Nothing is more terrifying than having a loved one in jail and desperately needing a release. Perhaps it's a family member, friend, or coworker to whom you have an obligation. Unfortunately, you find it impossible to raise the required cash bail, meaning that you should look for other means to secure your loved one's freedom.

Seeking a bail bond is the quickest way to get out of this situation. All you need to do is contact an agent, pay the required premium, and have your loved one walk out of jail within the shortest time possible. If you're looking for a fast, professional, and affordable bail bonds agent in La Habra, CA, 24 Hour Online Bail Bonds is here to help. Call us today to get more information on how we will help your loved one.

Definition and Types of Bails in La Habra, California

Firstly, the term "bail" refers to a payment of a sum of agreed money made to the court to allow a suspect to spend time out of jail while awaiting a court hearing. A defendant can post bail after an arrest and before the court date.

After the defendant appears in court, the court will return the money to the person who paid it. Anyone charged with a non-capital crime is entitled to bail in California. However, the court can deny you the opportunity to pay bail if you are deemed a flight risk and danger to the public upon your release. Every other suspect can be allowed to post bail, but the amount varies depending on the crime you're accused of committing.

Apart from cash bail, a judge can consider two other types of options. These include releasing you on your own recognizance and surety bond.

Personal Recognizance is available for first-time offenders arrested for non-violent charges. A defendant is released on their word that they will come to the scheduled court dates and refrain from any criminal activity while they're free. There's no fee involved with this agreement, meaning it's the ideal way to get out of jail.

On the other hand, a surety bond is a form of agreement where a bail bond agency agrees to pay the required amount on behalf of a defendant. In most cases, a third party, also known as a cosigner, assumes the defendant's responsibility to appear and honor all court summons. However, they must pay a non-refundable fee of about 10% of the total bail amount to the bail bonds agent.

Types of Bail Bonds in La Habra

Our La Habra Bail Bonds agent offers three types of bail bonds. These options include secured bail bonds, unsecured bail bonds, and surety bonds. Here is a definitive breakdown of these bail bonds and their unique characteristics.

Surety Bond

A surety bond is a form of bail bond that allows a defendant to be released from jail depending on the financial ability of that person. Therefore, the defendant’s credit score plays a major role in determining your release.

A surety bond doesn't require the defendant to post collateral. Defendants only have to pay the 10% of their required bail, and the bail bonds company will secure the rest. Defendants can ask their relatives or friends to pay the amount.

Secured Bail Bonds

A secured bail bond is a bail bond that allows defendants to pledge particular properties as security of their release. The asset works as collateral on the bail bond. Therefore, when the defendant doesn't appear in court, the defendant or cosigner will surrender the title to the property to the bail bonds agents. This allows the agent to sell the property to recover their forfeited money.

In this type of bail bond, the party that's financially responsible for the collateral must surrender the security to the bail bonds agent. As security, the agent can demand your car, property, or other valuables. If the defendant honors all the scheduled court proceedings, the bonds agent will return the property to their issuer.

Unsecured Bail Bond

Unsecured bail bonds, commonly known as signature bonds, are types of bonds that require a defendant only to sign an agreement and meet all court requirements. Failure to do so, the defendant or their cosigners assume the responsibility of paying the agreed bail amount. There's no asset used as collateral in this option.

Bail bonds agents find unsecured bail bonds risky since there’s no security in place for them. Therefore, this option is usually limited to people with good credit scores, have stayed in the same neighborhood for years and are not involved in non-violent crimes.

Factors that Determine Your Bail Amount

Judges have to consider several factors when deciding the amount to pay for your release, even though they have to refer to a bail schedule while making a decision. Sometimes, a judge can evaluate these factors and decide to deny bail altogether or release you on your recognizance. Here are several factors that affect your bail amount.

The Severity and Circumstances of Your Allegations

The severity and circumstances of your crime can significantly impact your bail amount. Therefore, you should expect a high amount when charged with certain violent crimes. However, the judge will most likely impose a low bail for minor offenses.

