If you are arrested and charged with a criminal offense, you can be released after posting bail. Various factors determine your bail amount, including the possibility of committing more crimes after being released and the severity of your charges. In addition, bail acts as a surety that you'll show up for any future court dates. In cases where you can't raise the full bail amount, you may want to seek the services of a bail bondsman.

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What Is A Bail Bond?

A bail bond is a legal agreement in which a defendant promises to repay a bail bond agent once released from jail after being arrested. You should know that bail bond agents are guarantors, and they'll charge 10% to 15% of your bail money once the court decides how much you should post as bail. Texas law requires bail bonds to be set within two days, but this mainly applies to first-time offenders.

Types Of Bail Bonds

You can consider different types of bail bonds options based on your charges. Here are a few you can consider.

Cash Bond – This is a payment option where you, as the defendant, pays the full bail amount in cash or credit card if it's acceptable by the court. Once the court case hears and determines your case, you'll receive your bail amount less 5% deducted as fees.

Federal Bail Bond – If you've been charged with interstate or federal crimes like bank robbery, kidnapping, and fraud, you must post a federal bail bond for release. You should understand that these bonds come with extra collateral and fees.

Surety Bond – This is a bond that a third-party (bail bond agents) steps in to pay your bond if you fail to show up in court. Most agents partner with insurance companies who offer financial help for the bonds. That being the case, a bail bond secured by an insurance firm is referred to as a surety bond.

Property Bond - If you've property, you can still use it in place of cash. The court will seize your property if you fail to show up for your case.

Personal Recognizance Release – As a defendant, you can receive this release if you don’t pose a threat to the community or if the court doesn’t consider you a flight risk. It still extends to individuals who've committed minor crimes. In this type of bond, a defendant needs to sign an agreement that they'll be present in every hearing. When you fail to show up in court, you must pay the bail in full.

Immigration Bail Bonds – This is a mandatory bail bond that individuals detained for customs and immigration reasons must pay. The bail amount in this bond type is higher and is based on the federal nature of the crime.

How Do Bail Bonds Work?

After being arrested, a court will set a bail amount and a hearing date for your case. It's up to you to find ways to raise the bail amount so that you can be released, awaiting your hearing date. If you’re in Dallas County and can't raise the total bail amount and need the help of a third party, a bail bond agent can be of assistance. When you take this option, you have to show up to court during your case hearing.

If you show up to court whenever there's a hearing, you'll have your collateral back, and the bail bondsman will keep their commission once the case is heard and determined. When you opt to skip bail, a bail bond agent will hire the services of a bounty hunter to track you down. Note that there's a grace period before the bail bond agent uses the services of a bounty hunter. Once the time elapses and you fail to show up, the court takes the bail amount. Note that bail bonds agents will possess any collateral you offered.

The Cost Of A Bail Bond In Pasadena

Most bail bonds in Pasadena have a set fee you pay whenever you use their service. However, the costs vary based on your charges and the circumstances leading to your arrest. Given the risk involved in bailing a defendant out of jail, bail bond agents require you to offer collateral as security. This can be any of your property like a vehicle or house, which you give the bail bonds permission to own if you fail to violate the bail regulations and the court detains the bail cash. Holding a defendant’s asset acts as a guarantee that they will show up during their court date.

The bail bonds agent will also set conditions on how the bail should work. You must comply with these conditions.  The agreement will also include a provision that states you have to show up during every court proceeding.

Conditions For Release On Bail And Pretrial Supervision

In some cases, a court may order pretrial supervision in addition to bail. For example, a judge may choose to release you as a defendant on conditions such as:

  • Wearing an ankle bracelet for electronic monitoring
  • Attending regular check-ins or meetings with probation officers
  • Posing travel restrictions
  • Undergoing alcohol or drug monitoring or treatment
  • Weapon prohibition

If you choose to violate any of these conditions, you'll be re-arrested and remanded until trial.

