When an arrest occurs, a person’s greatest desire is to return to their life as if it was only a bad dream. Arrests are not easy to deal with, so is remaining in jail until the case’s resolution. However, things are different in California since defendants have a constitutional right to freedom before trial. The law doesn’t allow the police to detain a suspect until their case’s verdict is out. However, you must guarantee your freedom with cash or property. If not, you might want to seek the assistance of a bonds dealer near you.

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Why Bail is Important in Garden Grove

Whether you have been arrested before or it’s your first arrest in California, the anxiety and feelings of hopelessness will be the same. It doesn’t get better even with the knowledge that you are innocent. You could engage the assistance of an aggressive criminal attorney, but there is nothing much your attorney can do at that instance. The police will take you with them to the station, book, and arraign you in court for your bail hearing. An opportunity to enjoy your freedom comes after this first arraignment. But you have to make bail.

You can make bail in several ways in California, including by paying cash, guaranteeing your freedom with collateral, or through the assistance of a third party like a bond dealer. Fortunately for you. All these are allowed in Orange County. The idea is to make certain that you leave something of value with the court to guarantee that you will make all court appearances without fail. Some defendants will flee and escape trial, especially when they face serious criminal charges. It would mean to forfeit bail and a considerable loss to the individual or their family. That is why California courts set high bails.

Bail grants your constitutional right to remain innocent at least until the resolution of the case. Keeping you incarcerated would mean that the court, judge, or the police considers you guilty. That would be unfair, especially if you haven’t undergone a trial. California law requires suspects to experience a fair trial to determine whether or not they are guilty of their charges. The court must give you a chance to defend yourself, and then the judge announces his/her verdict based on the evidence presented in court. That is why you could be qualified for bail once you face arrest in Garden Grove.

It costs a lot of money for the California justice system to monitor and track every defendant in its custody. Offering bail to suspected offenders is a way to cut the cost and eliminate the financial burden on taxpayers. Additionally, California jails are not sufficient to hold everyone arrested within the state. Bail enables defendants to await their trial out of incarceration, eliminating the possibility of failing to appear.

Bail also allows you to prepare for trial. It is impossible to gather evidence, hire an attorney, or even interview possible eyewitnesses if you remain incarcerated. A release on bail gives you a chance to return to the community and the scene where the alleged crime occurred. You could gather enough evidence to support your case during trial. You will also access vital services, like accident or crime expert services, whose reports could help your case. The chances of avoiding a conviction are high when you have sufficient time to prepare for trial.

Lastly, a release on bail gives you a chance to return to your life. You might have been a business person, student, family person, or even an employee. An arrest will destabilize your life and could even cause you to lose it all in an instance. For instance, failing to report to work for days will cause you to lose your job. What would happen to your family if you remained incarcerated before trial? You have to make bail, though. If not, find a reliable 24-hour online bond dealer near you for timely and competent bail services.

How Bail Is Set in Garden Grove

Most counties in California have bail schedules, through which the police, magistrate, and anyone within the justice system can tell what a person’s bail would be, based on the facts of their case. Bail schedules are established after careful consideration of the nature and severity of offenses. A misdemeanor charge will attract a lower bail when compared to a felony. Serious felonies have the highest bails, mainly to discourage defendants from posting bail. It keeps them incarcerated until the resolution of their case.

Sometimes that is not necessary, as judges have complete discretion to grant or deny bail. If the judge feels that you could flee if granted bail, he/she can deny your bail request.

However, the bail schedule is not the determining factor in the amount you’ll pay to bail yourself out after an arrest in Garden Grove. The magistrate will acknowledge the facts of your case to set you bail during your first arraignment. Your bail could remain as it is in the bail schedule, or the judge could raise or lower it. For instance, if it is your first offense or you face misdemeanor charges with no aggravating factors, the judge could set your bail as it appears in the bail schedule. But if you have legal representation, the judge could lower it.

Other factors California courts consider in setting bail include:

The defendant’s Criminal History

A habitual offender is likely to face a larger bond than a first-time offender. The judge considers a habitual offender with disregard for the state laws. The seriousness of your previous offenses will also go into consideration when the magistrate is determining your bail. If you have outstanding arrest warrants or prior convictions for serious crimes, the judge might even not grant you bail. The goal is to keep you in custody to protect members of the public and ensure you face charges for all offenses you are alleged to commit.

Community Ties

The strength of a defendant’s community ties matters a lot when a court is deciding their bail issue. A person with strong community ties is likely to remain within the court’s jurisdiction until the resolution of their case. Remember that a court’s main worry when granting bail is whether or not the defendant will make all court appearances. A person with a business, permanent employment, a family they cannot afford to lose, or a strong root within the community will likely be granted bail.

Flight Risk

You are regarded as a flight risk if you are likely to flee after a release on bail. A judge will likely deny you bail if they consider you a flight risk. The goal of the California justice system is to ensure that every criminal case it receives is resolved amicably. That will not happen if defendants flee the county or state soon after their arrest. Courts will have many pending cases to resolve, and more money will be spent seeking and rearresting defendants.