Your Criminal History

A previous criminal history can work against you in a bail hearing. Even so, this doesn't entirely mean that you will face a high bail amount if you have prior criminal convictions. The judge will most likely check whether your case was non-expugnable and the recentness of the offense. If the arrest occurred decades ago, the court would most likely settle on a reasonable bail amount than someone with a lengthy and active criminal background.

Lacking a previous criminal history can work best in your favor. However, having one or two minor mistakes might not significantly affect your bail amount, primarily if you've maintained an excellent moral standing since then.

Your Community Reputation and Ties

Judges also take note of the defendant's history beyond the criminal justice system. Your overall ties and reputation in your community can significantly affect the likelihood of receiving a lesser amount. Being an active, upstanding community member can significantly boost, whereas negative notoriety can be damaging.

Someone with moral character is often judged as someone trustworthy. Apart from that, having friends and relatives in your area reduces the possibility of skipping bail.

Financial Capacity and Employment

Your financial capacity and employment can also influence a judge's decision concerning a bail amount. Someone with a solid, steady work history has a higher chance of freedom than an unemployed person. Additionally, the court might decide to set bail according to your ability to pay. People with low financial capacities will likely receive a low bond amount or a conditional release. However, those with wealthy friends and relatives will most likely receive a sizable amount.

Your Prior Failures to Appear in Court

Judges usually try to avoid granting a bail bond release to someone with a high chance of failing to appear for their next hearing. Therefore, if you have a history of failing to honor your court dates, you could end up with a steep bail amount or without bail.

Skipping bail carries serious consequences. The court usually issues a bench warrant for your arrest apart from forfeiting the bail amount. Your bail bonds agent can also hire bounty hunters to track you and put you back in police custody.

History of Substance Abuse or Mental Illness

The severity of mental illness or substance abuse can also affect the amount that a judge will settle for your bail. If either or both these factors played a significant role in your arrest and accusation, the judge will most likely deny your release and recommend that you seek necessary treatment. You can still be released on a lower bail with the condition of seeking necessary treatment.

Your Parole or Probation Status

The judge will most likely deny you bail if you're currently on parole or probation. Usually, an arrest while on probation or parole means that you've violated your release condition, which would most likely suffice upon your release.

Your Potential Danger to the Public

A defendant who's deemed a threat to public safety will most likely be held in police custody rather than being released on bail. This is common with serious felony crimes like sexual assault or when there's substantial evidence that you're guilty of the crime.

Regardless of the amount that the judge decides to set on you, our La Habra Bail Bonds agents are here to post your bail bond as quickly as possible.

The Advantages of Bail Bonds Services in La Habra

While you might be in a position to post your money as collateral, a bail bond agent would be a better deal. Here are a few benefits of hiring our La Habra bail bonds agent that you should know about.

Provides a Better Option to Get Your Loved One Home

In some situations, defendants don't need money to be released from jail when they qualify for a release on their recognizance. Your loved one might only be released without posting bail in the following situation:

  • When the crime is non-violent

  • If they have no prior criminal history

  • When they have a history of attending their court hearing

  • When you have a family residing in the area

  • When they have a stable job

  • When they don't pose a danger to themselves or others

If your loved one doesn't meet any of the above conditions, you'll have to pay the amount that the court demands. Many people don't have much liquid cash lying around, meaning they cannot afford to bail their loved ones. Therefore, depending on a bail bond becomes the only solution to guarantee that your loved one is free within the shortest time possible.

It Keeps Your Money and Assets Safe

With the help of a bail bonds agent, you can use your asset as collateral if you have enough assets to cover the value of the bail amount. Therefore, as long as your loved one follows court rules, the court will return your asset to you. After all, once you post a bail bond, you'll have enough money to pay for your loved one's defense and influence the outcomes of your case.