What You Should Know About Online Bail Bonds

If you have a loved one in jail in Dallas County, you want them to spend the least time possible in custody before they’re released. Given that most people don't understand how to post bail, the most convenient option is seeking online bail bonds services.

Hiring Online Bail Bonds Agents

If you plan to seek the services of online bail agents, it’s critical to understand they accept major credit cards. While the application process is straightforward, you can still contact them to ensure you're filling the application correctly.

Charges Acceptable By Online Bail Bond Agents

Courts allow defendants of most criminal charges to seek online bail bondsman services and post bail. However, this service doesn't apply to immigration or federal charges because you have to visit or call a bail bond office in person.

How Do You Hire Online Bail Bondsman Services?

The process of hiring a bail bond agent online is the same as doing it in person. You'll be hiring the services of a bail bondsman to act as your guarantor by paying 10% to 15% non-refundable fees based on your total bail amount. It's important to understand that the commission you'll pay will vary from company to company.

Essential Requirements to Process Bail Online

Before hiring an online bond dealer in Dallas County, you must scan and submit the documents highlighted below:

  • A proof of income (Paystubs or W-2)
  • Debit or credit card information
  • Valid Passport, state-issued ID card and Valid ID driver's license

Remember, you must consider using e-signature when filling online forms to be safe when transacting online.

Critical Facts You Should Know About Bail Bonds

If it’s your first time dealing with bail bonds, you should understand important facts about them to help you know what to expect.

Bail Bond Companies Will Never Pay Your Full Bail Amount

You need to understand that a bail bond agent will never post the entire bail on your behalf. Instead, they will only sign a surety bond with the court, indicating that you are responsible for paying the full bail amount if you fail to show up to court during your hearing. However, in some instances, the bail agent will pay part of your bail.

Bail Bond Agents May Require You To Check Up With Them

Given that bail bond agents are taking the responsibility of paying your bail should you violate the bail terms, they'll require you to check in with them regularly so that they're sure you'll not skip court. It's even common for bail bond agents in Pasadena to ask their clients to sign an agreement that they'll check in weekly until their court date.

Bail Bond Agents May Monitor Your Movement Until Your Court Date

In cities around Texas where bail jumping is a growing concern, bail bond companies require clients to sign a consent form that the agents will monitor them until their court date. When this happens, an agent may regularly visit their home or make frequent checks on their location. For example, they can make random calls during the day to check up on your whereabouts.

Important Considerations Before Hiring A Bail Bondsman Service

The last thing you want is to be arrested for a criminal offense. However, when it happens, and you don't have enough cash to post full bail, you should consider seeking the services of a bail bondsman. But, it’s necessary to research a reputable bail bondsman company before you decide to seek their services. Here are a few things to keep in mind when going about your search.

Take Note of The Charges

In Texas, a bail bondsman company is supposed to charge a minimum commission of 10%. However, some companies offer lower than the set minimum to entice a person facing criminal charges to take up their services. Therefore, you should be extra vigilant and do more detailed research before hiring such an agent.

Find A Bail Bonds Agent In Dallas County That's Open About Their Operation

If you have a loved one in jail, you will strive to find options to secure their release as fast as possible. In a time of uncertainty, the last thing you want is a bail bondsman that isn't transparent about their mode of operation. Likewise, never settle for a company that isn't upfront about its charges. Before you sign any bail bond contract, demand information on every cost you'll incur. Understand that transparency is an important quality that will help you avoid financial challenges in the future.

Seek The Services Of A Local Company

When hiring a bail bonds agent, look for one’s within your local area. This is necessary because it ensures that you can post bail conveniently. If you settle for a company outside your local area, they may not respond quickly in case of an emergency, which means you may end up spending more time in jail. It's still important to note that local bail bond agents have excellent professional relationships with the local policemen and other legal experts, which is necessary for speeding up your release.

