If you are arrested in Santa Monica, you will be detained in the Santa Monica jail temporarily for 96 hours. If you are not bailed out within 96 hours, you will be moved to a bigger county facility to await your court process. Bailing someone out of the city jail is relatively easier and faster compared to bailing someone out of a bigger county jail. So you need to contact a bail bondsman as soon as possible to start the bail process. We invite you to contact 24 Hour Online Bail Bonds if you need efficient and reliable bail bonds services. We have a team of licensed and experienced bail bonds agents who work 24/7 to ensure they reconnect arrestees with their loved ones.

How Much is Santa Monica Bail?

When you want to know the bail amount needed to set someone free from jail, you need to fill the felony bail worksheet using the following steps:

  • Note down every offense that the detainee is being charged

  • Figure out the charge that has the highest bail amount

  • If the detainee is facing charges for multiple offenses against separate victims or on separate dates, sum the total bail required for each of the charges and add them to the initial charge.

  • Find out if there are any enhancements that may need additional bail. They may include:

  1. Crimes committed using a weapon

  2. Gang-related crimes

  3. Is the victim above 65 or under 15 years?

  4. Has the defendant been in prison for the past five years?

  5. Has the arrestee been convicted before?

  • Once you have listed all the base charges and the enhancements, sum the amounts together to find the bail required.

Misdemeanor Bail Bonds

When a defendant is facing charges of an offense that does not have a uniform bail in the misdemeanor bail schedule, their bail will be $500. When the charge against the detainee is a wobbler, which means it can either be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony, the least bail they are required to pay is $750.

How to Post Bail at Jail

Bailing out someone from jail takes less time, and the process is easier than bailing them out from larger county jail. After the defendant is booked in jail, their bail is set based on the Los Angeles County Bail Schedule and the crime that led to their arrest.

Bail is the amount of money that acts as a surety to the court and the arresting officers that the arrestee will appear in court at the set dates even after being set free. Bail can be posted by the defendant or anyone close to him.

If you decide to pay bail for an inmate in jail, you can use cash or bail bonds. Note that you cannot use checks or credit cards to post bail. If you cannot raise the money in cash, you can use a bail bond agent to post bail.

Here are some of the ways you can post bail in jail:

  • Cash bail — If you choose to use cash bail, you must deposit the amount in full with the arresting agency or with the court’s clerk. After paying the bail in cash, the detainee is set free pending their first court appearance. If you show up in court as required, your money will be refunded 60 to 90 days after your case is closed. If you miss a court appearance, you forfeit your money to the court.

  • Bail Bonds —It is not unusual that you cannot raise the amount of ail required in cash. Bail bonds are still an effective and common method of posting bail. When posting bail through bail bonds, you are only supposed to pay a fraction of the bail amount (usually 10%). However, the 10% is non-refundable even after the closure of your case. It acts as the profit /fee for the bail bond agents. Using bail bonds to post bail only takes 20 minutes, but the detainee can take more than 2 hours to be released. If you decide to post bond for an inmate through this method, you will be responsible for ensuring the defendant shows up in court during the hearings, failure to which you are expected to repay the full bail amount to the bail bonds agent.

Immigration Bonds

There was a statement released by the Santa Maria police department addressing the new administration’s stand on unlawful immigration and renewing the police department’s commitment to prosecuting crimes as they have done before. They will process illegal immigration criminal charges and, if need be, involve the ICE. If your loved one has been arrested for illegal immigration, call 24 Hour Onlne Bail Bonds as soon as possible to help you post bail and have your dear one set free before they are transferred to the larger county jails.

Federal Immigration Bonds

Immigration bonds are a little different from bail bonds for other local charges because they are federal bonds. But, if there were any criminal charges made during the arrest time, you are required to make a California State Appearance Bond at the same time.

Federal bonds range between 15-20% depending on the bond set and the criminal charges. A premium appearance bond is always 10%, but if you are a lawyer, a member of the military, or members of other groups, your discount could be negotiated. Our aim is to ensure you get the most affordable bail bond option that suits your situation.

Bilingual staff is also crucial when posting immigration bonds since many clients might not be fluent in English. At 24 Hour Online Bail Bonds, we have bilingual bail bonds agents, and most other languages can also be accommodated to ensure that we serve clients from different countries the same way.

Drug Charges Bail Bonds

Drug charges can be convicted as a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the complexity of the charges. Even though marijuana for personal use was made legal in California under Proposition 64, most drugs are still illegal. You can also be arrested if you are found selling or growing marijuana without a license.

The penalties for drug charges are often severe; it is important to bail out your dear one if they are facing drug charges to allow them to return home and find a good defense attorney.

Holds as per Penal Code 1275

Penal Code 1275 makes it illegal to use money obtained illegally to pay bail. It states that if the judge or the prosecutor believes beyond a reasonable doubt that the money used to post bail came from illegal activity, the bail should be declined.

The prosecution or any arresting officer who took part in the case has the power to place a PC 1275 hold. If they have probable cause to believe that the money was acquired through drug trafficking, theft, embezzlement, gang-related activities, or extortion, it is considered money acquired illegally and cannot be used to pay bail.

If your bail has been placed on hold, there will be a hearing to determine if you obtained the money illegally or if it is “clean.” To prove that you acquired the money legally, you will have to provide your tax returns information, car payment statements, bill payment statements, credit card information, and proof of your income. If you want help to clear up issues of a 1275 hold, talk to our skilled bail bondsmen at 24 Hour Online Bail Bonds. Note that you can face criminal prosecution if you are charged under the law, so you need to act fast.

