Hearing that your son or a friend is in jail for any alleged offense can be shocking and overwhelming. At that moment, many questions will cross your mind because a mere mistake can turn out to be a severe and life-altering case under the law. Instead of worrying about what the alleged charge might result in, you should figure out how you can help them come home as soon as possible.

Posting bail is one of the accepted ways you can help a friend secure their freedom after an arrest. Unfortunately, the bail the court may require the defendant (your friend) to pay could be so high or expensive, making it challenging and almost impossible to post the total amount of money immediately after an arrest.

However, you don’t have to deal with these financial difficulties all alone. Bilingual and discreet agents at 24 Hour Online Bail Bonds are ready to offer you the help you need to have your loved one home without delay. Keep reading this article to learn how our bail experts can help you during these confusing times after your friend’s arrest in Seal Beach, California.

Seal Beach Bail Bonds Services:

In the legal justice system, bail is typically the refundable sum of money that an arrestee or defendant must pay following an arrest to act as surety for their release before the resolution or judgment of the accused charge. Since this amount is not a form of punishment for the alleged charge, the court may also allow a defendant to use an asset or property as surety for their release if they don’t have the necessary cash at hand.

Paying cash bail or giving up valuable property as collateral or security for your freedom may seem like a favorable option. However, it is a risky move because the court will seize your money or the property if you fail to show up on the scheduled court dates as required.

For that reason, most defendants will hire a bail bond agent to pay their bail in exchange for a specific non-refundable premium (typically 10% of the total bail amount). Typically, the bail bondsman will enter into a binding contract with the court presiding over the alleged charge, agreeing to pay your bail when you fail to appear on your court dates.

If you’re on a mission to help a loved one secure their freedom using the services of a bail bondsman, you will be a cosigner in the bail bond agreement. As the cosigner in this agreement, you should expect some responsibilities before their case resolution or judgment.

Where to Post Bail in Seal Beach:

Seal Beach Police Department Jail

911 Seal Beach Blvd, Seal Beach, CA 90740

Factors that Will Influence Your Friend's Eligibility to Pay Bail and Their Bail Amount in Seal Beach

After an arrest, a defendant might be able to obtain their freedom immediately while at the police station. However, if the accused offense is severe or violent, the police will detain them in jail, awaiting the court decision at the bail hearing.

At this hearing, the judge presiding over the alleged offense will have the total discretion on whether or not to grant your friend a release from police custody on bail. The following factors will influence your friend’s eligibility to pay or post bail and the amount they should pay to the court’s clerk in exchange for their freedom:

Community Ties

First, the court will consider your friend's relationship with and their community. Here are types of communities ties that can convince the court that your friend is the ideal candidate for this pretrial release option:

  • They are a frequent volunteer in a homeless shelter or home

  • They are a full-time employee

  • They have a business in the neighborhood

  • They own property or apartment in the city of Seal Beach

If the above facts are true, the judge may have a reason to believe that your best friend will make an appearance on their court dates after obtaining their freedom on bail.

The Seriousness of the Accused Charge

The severity or seriousness of the alleged charge will also influence the court's decision on whether or not to grant your friend a release from police custody on bail. When determining the severity of the accusations against your friend, the judge will pay attention to the factors listed below:

  • Whether or not the allegations against them are related to the use of a firearm

  • Whether or not the allegations against them involve the possession or trafficking of illegal or controlled drug substances

  • Whether or not the allegations against them involve or is related to sexual assault or sexual abuse

Suppose the alleged offense against your friend is a serious offense like murder or stalking. In that case, the court may deny their bail request to protect the community and eyewitnesses of the crime.

Depending on the alleged offense's facts, the court may also allow your friend to post bail. However, the bail amount the judge will request for a severe offense like murder will be high compared to what they would pay for a crime like shoplifting.

Their Past Criminal Record and History of Appearing in Court After Posting Bail

Your friend's criminal history will also influence the court decision on their bail application petition and how much they will pay in exchange for their freedom. If your friend has an arrest or conviction record, the court will check to see whether they have past issues of "skipping bail" or failing to show up in court after paying bail.

A defendant with a record of skipping bail is more likely to stay in jail or detention hall without bail to ensure their availability during the oncoming court hearings to counter the alleged offense.

Their Behavior During the Bail Hearing

If you can communicate with your friend before their first court hearing, you should warn them about misbehaving in court because it can affect the outcome of this proceeding. Using vulgar language or offensive language in court can affect your friend’s eligibility to post bail.

Public Safety

According to Penal Code (PC) 1275 (a) (1), public safety should be the primary consideration when determining whether or not to release a defendant on bail after an arrest. The court may presume your beloved friend a threat to the safety and wellness of the public if the alleged charge involves the distribution of illegal drugs.

In that case, your friend might stay in police custody without bail until the final judgment of the alleged crime against them, which may happen weeks, months, or years later.

Family Ties

Finally, the judge may also consider your friend's family ties or commitments before deciding whether or not to grant them a release on bail. If they have children or relatives depending on them for financial support in school and at home, the judge may allow them to post bail to avoid inconveniencing them.

How to Find a Dependable Bail Bond Agency

If your friend is eligible to post bail, you should do all you can to help them obtain their freedom without delay. Finding a reliable bail bond agency in the city of Seal Beach could make a significant difference if your beloved friend is in police custody on suspicion of committing a crime. The following tips will help you find a dependable bail bond agency without a hassle:

Do Your Research

Before you settle for the services of a bail bondsman, you should do your research ahead of time to know what to expect during the bail bond process. Since the internet is the most reliable marketing tool nowadays, a reliable bail bondsman or agency must have a social media profile or website to advertise its services.

