ensure he/she is reputable before making any significant commitment with them.

One sure way to know whether or not your potential bond agent is reputable is by checking his/her past client feedback on his/her website or social media pages using your phone or laptop. When you notice several past clients are unhappy with the agent’s quality of services, it is wise that you find a different expert because that is an indicator of unreliability.

Find a Licensed Bond Agent

Before you put your signature on any agreement or contract with any bond agent, you should check his/her licensing credentials to ensure they are valid and up-to-date. A reliable agent will be ready to show you his/her licensing credentials upon your request for immediate Glen Helen Bail Bonds services that you need to secure your freedom after an arrest.

Six Reasons Why You Need Glen Helen Bail Bonds Services After an Arrest in San Bernardino County

If you are at a crossroad on whether or not to be a cosigner on your friend’s bail bond agreement, here are six compelling reasons to do so:

You Can Work Better to Build Proper Evidence to Counter The Alleged Charge

While you can still meet with an attorney while in jail, you will not have much time with them to prepare proper evidence to counter the alleged charge for the best possible outcome. Additionally, when you are out of jail, you can reach the necessary people who could give you the relevant information you need to strengthen your case, for example, eyewitnesses.

You Can Seek the Necessary Help

Some people end up behind bars due to various personal and mental health issues like alcohol overuse or addiction. If you need help to deal with the underlying condition, staying in jail will not be helpful.

Posting your bail will allow you to seek the assistance you need, which is the key to your recovery and healing. The alleged charge could also end up positively with additional rehabilitative treatment because it shows that you are willing to change and be a law-abiding citizen.

You are Safer When You Out of Jail

Generally, jail or prison is not a place anyone could wish to spend a day or even a week for many safety and mental health reasons. The longer you remain in jail after an arrest, the riskier it could become for you, especially if it is your first time in jail or perhaps you have an ongoing health problem.

You Will Not Incriminate Yourself

When you remain behind bars after an arrest, you could be at risk of disclosing incriminating information to anyone you choose to talk with, including other arrestees or security guards. However, if you are at home, you are less likely to say anything damaging to your case because you will only interact with a few people like your attorney and family members.

You Have Better Chance to Prepare for the Uncertainty of the Case

Since it is almost impossible to predict the outcome of a trial, posting bail will help you prepare for the worst, a conviction. You will have a chance to arrange how your businesses will thrive if the judge returns a guilty verdict on the alleged charge if you are out of jail on bail.

Also, if you own pets or other farm animals, posting bail can help you make necessary arrangements with your family or friends to look after them.

You Have a Legal Right to be Free Before the Court’s Decision on the Alleged Case

Finally, posting bail is a chance you cannot overlook if you want to protect your innocence because you have the legal right to be free before the alleged case’s judgment.

If you are eligible to post bail to secure your freedom, you should do so for the above and many other reasons.

Factors That Will Affect How Soon You Will Come Out Jail After Posting Your Bail

Generally, how long it will take for you to come out of jail after posting bail will depend on various factors and circumstances, including:

Number of Staff or Officers on Duty

Imagine going to the Depart of Motor Vehicle (DMV) one early morning, purposely to renew your driver’s license, and you meet only two employees behind the desk. Now imagine a situation where several arrestees are waiting to be released, and there are two police officers on duty that day.

The number of officers currently on duty will determine how long it will take to process your release after posting your bail.

The Traffic of Arrestees Waiting to Secure Their Freedom

Like any other bureaucracy, how long it will take to obtain your freedom after posting bail depends on how busy the detention facility or jail is. If the jail where you are in custody is currently processing several inmates, it could take even half a day for you to step out of the walls of that place.

Generally, the traffic of arrestees waiting to be released significantly impacts how soon you will step out of jail once you post your bail.

Lack of the Draw

Sometimes, obtaining a release on bond following an arrest can be a daunting and stressful procedure. If you are the first to post bail, your name will top the list of arrestees waiting to be released on bail, meaning you will be the first to step out of jail.

For convenient means of transport after posting bail, you should talk with your friend to organize a ride to pick you up as soon as you step out of those jail walls.

Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center Location Details

Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center is a detention facility on about nine acres of land in the hills of San Bernardino County. This detention facility can house up to 1446 inmates, with a maximum of 326 females included. Below is the address and phone number of this detention center:

Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center

18000 Institution Rd

Devore, CA 92407


Where to post bail bonds for the Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center

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