Possibility of Appearing

A judge will not have a problem granting you bail if they are convinced of your willingness to make court appearances. Sometimes judges even release defendants on their own recognizance, without payment of bail. If you are a first-time offender and are likely facing minor charges, you will be eager to appear in all trials to have the matter resolved. That is why the judge could set your bail low or even allow you to go without posting bail.

Garden Grove Bail Bonds

If you face an arrest in Garden Grove and your bail is unaffordable, you can always seek the assistance of a bonds dealer. Fortunately for you, we have many reliable Garden Grove bail bonds you can count on for timely and dependable bail processing. Most bond dealers in Orange County operate 24/7 to ensure that their services are of help when clients need them the most. Thus, you can be sure to find help regardless of the day or time of the arrest. A bail agent will fill in the required documents, obtain a surety bond for you, and process your release in minutes.

The Process

If you or your family wishes to engage the services of a bail bondsman, it is advisable to be careful when choosing one. Consider your needs, and choose a bond dealer whose services are in line with your needs.

For instance, choose a bond dealer whose services are affordable. Since you had not budgeted for bail, you want to spend as little money as you can on the same. Typically, a bond dealer would charge 10% of the bail for their services. Some Garden Grove bail bondsmen charge lower than that. Aim at saving as much money as you can. Additionally, you might want to find out other additional costs you might incur in the process. Only work with a bond dealer that doesn’t have hidden charges.

Consider reliability too. Only work with a bond dealer that will prioritize your case and honor their end of the bargain. Reliable bail bondsmen will process your release in minutes. That should minimize the time you must remain jailed.

A 24-hour bail bonds service will guarantee that you find the help you need when you need it. You don’t have to wait for a specific time or day to find help.

An online bai service will be much quicker to work with. You do not need to go there in person or send someone over to begin the bail process. It also helps with maintaining confidentiality throughout the process.

Once you have the right bail bondsman working on your case, understand the terms of their service. Ask relevant questions, and make sure you understand and agree on the payment terms they provide.

Once you agree on everything, the bail agent will start processing your release. You should be out of jail in minutes.

A Collateral

Garden Grove bail bonds could keep you out of jail until the resolution of the case. If the court determines you are innocent, your ties with the bonds dealer will end, and the company will collect its money from the court. The same thing will happen even after you’re declared guilty of your charges. However, things could be different if you forfeit bail for failing to make court appearances. The bonds dealer will lose all its money to the court.

Bond dealers have sought to mitigate issues like these and have agreed on accepting collateral as security for their services. It means that you will be required to guarantee your cooperation throughout the period for the bail bond dealer to obtain a surety bond on your behalf.

Collateral could take many forms, depending on what you have. But it has to be of equal or greater value than the total bail. Some of the options you have today include:

Valuable Assets

Anything of value that you have will be accepted as collateral for garden Grove bail bonds. It could be a car, equipment, or jewelry. You will retain the asset until the bonds dealer needs it to offset its loss. But you could avoid losing a valuable asset by honoring all your court dates.

Real-Estate property

Alternatively, you can use a real-estate property to guarantee the bail bonds. The agent could ask you to submit the title of your home, business premise, or land that you might have and one you are willing to use as collateral.

An Investment

You could also be willing to use your investments as collateral for bail bonds. All kinds of investments are allowed, including stocks, bonds, and securities. That will keep you from doing anything that could cause you to forfeit the bail.

A Cosigner

You might also need a cosigner to obtain Garden Grove bail bonds. A cosigner is any person that is willing to take responsibility for any eventuality after you have received a surety bond. It could be a family member, friend, or colleague. Having a cosigner assures the bail bond dealer of your seriousness to adhere to all bail conditions to avoid unforeseen losses.

Your cosigner will ensure that you attend all court hearings and pay all required fines. He/she will put in a good word for you so that the bonds dealer will offer its services to you at a reasonable rate. If you don’t appear and hence forfeit bail, your cosigner will be held responsible for the financial loss the bail bond dealer is likely to incur.

Bail Payment Plans in Garden Grove

It is worth noting that most bond dealers in Orange County offer a wide variety of payment plans that you can take advantage of to make your payments for the services accessible. Note that the bail agent will require you to pay a premium for the service before they can begin the bail process. You might not have the full money to make an upfront payment. That is why bond dealers allow flexible payment plans to allow some flexibility to their clients.

The standard amount of charges you might face for bail bonds is 10% of your bail. Some companies charge less, and others stick by the 10% rule. Ensure you know the exact amount you will be required to make before the beginning of the process.

Let your agent know how much money you can pay at that instance and how you plan to pay the balance. He/she will have that in writing, and then you sign against it. Your cosigner will also sign to show their willingness to take responsibility if you don’t make prompt payments to the bail bond dealer.

Choose a payment plan wisely. If you have a regular job, you can promise to pay a certain amount every payday. You might want to find a job immediately after your release to honor your payment plan and assure the court of your willingness to remain within reach throughout the bail period.

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