Spending time behind bars is the worst experience for many people. However, it helps to know that you don’t have to stay in jail for long after an arrest when you can post bail. Posting bail will secure your release so you can return to your normal life and make court appearances while out of jail.

Perhaps you may be wondering what you would do if the judge sets the bail amount too high that you cannot afford it. Well, this shouldn’t concern you anymore. Regardless of how high the bail amount is, at 24 Hour Online Bail Bonds, we will work out a plan to ensure you walk out of jail fast.

We offer a wide array of bail bond services and payment plans and even provide discounts on bonds paid in full, for instance, 7% bonds. Additionally, our payment plans accept as low as one percent down payment. Irrespective of your needs and budget, our professional and experienced bond dealers will consider your special case and work to create a plan that suits your budget and needs. Call us if you’ve been charged with a criminal offense in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Diego, and San Bernardino Counties, and we’ll secure your release within no time and at an affordable cost.

What Is a 7% Bail Bond?

By 7% bail bond, it means the bail bonds company requires you to pay only 7% of the entire bail amount as a down payment before they post your bail in court. It’s simply a payment plan that bonds companies offer, which requires you as the defendant to deposit a down payment worth 7% of the entire bail amount. You and the company will then work out the remaining amount you owe in a payment plan customized to fit your personal needs.

Eligibility for 7% Bonds

In many cases, you will not require any collateral to secure a 7% bond. If you’re employed or have a co-signer that has a stable job, the job will be your credit. Qualifying for a 7% bail bond is much easier. You generally need a co-signer, and you and the co-signer must have proof of present employment and a valid California State ID.

Applying for a 7% Bail Bond with 24 Hour Online Bail Bonds

It’s much easier applying for a 7% bail bond when working with 24 Hour Online Bonds. Your co-signer can easily apply online when at home, and their signature will be electronically verified. If you are making the application yourself and wish to meet with your agent face to face, we’ll be happy to come to the courthouse or jail to meet with you. Application for 7% bonds at 24 Hour Online Bonds involves:

  • Filling out an online application form
  • Signing via E-mail or E-sign
  • Paying the 7% down payment online
  • Uploading the paperwork to our Dropbox or secure website
  • We also offer in-person application services at our offices
  • Having a bail bondsman come to the courthouse or jail to meet with you

7% for Substantial Bail Amounts

Bail amounts usually vary based on the criminal charge a defendant faces, including thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. In most cases, the prosecution will file the most severe versions of charges for the offense for which a person is arrested. They might even charge a person with numerous versions of just one criminal offense, so they bargain the case as it goes through the criminal justice system.

When determining the bail amount required to secure your release from jail, you have to add together all the charges you are facing, then, on top of that, add any enhancements that those charges come with. This addition could make posting cash bail virtually impossible for most defendants. Bail bond companies work closely with the courts to secure a defendant’s release from custody at a given percentage of the whole bail amount.

In most counties, all the charges that a defendant faces and their enhancements, each having their required bail amount, are added to establish the total bail amount needed to secure their release. This is usually so much higher than a family or individual can raise to have their friend or loved one released.

You Could Be Wondering What to Do If You Cannot Afford a 7% Bond

In most cases, the cash bail amount required to have a defendant released from jail is substantial. When you have a substantial amount of bail to pay, you may be concerned that you won’t ever raise the cash or qualify for a bond to secure your release. The certified and qualified bail bondsmen who work with us will do everything they can to find for you all the discounts offered on substantial bonds and assist you in developing a payment plan that fits your budget.

For you to be eligible for discounts provided on substantial bail amounts, you’ll need:

  • Approved credit
  • Real estate could be required as collateral
  • A co-signer (known as an Indemnitor)
  • Your proof of income and that of your co-signer

Call 24 Hour Online Bail Bonds to discuss available discounts for substantial bail amounts and how and if you can be eligible for all the discounts legally offered. The licensed, expert bail bondsmen who work with us are readily available to assist you in finding every discount for which you’re eligible.