Keeps Your Financial Matters Private

One of the significant problems of paying cash bail is that you must prove how you've earned money. This can be a big issue if you're a suspect in a financial-related offense. Even when you're not involved in any criminal enterprise, the court will want to know how you earned the money that you'll be posting as bail.

The only way to keep your financial matter private is by hiring a bail bonds agent. The agent will offer all the money, so you shouldn't expect the court to investigate you, keeping your life private.

You Can Depend on the Bail Bonds Agent Knowledge and Experience

Our La Habra Bail Bonds agent doesn't just write checks and send you free from jail. They can also help you through the entire bail process since they handle these tasks. A bail bonds agent can help answer any question associated with posting bail and even handle the paperwork on your behalf. In the long run, your release will be effective and completed within the shortest time possible.

It Relieves You Some of the Bail Bonds Obligation

Bail bond agents are responsible for their clients. Therefore, if your loved one skips a court hearing, the burden of tracking them falls on them. They are better positioned to find a fugitive more than you can due to the level of connections within the criminal justice system.

Prevents You from Selling Your Properties

Due to the situation’s urgency, some individuals resolve to sell their valuable assets to raise the required amount for their cash bail. You can easily end up selling your property at a throw-away price. Therefore, instead of rushing to find a buyer for your assets, you can contact our La Habra Bail Bonds agents and get your loved one out of jail within the shortest time possible.

Keeps Your Information Confident

Bail bonds agents understand how crucial confidentiality is when getting your loved one out of jail. That’s why they will handle your matter with honesty and discretion.

What You Need to Know About Bounty Hunters

In the United States, bounty hunters can bring bail bonds fugitives into custody. These are private citizens licensed to find defendants who fail to appear in court after posting a bail bond. In California, a bounty hunter must meet the following requirements:

  • Completed the entire bounty hunter training

  • Have a valid license

  • Have at least 18 years

  • Without prior felony charges

Bounty hunters are used in cases where a defendant fails to appear in court, and there's a reward that a bail bonds agent has put up. Bail bonds agents usually put the rewards to reduce the chances of losing money if the court forfeits the bail bond.

Legal Limits On California Bounty Hunters

In California, bounty hunters are regulated by strict requirements. For instance, you must complete your training and have a valid license. Additionally, bounty hunters must have clear documents from the bail bonds company working or authorizing them to arrest a fugitive. They must also inform local law enforcement that they're planning to make a citizen's arrest. This should be done not more than six hours before the arrest or working against the law.

Bounty hunters are prohibited from presenting themselves as law enforcers. They are particularly prohibited from using anything that might make them mistaken as law enforcers. A bounty officer must also carry relevant paperwork detailing their responsibility and have their license with them.

You should also understand those bounty hunters cannot forcibly let themselves into a fugitive residence unless they are in the company of a law enforcement officer who holds an arrest warrant.

Please note, licensed California private investigators can assume the responsibility of a bounty hunter without seeking additional licenses. You should also note that bounty hunters are not required to transport a fugitive across state lines.

Jail and Court Information in La Habra, CA

It’s crucial to know about the jails and courts located in La Habra to track your loved one much more effortlessly and know where their court hearing will occur. Here are addresses to the jails in La Habra, CA.

La Habra Police Department

150 N Euclid st.

La Habra, CA 90631

Phone: + 1 562-383-4300

Fullerton City Jail

237 W Commonwealth Avenue

Fullerton, CA 92832

Phone: + 1 714-738-6800

Whittier Police Station Jail

13200 Penn St.

Whittier, CA 90602

Phone: + 1 562-567-9200

Here are addresses to the courthouses in La Habra, CA.

Superior Court North Justice Center

1275N Berkeley Ave

Fullerton, CA 92832

Phone: +1 657-622-5600

Whittier Courthouse

7339 Painter Ave # 117

Whittier, CA 90602

Phone: +1 652-968-2699

Norwalk Courthouse

12720 Norwalk Blvd

Norwalk, CA 90650

Phone: +1 562-345-0899

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