Have a License to Operate

Before you settle on a bail bondsman company, you should ensure that they have a license. A bail bondsman has to complete an apprenticeship under a licensed Texas bondsman before applying for a license in Texas. Therefore, before you hire an agent, request the bail license number and confirm their credibility.

Ask For A Written Contract

Don't attempt to work with a bail bond agent if they don't offer any written contract. This is an essential document because it outlines crucial aspects of a bail agreement. The agreement should include factors like interest rates, payment schedule, and terms. It should also indicate the amount a defendant will be charged if they fail to attend court.

Most bail bond agents want to be sure that you can pay them back, which is why they'll ask for documents like copies of your recent paychecks and other financial records, including tax returns. They'll also request you to sign an indemnity agreement. The agreement states that a bail bondsman isn't responsible for debts that may arise if a bail bond is offered to a defendant.

Settle For An Experienced Bail Bondsman

It's advisable to settle on bail bond companies in Pasadena that have been in the industry for a long time and offer reliable services. The advantage of seasoned bail bonds agents is that they have an in-depth understanding of the bail bonds industry. Additionally, they have developed different tactics over the years, which has helped them have their clients released out of jail quickly. They also have expertise on how to go around the common problems that people experience when posting bail.

Key Insights On Bail Hearing

A bail hearing is a court session where a judge sets a defendant's bail amount. Before any amount is set, the judge begins by examining a defendant's case, including the nature of the crimes. Then, the bail schedules set the standard for the bail amount required based on your accused crime.

The bail hearing is the first time that a defendant appears in court following their arrest. When deciding the bail amount, a judge will determine whether the crime is drug-related or whether you pose a threat to society. While most defendants don't see the need to seek the services of an attorney during the bail posting process, it's an important consideration.

With the help of a criminal defense attorney, you can manage to lower the amount of bail during the bail hearing. In some instances, a judge may choose to release you without the representation of an attorney. However, the defendant will have to sign an agreement with the court that states they'll follow the court's restrictions and show up on subsequent court dates. This saves you as the defendant hundreds of dollars because you aren't charged any bail fees.

While a criminal defense lawyer may plead with the court to grant you a recognizance bond, that’s not possible in some circumstances. Some of the cases that may lead to denial of the bond include the defendant being flight risk or involved in gang-related or violent crimes.

What Happens If You Skip Court Sessions?

If you fail to show up to court when out on bail, you're considered a fugitive, and the court can issue a warrant of arrest against you. When this happens, a bail bond agent will have to pay the court the entire bail amount. Additionally, you will have to pay the bail agent the full bond amount and any collateral as per your agreement once you’re found.

When you’re on the run, there's the question of how the bail bond agents can track and capture you so that you can stand trial, and this is where bounty hunter services come in handy. A bounty hunter is a trained and registered expert in tracking and capturing fugitives. Once hired, bond agents will pay them 10 -15 % of the accused bail amount after locating, tracking, and capturing the fugitive. Most bounty hunters have a criminal justice background with exceptional skills in monitoring and arresting suspects.

Below is the jail and court information you can find helpful in Dallas and surrounding areas.

Huntsville Unit

815 12th St

Huntsville, TX 77348

Phone: 936 437 1555


CCA Eden Detention Center

702 E Broadway St,

Eden, TX 76837,

Phone: 325 869 2704


Beto Unit

1391 FM 3328,

Tennessee Colony, TX 75880

Phone: 903 928 2217


Torres Unit

125 Pvt Rd 5241

Hondo, TX 78861

Phone: 830 426 5325


Court Information

Frank Crowley Courts Building

133 N Riverfront Blvd

Dallas, TX 75207

Phone: 214 653 5300


Dallas Municipal Court

2014 Main St,

Dallas TX 75201

Phone: 214 670 0109


George Allen Courts Building

600 Commerce St

Dallas, TX 75202

Phone: 214 653 7121


Earle Cabell Federal Building

1100 Commerce St

Dallas, TX 75242

Phone: 214-659-8600

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