7% Bonds for Child Endangerment Charges

Child endangerment happens when a child is either physically or mentally hurt— or is likely to be injured while under the care of a grown-up who should’ve or could’ve foreseen the likelihood of harm.

You can face a child endangerment charge for doing any of the following:

  • Willfully cause or permit a child to be exposed to a dangerous situation
  • Willfully cause or permit a child to be hurt
  • Causing or allowing a child under your care to suffer unjustifiable mental anguish or pain

Failure to ensure the well-being and safety of minors could lead to them being removed under your care and home, with child endangerment charges following. Cases that could lead to child endangerment charges include:

  • Failing to seek medical attention for your injured or sick child
  • Intentionally leaving a minor under the care of a person with an abuse history
  • Any kind of knife (even a kitchen knife) left in a child’s reach
  • A loaded firearm— unsecured— within a child’s reach

It’s critical to remember that child endangerment isn’t charged alone in many cases— it’s frequently an enhancement to other charges, including child abandonment, child neglect, child abuse, tattooing a child, and failure to supervise a minor’s school attendance.

For help with 7% bonds for child endangerment charges in Los Angeles County, Orange County Riverside County, San Diego County, or San Bernardino County, reach out to us today. 

7% Bonds for PC 368 Elder Abuse Charges

Caring for disabled adults or the elderly can be very challenging and stressful. The responsibilities can, at times, be overwhelming. The caregivers of dependent adults and the elderly have to take time to care for themselves and be allowed to break from the caregiving responsibility. When this doesn’t happen, they become less patient, which may result in abuse. Abuse can never be excused. However, it’s an indisputable truth that constant caregiving pressure can exhaust a person, wearing down their natural capability to remain calm and patient under given circumstances.

Described under PC 368, elder or senior abuse is inflicting unjustifiable mental or physical pain upon a dependent adult or elderly individual or willfully permitting or allowing them to suffer. Per this law, dependent adults and elders are those people whose physical or mental ability limits their capability to perform the usual life activities. Put otherwise, those adults incapable of protecting and caring for themselves need special protection to be accorded to them.

Under California law, all bail bonds companies ought to charge 10 percent of the whole bail amount to secure a defendant’s release. This means if the judge sets your bail at fifty thousand dollars, the bail bonds agent has to charge five thousand dollars before posting a bond for you. Whereas this might seem like so much money, it’s far less compared to having to deposit the entire cash bail amount.

And the good news is that state laws allow for discounted rates on bonds in given cases of elder abuse, such as if the accused hires a private lawyer then pays the 10% premium in full in seventy-two hours.  The discounts are available for military members, AARP members, and government union employees and are established by the surety company writing the bonds for the bail bonds company.

At 24 Hour Online Bail Bonds, we offer a wide range of payment options for your elder abuse bail bond that can necessitate as low as 7 percent down payment, then work out the remaining premium amount to suit your budget. Reach out to us to know whether you are eligible.

7% Bonds for Hit and Run DUI Charges

California is one of the states with the harshest penalties for DUI. If you committed a felony DUI, your punishments might include a ten thousand dollar fine and a jail sentence of more than one year. Various California DUI-related charges include:

  • Vehicular manslaughter while DUI
  • DUI causing injury
  • DUI hit and run
  • DUI with child endangerment
  • Chemical test refusal

For many counties, when arrested for drunk driving and are facing more than one charge or a sentence enhancement to the underlying charge, the amount of bail required to secure your release has to be added up.

For help calculating the bail amount required to free you after a DUI-related arrest, call us at 24 Hour Online Bail Bonds. Our bail bondsmen are devoted to assisting people arrested for DUI in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Diego, and San Bernardino Counties to negotiate the bond process and return to their jobs and families as they resolve their cases.