Visit websites and social media platforms of different bail bond agents within the city of Seal Beach to see what their past clients are saying about their services. Undoubtedly, an agent with credible services will have their reputation precede them. Therefore, you should look for an agent with positive reviews from their past clients to ensure prompt bail services.

Check the License

Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to find a reliable bail bond dealer without a hassle is by checking whether or not your prospective agent has a license. As you might beware, it is illegal to conduct a business here without a valid license to do so.

If your prospective bail bondsman lacks a license, you should take that as an indicator or red flag, showing that they are incompetent.

Ask for References

Before you begin your hunt for a dependable bail bondsman, you may want to ask for recommendations or references from your friends, acquittances, and colleagues. Asking for references is a reliable way to reduce your options to find a reliable agent without a hassle because there are chances that one of your colleagues or friend might know a reliable bail bondsman.

Know About the Available Payment Options

Before you sign any agreement with your prospective bail bondsman, it is wise to ask about the available payment options to avoid any inconveniences down the road. A dependable agent should have a flexible payment plan that can allow you to use your convenient means of payment to pay for their services, for example, cash or bitcoin.

Ask Relevant Questions

When you meet up with your prospective bond agent, you should be ready to ask relevant questions about their services and how they can help your loved one obtain their release from jail, pending their case trial. Don't sign any agreement with a bail bondsman if you understand your obligations as a cosigner in your friend’s bail bond.

Reasons to Post Your Loved One's Bail After an Arrest

There are many advantages of posting bail after an arrest for any alleged offense. Once you receive news that your friend is in police custody for any alleged criminal charge in the city of Seal Beach, you should consider posting their bail if possible for the following reasons:

They Will Have a Chance to Seek Proper Legal Representation

Due to the complexity of the legal justice system, your friend should work with a dependable and skilled attorney to convince the court they are innocent of the alleged charge. Although they can still hire an attorney while in jail, finding the best-specialized attorney for their unique case might be challenging.

Posting your loved one's bail after an arrest will allow them to find the best and skilled attorney to help them counter the alleged charges for the best attainable outcome.

They Will Continue With Daily Activities

The period a defendant can stay in jail following an arrest can affect many aspects of their life, even if they are not guilty of the alleged offense. Posting your friend's bail will help them avoid unnecessary inconveniences like falling behind in classwork if they are a student.

Even worse, they could risk losing their job, especially if their employer is not aware of their current situation. To help them continue with their daily life, pending the outcome of the alleged case, you should contact a bail bond dealer if you cannot afford their scheduled cash bail.

They are Not Yet Guilty of the Accused Offense

Under the law, being under arrest does not automatically mean that the allegations you are up against are true. Therefore, before the judgment of the accused charge against your friend, they have a right to post bail to obtain their deserved freedom. To show them your willingness to help in these times of need, you should consider being a cosigner in their bail bond.

Your Responsibilities or Obligations as a Cosigner in a Bail Bond Agreement

Apart from paying a premium, you should anticipate more responsibilities as a cosigner in your friend’s bail bond until their case is over. Below are some of these responsibilities:

Ensuring Their Appearance or Availability on the Scheduled Court Dates

One of your greatest responsibility as a cosigner once your loved one is out of jail is ensuring their availability on the scheduled court dates. As long as the bond is in effect, it will be your responsibility to ensure the defendant is available for their scheduled court dates before the judgment of the alleged charge.

Remind Them Make Frequent Check-ins With the Bail Bondsman

Depending on the bail bondsman or agency you will choose to hire, they may expect your friend to make periodic check-ins daily or weekly via a phone call or text message. The purpose of making these check-ins is to ensure they are still available and ready to show up on their court dates.

Drawbacks or Disadvantages of Being a Cosigner in your Friend’s Bail Bond

Undoubtedly, the advantages of being a cosigner in your friend's bail bond are more than possible drawbacks. Once you choose to be a cosigner in your friend's bail bond following an arrest, you should anticipate some drawbacks if they fail to show up in court as required. Below are some of these drawbacks or disadvantages:

The Bail Bond Agency Will Seize Your Collateral

Most of the time, a bail bond agency will expect you to give up collateral for your friend's freedom because their money will be at stake when they skip bail. Typically, the court presiding over your friend’s case will expect the agency to pay their full bail amount when they decide to skip bail.

When the defendant (your friend) skips bail or fails to show up on their court dates, the agency will confiscate your collateral. In this case, the collateral could be valuable property like a vehicle, house, or real estate, to recover their money. However, if everything goes as planned and your friend shows up on the scheduled court dates as required, the agency will return your collateral.

Hiring a Bounty Hunter and Incurring Their Cost of Services

You might be able to have your property back if you can trace the defendant's whereabouts before elapse of the statutory "grace" period, which is typically 90 days. To track your friend down for a rearrest, you may need the services of an experienced bounty hunter who may charge you some thousands for this task.

Valuable Information of Jails and Courthouses in the City of Seal Beach, California

The following address information will be crucial to any person who wants to bail a friend or cousin out of police custody in the city of Seal Beach, California:


Seal Beach City Jail

911 Seal Beach Boulevard

Seal Beach, Ca 90740



Central Justice Center

700 Civic Center Dr. West

Santa Ana, Ca 92701


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