If you or your loved one is in trouble with the law in Adelanto, CA, you can relax now because you are in the right place for the speedy assistance that you require. Understanding and bilingual bail experts at 24 Hour Online Bail Bonds are available all around the clock to help you attain your freedom if you are behind bars for any alleged charge. Bail bonds services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the Adelanto jail. In the following article we will discuss frequently asked questions about bail bonds services in Adelanto.

We will not help you counter the alleged offense in court. However, we can help you secure your freedom before the alleged case's outcome by posting your bail, which is often a financial burden to most defendants.

Instead of using your savings and retirement money to pay your bail, we will do that for you in exchange for a small percentage of your total bail amount as our services fee. To better understand the bail process and how we can assist you, continue reading this article.

Where are Bail Bonds posted in Adelanto:

High Desert Detention Center

9438 Commerce Way, Adelanto, CA 92301

Your Constitutional Rights While in Adelanto Police Custody

Before we go into details on the bail bond process, you need to know how you can protect your rights in the event of an arrest to increase your available chances of fighting the alleged offense. Understanding and knowing your constitutional rights is vital because you never know when you might run into trouble with the law.

Remember, you have the following constitutional rights following an arrest, regardless of your citizenship status:

  • Right to seek legal counsel

  • Right to stop talking whenever you want

  • Right to stay/remain silent

  • Right to be informed of the charges you are up against

  • Right to deny the police arrest the permission to search your belongings

  • Right to post bail

Although an officer doesn't need to inform you of the above constitutional protections at the time of the arrest, they must do so before an investigation. Once you’re in jail for whichever offense, it’s wise to have a skilled attorney represent your interest henceforth.

An experienced and skilled attorney will know the best defense strategies to apply in your unique case to achieve the best possible results on the upcoming court hearings, including the bail hearing.

What to Expect Following an Arrest in Adelanto

Once you’re under arrest in the city of Adelanto, the arresting officer will drive you to their station, where they will put you through the "processing or booking procedure." Even if you intend to post your bail as soon as possible, you cannot leave the jail without passing through this administrative process. During the processing procedure, the officer will:

  • Record your full name and details of the accused offense into their record or database

  • Inspect and search your body thoroughly

  • Confiscate your clothing and give you a jail uniform to wear

  • Take a photo of you (mugshots)

The length of this process will typically depend on the number of arrestees that are currently in jail with you and the available officers.

If the alleged offense is a misdemeanor, you might be able to secure your freedom after passing through this vital procedure. The arresting police officers will refer to the bail schedule when determining the amount you must pay to secure your release on bail. Most police stations have bail schedules, highlighting predetermined bail amounts for most common offenses like (but not limited to):

  • Shoplifting

  • DUI (driving under the influence)

  • Robbery

  • Indecent exposure

You’ll be lucky if the alleged crime is listed on their predetermined bail schedule because you don't have to wait for your first court hearing while in jail. If that is impossible, you'll have to file a bail application request during your initial court hearing, also formally known as the arraignment.

If you already have an attorney in your corner, you will not have to worry about making or preparing the bail application petition because they will do so on your behalf.

Factors the Judge Will Consider During the Bail Hearing

If your arrest didn't occur on the weekend, you should expect this hearing before 24 hours. Although every case is unique, the judge with jurisdiction over your charge will typically consider factors and key points explained below when setting or lowering your bail at the bail hearing:

Nature and Unique Circumstances Surrounding the Charge

Apart from the predetermined bail schedule, the judge will also consider the seriousness and unique circumstances of the accused offense when determining your bail amount. Typically, you should expect your probable bail amount to be high if the alleged crime is severe or violent, for example, murder or sexual assault.

The Strength of the Prosecutor Evidence Against You

The judge presiding over your case will keenly evaluate the prosecutor's evidence to determine your likelihood of conviction at trial. If the accusations against you are likely to result in a conviction, the court may schedule a high and unaffordable bail amount for your unique case to deter you from attempting to run away once you’re out of jail.

Your Criminal Background

As many people say, "history repeats itself," and that is undeniably true, especially if you’re in trouble with the law. If you are in jail for an accused crime, a criminal history can influence the amount of bail you will pay and the severity of the sentence you might face upon conviction.

For the best interest of the public or the community, the judge might require a steep or high bail if you have a criminal background in an attempt to keep you in custody.

Your Ties to your Neighborhood or Community

Having strong ties with your community can increase the likelihood of paying a lenient bail amount after an arrest. Typically, the court presumes defendants with great reputations and ties with their community are less likely to take a flight once they are out of custody. Here are key points that will help the judge determine your relationship with your community:

  • Whether or not you have relatives or family who needs your financial and emotional guidance in life

  • Whether or not you have businesses in your community

In the eyes of the law, having these kinds of connections with your community can prevent you from making a mistake that can lead you back to jail after paying bail, meaning you deserve a reduced bail.

Your Current Criminal Status

A current and ongoing criminal charge can significantly affect the bail you will pay for the new charge. That means if you were already on probation at the time of the arrest, you should anticipate a high bail amount on this new alleged charge.

Your Previous Failures to Appear in Court After Paying Bail

If you have a criminal background, the court will check your files to see if you have a record of "jumping or skipping bail." The judge will typically require you to post or pay a steep bail amount if you have a record of failing to turn up on your court-scheduled dates after posting bail, which is a crime itself.

Apart from the above factors, the court will also listen to the prosecutor and your attorney's arguments when deciding your ideal bail amount. Therefore, your attorney's presence is vital during this hearing to increase your chances of obtaining the best probable results.