GPS Monitoring for Bail Bonds

If you are arrested for a crime that requires a large amount of bail, you can agree to GPS monitoring as part of your bail bond agreement. This will reduce the overall bail bond cost. When you agree to GPS monitoring, the judge may reduce your bail amount, or the bail bond agents may accept a lower percentage from you.

When a bail amount is set so high, it may be hard to establish the premium required, and the only possible option is to create a payment plan. At 24 Hour Online Bail Bonds, we will work with you closely to establish a payment plan that works for you. Agreeing to GPS monitoring can help reduce your bail bond financing. You can contact us if you want more guidance and help on how SPS Bail Bonds work and how they can work in your case.

Bail Bond Financing

24 Hour Online Bail Bonds have wide payment options. We aim to help you get out of jail as soon as possible, so we will work with you closely to see what you can afford and how we can help as you try to find the money to pay for the premium. There are payment options that can fit everyone. Reach out to us today and let us help you.

Collateral Bail Bonds

Collateral is anything that has a high value that can be used to settle a debt. Note that you do not have to have collateral for you to be eligible for a payment plan. But, if you have an item that can be used as collateral, it can help reduce your financial burden. There are a wide variety of things that you can use as collateral to secure a bail bond. These things include:

  • Investments

  • Savings

  • Real estate

  • Jewelry

  • Boats

  • Cars

  • Anything of value

We also accept the above collateral at 24 Hour Online Bail Bonds. Talk to us today, and let us help you get out of jail.

How to Find Inmate Information at the Jail

If you want to find information about an inmate detained at Santa Monica jail, you have three options, you can either:

  • Call Santa Monica jail. Their number is (310) 458-8482

  • Call the I.R.C. (Los Angeles Inmate Reception Center), their phone number is (213) 473-6100,

  • You can use the Los Angeles Sheriff Department website to access any information about an inmate. Note that this website provides information for inmates in L.A.

Inmate information is updated 2 hours after the booking, meaning you will have to wait for two hours to obtain their information. For a deputy to give you information about an inmate, you must provide the correct legal name of the inmate and their booking number.

Detainees who are in custody are taken before a judge within two court days following their arrest. The judge may decide to set the case for a pre-trial hearing or continue the arraignment. You can use the Los Angeles Case info website to access case information of an inmate being detained at the jail.

How to Contact an Inmate

Once an inmate has been booked into jail, they cannot receive messages or incoming texts. However, the jail staff allows them to make free local telephones for up to one hour to inform their loved ones of their whereabouts, arrange for bail, and contact a lawyer.

After that, calls must be made on a collect basis. If your loved one is being detained, contact your local telephone carrier to ensure that your cell phone plan does not block collect calls. Since the jail holds inmates temporarily, you cannot contact them through email.

You can also physically visit the jail facility at the right visiting hours and get a chance to talk to your loved one.

Jail Visiting Hours and Policies

Inmates are allowed to be visited by one guest and one child once a day. Minors below 18 years must be accompanied by a guardian with a valid identification to visit. The allowed visiting hours are between 10:00 am to 11:30 am, seven days a week.

The visitors are allowed to only stay for 20 -30 minutes. Note that visiting hours can be changed anytime and any day without notice. It is therefore essential to make a call to the Santa Maria Jail before visiting the jail to confirm the visit hours and ensure that the inmate:

  • Will in jail at that time and not in court

  • Is allowed to receive visitors

No appointments are required as visits are issued on a first-come, first-serve basis. But, these restrictions are not bound to members of the clergy and attorneys. They are authorized to visit their inmate at any day and time.

Note that all visitors should bring a valid puncture identification of any of these:

  • AU.S military card

  • A U.S passport

  • An alien registration cars

  • A California Identification card/driver’s license

Additionally, all visitors must be searched together with their belongings before entry. Visitors are not allowed to bring anything to the inmates, and they are not supposed to enter the facility with anything illegal.

Return of Property Procedures

After a detainee is booked into jail, their belongings are taken and kept away. These belongings will be returned to the inmate after he is released or transferred to county jail.

If the person was arrested for a misdemeanor charge, they can fill out a property release form delegating someone else to claim the belongings. If an inmate was arrested for a felony charge, a detective must approve the belongings before being allowed to release them.

If an inmate chooses you to pick up their property from Santa Monica Jail, you can visit the facility at any day and time and remember to carry a government-issued ID.

Santa Monica Jail Information

Santa Monica jail is situated within the Santa Monica Police Station. It acts as a temporary holding facility for arrestees before they post bail, are released on their own recognizance, or are transferred to court for an arraignment.

This jail is run and supervised by the police service department. It has 14 jailers, two jail Attendants, and a police service supervisor staffs it. Approximately 4200 people are held in Santa Monica Jail annually. The facility can hold a maximum number of 96 inmates at a time.

The male inmates who have been convicted for their offense or cannot post bail and remain in custody are taken to the Los Angeles Men’s Central jail or the Los Angeles Twin Towers Jail. Female inmates are generally moved to the Century Regional Detention Facility.

It is located at

Santa Monica Police Department

1725 Main Street

Santa Monica, CA 90401

(310) 458-8482 - Inmate and General information

The parking is next to the Civic Auditorium on the south of the courthouse. The parking fee for the entire day is $8 and $1.60 for every 20 minutes.

Find a Santa Monica Bail Bonds Agent Near Me

It is relatively easier to bail out someone from Santa Monica Jail than bail them out of the larger county jails. If you discover that your loved one is held in jail, call 24 Hour Online Bail Bonds immediately. We have licensed bail bond agents who are ready to work fast and efficiently to help your loved ones be free before they are moved to the county jails. We are also ready to post bail for your loved ones if they are detained in the county jail. Please contact our agents as soon as possible at 800-930-8999.