7% Bonds for Assault and Battery Charges

Usually, assault and battery are used together, and this may make you think that these two charges are the same, or two parts of one charge. However, this isn’t the case. Whereas the two charges relate, they’re separate offenses, and you may be charged with both simultaneously.

Battery is described under PC 242 as willfully and unlawfully using force against someone else. The crime has three elements:

  • The action has to be unlawful and willful
  • Violence or force is applied
  • The willful and unlawful application of force or violence must be against someone else.

Put otherwise, you need to have intended to use violence or force, and another person has to be involved, but you don’t have to cause any harm, injury, or damage. You need not even touch the victim’s body to be convicted of battery. Also, should you touch anything intimately associated with the victim, such as their clothing, disrespectfully or rudely, you may face battery charges.

When it comes to assault, you do not have to make any physical contact with the victim to be guilty. The crime doesn’t involve any form of attack—it only involves the mere attempt to make unlawful contact intending to cause harm. Assault also has three elements:

  • There has to be an illegal attempt.
  • The ability to make the attempt.
  • There has to be someone else upon whom injury or violence was attempted or threatened.

By attempt, it means you tried doing something, not that you wanted to or thought about it, but that you tried.

7% Bonds for Felony Assault and Battery

Assaults that are prosecuted as felonies are violations of PC 241.8, 241.7, PC 241.4, PC 241.2, and PC 241.1 and are cases against:

  • Probation department workers
  • Public transportation workers
  • S military members
  • Highway workers
  • Animal control officers
  • Lifeguards
  • Firefighters
  • School employees
  • Paramedics and emergency medical technicians
  • Nurses and doctors
  • Member of the jury

Felony assault is punishable by a maximum prison sentence of three years, up to two thousand dollars in fines, and probation for three years. Felony battery punishments include three years in prison, $2,000 in fines ($10,000 where the victim was a passenger/public transportation worker and $5,000 where the victim was a juror), and probation for three years.

Aggravated Assault and Battery

Aggravated assault involves assaulting someone using a deadly/dangerous weapon or an assault where there’s an intention to commit any felony like murder or rape. Aggravated battery, also known as battery causing serious bodily harm, is described under Penal Code 243(d). This is battery that results in severe injury to someone else.

GPS Monitoring Could Help You be Eligible for 7% Bonds

Substantial bail amounts (more than $250,000) might need the defendant to install a GPS monitoring system, and they’ll have to pay for the installation cost. GPS monitoring generally costs ten dollars a day and needs an installation charge of $450, based on the location. But installing GPS monitoring enables defendants with substantial bail amounts to live and work at home during their pre-trial period, instead of compelling them to stay locked up until their case is resolved. Whereas it may appear to be expensive initially, it’s cheaper than the value of freedom.

Even though the state stipulates the rates bail bond companies ought to charge to post bonds for defendants, 24 Hour Online Bail Bond partners with surety companies that can offer large discounts to particular groups under given circumstances. The discounts we offer include:

  • Teacher’s discounts
  • Government employee discounts
  • Homeowner discounts
  • Union member discounts
  • Family member and law enforcement officer discounts
  • Military discounts
  • AARP member discounts

7% Bonds on Domestic Violence Charges

Arguments are virtually inevitable when two individuals spend much time together. When you fight with your spouse or lover, you want to remain calm. Do not allow your temper to overpower you. However, suppose the situation becomes uncontrollable, and it reaches a point where you have trouble with the law over a domestic violence case. In that case, we may assist you in negotiating a way to return home so you can fix your relationship or marriage responsibly. 

Whereas domestic violence is the most prevalently referred to charge when a disagreement between intimate people arises and the police become involved, it isn’t the only charge filed. Other domestic violence-related charges include:

  • Corporal Injury to a spouse
  • Spousal abuse
  • Domestic abuse
  • Corporal injury of cohabitant

If you’ve been charged with a domestic violence-related offense, you may be eligible for a 7% bond. Call us to know if you qualify.

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