How to Post or Secure Bail in the City of Adelanto

If you are eligible to post or pay bail, you should do so without delay. The bail will typically act as a financial assurance that you will show up on the upcoming court dates. Below are acceptable ways you can pay/post your bail:

Use Cash

Paying the court's clerk the total bail amount in cash is one of the acceptable ways you can secure your freedom following an arrest. Since this amount is often high and unaffordable, most defendants call their relatives and friends to help them pay the amount on their behalf.

Use a Collateral

If a defendant cannot raise the required bail in cash, the court may also allow them to use collateral to assure their future court appearances. Some of the common types of collateral the court would accept for your release on bail include:

  • Real estate

  • Yacht

  • Car

  • Valuable jewelry

Hire a Bail Bond Agent

A bail bond agent, also commonly known as a bond agent, will come in handy when you're in jail for any alleged offense and cannot afford the scheduled cash bail to have your freedom back. Typically, a bond agent will pay half of your bail upfront and promise to pay the other half when you refuse or fail to turn up on your upcoming court dates.

In exchange, you should be ready to pay at least 10% of your bail to the bond agent as their premium or services fee and put up collateral as surety for your release. If you do not have valuable property to put up as collateral, the agent will often seek out your relative or family member to do so on your behalf.

Depending on your unique case’s bail amount, the agent could take any of the following as collateral for your freedom before the final judgment of the alleged charge:

  • Stocks

  • Cars

  • Bank accounts

  • Real estate

  • Credit cards

Don't hesitate to contact a reliable bond agent because staying in jail after an arrest is not an option before the final verdict of the accused offense. Once you contact a bail bondsman, you must be ready to give them the information listed below to make the bail process quick and seamless:

  • Your booking number

  • Your full name

  • Your scheduled bail amount

  • The location of the jail you are in custody

Tips to Remember When Finding Reliable Bail Bondsman

Although you want your beloved cousin out of jail without delay, you should take your time to find a reliable and credible bond agent. Below are tips that can help your narrow down your options during your search for a reliable bond agent:

Consider the Agent's Availability

A reliable bond agent understands that an arrest is an unexpected event that can happen to anyone at any time of the day. Take your time to find a bond agent who is available all around the clock even if your arrest didn't occur at night because you never know when you might need their services in the future.

Consider the Agent's Customer Service

Undoubtedly, the success of any business depends on their customer service or how they treat their clients. To that end, you should shop around to find a respectful and courteous bail agent. During these nervous and confusing times, the last thing you would want to deal with is talking to a rude agent.

To gauge your prospective agent's customer service quality, you should pay attention to the type of responses you will receive once you call their line. Suppose your prospective agent doesn't have a live agent to talk to once you call their business number. In that case, you should find a different agent because that is a sign of unreliability.

Consider the Payment Options Available

If you choose to use the services of a bond agent to help you secure your freedom, you might experience problems paying their bail bond fee (premium) if they don't have flexible payment plans. For that reason, you should spare ample time to shop around for a bond agent that allows you to use your preferred and convenient means of payment if you don't have the necessary cash at hand. Below are ways a reliable bond agent may allow you to pay this premium:

  • Use a cheque

  • Use a credit card

Consider Whether or Not the Agent Can Speak Any Other Language Other Than English

Since an arrest can happen to anyone regardless of their citizenship status, a reliable bond agent must be ready to handle calls from non-English speakers who occupy a significant percentage of the population here. If you’re a non-citizen, you should take your time to find a bond agent who will be familiar with your language to avoid misunderstanding during the bail bond process.

Consider the Reputation of the Bail Bond Agent

The agent's reputation is a factor you cannot overlook if you want exceptional services during the bail bond process. A bond dealer with prompt and dependable services will have their reputation precede them.

Shop around for an agent with a credible reputation from their past clients. As you might beware, the internet is the most reliable marketing tool nowadays, meaning your prospective agent must have a website or a social media account to advertise their services.

To have a hint of your prospective agent's reputation, you should use the internet to check their past clients' reviews on their website. If they have credible services, you should expect positive reviews or comments from their past customers.

The above tips are critical when searching for a dependable bail bondsman to assist you obtain your freedom after an arrest in the city of Adelanto, California.

The Don'ts After Securing Your Release on Bail

Once you’re out of jail on bail, you may not want to do anything that can violate the requirements of your pretrial release. To protect your freedom, here is what you shouldn't do after paying bail:

Miss Your Court Dates

Whatever you do after securing your release on bail, you should be ready to show up on all your court dates on time as required. If you fail to turn up on your upcoming court dates, the court will forfeit your bail and order a bench warrant, permitting the officers to bring you back in custody.

Possess Weapons

Even if the judge may not prohibit you from owning a firearm, it is advisable to avoid carrying or owning a gun after your release on bail to avoid possible troubles with the law.

Traveling or Leaving the State

Most bail conditions will require a defendant to avoid traveling out of the state or country once they are out of jail. If you need to travel once you are out of custody on bail, you should let the court know before you even think about booking a flight ticket. Otherwise, if you do, the court will forfeit your bail order a re-rearrest, which comes with a likelihood of staying in jail without bail.

Since bail is a court way of ensuring that you will turn up on your court dates once you are out of police custody, you should expect your collateral or money back when you abide by the above conditions of your release.

Vital Information of the Main Courthouse and Jail in the City of Adelanto, California

You will require the following information when posting someone's bail in the city of Adelanto, California:

Courthouse Address

Victorville Courthouse

14455, Civic Drive

Victorville, Ca 92392


Jail Address

High Desert Detention Center

9438 Commerce Way

Adelanto, Ca 92301


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