Anyone would aim to have their loved one released from jail as soon as they are arrested. Unfortunately, only a few people can afford to raise the required bail. Many people turn to bail bond agencies to seek help with having their loved ones released. A bail bonds agency posts the needed bail on behalf of the defendant in court for release, and the defendant only pays a non-refundable premium. If your loved one has been arrested in Joshua Tree, CA, at 24 Hour Online Bail Bonds, we are here to help. Contact us today for a quick and affordable release.

Joshua Tree Bail Bonds Services

A bail bond is a surety bond posted by a bail bond company to the court to guarantee an arrestee's appearance to all court dates. The court will then release the defendant from jail after posting the bail bond. Bail bonds are underwritten and issued by a licensed bail bonds agent, who appoints the representatives of surety insurance companies.

Where to Post Bail Bonds in Joshua Tree:

Morongo Basin Station

6527 White Feather Road, Joshua Tree, CA 92252

Bail Hearing and How It's Associated with Bail and Bonds

Defendants can schedule a bail hearing within 48 hours after an arrest. The bail hearing is a court hearing in which the judge sets the amount of bail and the conditions of release. The judge will look at factors like whether you're a flight risk and pose any danger to society to make a ruling. The following are possible rulings that the judge can conclude on:

  • Release on Own Recognizance: In this type of ruling, the defendant will release you from jail after signing an agreement that you promise to return to court and abide by the conditions that have been set forth.

  • Personal Bond: In this type of ruling, you will be released after signing a bond, which places criminal liability on you, like penalties and a civil case for failing to appear in court.

  • Conditional Bail Release: In this option, the court allows you to walk out of jail cost-free by posting their set amount. You could also opt to go the bail bond way.

  • Denial of a Bail: If the court considers you a flight risk or risk to the public, it might decide to deny you bail.

Reasons Why the Court Can Deny Bail

You shouldn't assume that the court will automatically guarantee a bail release upon your request as a defendant. The court can deny your request based on the following reasons:

Repeat Applications for The Same Offense

A defendant can stay for up to a year before the trial begins. Therefore, there's a likelihood that a defendant has to remain in custody for years while making several applications. If the court finds out that you've been applying bail for the same offense, the judge will most likely deny your current application.

Apart from that, if your records show that you're a repeat offender, it implies that you don't learn from your mistakes.

Please note, being a repeat offender doesn't automatically mean that the court will deny you bail. The judge will look at the crime you were previously accused of committing to decide whether to reject or accept your bail request. Even so, you wouldn't expect the court to grant bail to a person who's accused of murder crime than a person who's charged with disorderly when drunk.

Threat to the Society

A judge can deny bail to someone who poses a threat to society or when there are numerous complaints made against you. The court usually investigates a defendant's criminal history and reputation to know about them. Therefore, if the search proves that you have previously caused mental or physical harm to other people, the court will most likely deny you bail. Former threat statements made on someone can also work as a basis for your bail denial.

Being a Dangerous Criminal

Armed robbery, rape, and murder are some of the most dangerous crimes in California. Judges assume these as hazardous crimes, and their culprits are regarded as dangerous to society. You would expect the bail rejection rate for these crimes to be higher than petty offenses. The court can only grant bail when defendants have severe health issues that would keep them from jail.

Flight Risk

Some defendants can flee from California or the United States when they're granted bail. These people are referred to as flight risks and are not usually granted bail upon their request. Ideally, the judge does a background check to confirm your home and whether you're easy to track down or your likelihood to travel out of the country. Mostly, non- U.S. citizens are at higher risk of fleeing than U.S. citizens.

History of Failure to Adhere to Court Dates

The court will most likely deny you bail if your background checks reveal that you have a history of failing to adhere to court dates. The court doesn't entirely treat the first-time failure as a risk, but anyone with two or more failures to appear will have their application denied.

Disrespecting the Court

Some behaviors like yelling or shouting in court can make the court deny your bail application. These behaviors can easily affect your bail request even if you lack past criminal records and have never missed a court summons.

Ways You Can Reduce Your Bail in Joshua Tree

The amount of bail that a court sets plays a significant difference between your stay in custody and freedom as you await trial. As a result, you should maintain several tricks up your sleeves to help you get the lowest amount of bail for the charges made against you. Here are a few considerations that you can make:

Applying for a Bail Reduction at an Arraignment

An arraignment is the first appearance you make in court, where you'll be informed of the criminal charges made against you and enter into a plea. Your attorney can apply for a reduced bail release or release on recognizance by presenting arguments and evidence that supports your request. Some of the facts that your attorney can present are as follows:

  • Your community ties.

  • Your past court appearance and criminal history.

  • The severity of the crime.

  • Whether you'll pose a danger to the community.

Filing a Motion to Reduce Bail

Attorneys can present a written motion to reduce an exceptionally high bail. This motion can be based on constitutional or statutory factors. Apart from these factors, the U.S. constitution prohibits excessive bails. There's no fast rule that determines whether a particular rule is excessive, meaning that you should hire an attorney to increase the chances of reducing it.

Change in Circumstances

Under California Penal Code 1289, a California court can reduce bail when a defendant proves that this is for a good cause. For instance, if your attorney succeeds in dismissing some of the charges made against you, this would work as a good cause. However, you should note that a good cause doesn't mean one judge should contradict the other. Therefore, your best opportunity to reduce bail is at your arraignment.

Hiring an Attorney

Our Joshua Tree bail bonds agents can work with your attorney to reduce your bail. Reducing your bail can save thousands of dollars which you can use in other crucial aspects.

How to Choose the Best Joshua Tree Bail Bonds Agency

Many people don't know about the many bail bonds agencies at their disposal until a loved one is arrested and requires a quick release. It's crucial to have enough knowledge about the different companies at your disposal to settle on one that would help you meet your needs with ease. Remember, having the right company by your side can make a significant difference in getting your loved one out of jail immediately. These tips will help you choose the best bail bonds agency in Joshua Tree, CA.


According to California laws, bail bonds agencies' services can charge about ten percent, and some companies can go to as low as 5%, depending on various factors. That's why you should look for a company with the best deal. For instance, our Joshua Tree bail bonds have flexible rates that can help you secure your loved one's freedom with ease.

Up-to-Date License

Every professional bail bonds company must meet certain conditions to operate. The best way to prove this is by checking whether your preferred bonds company has updated licensure from the state.


Many companies have their reviews posted on their websites or social media networks. These are the best avenues to help you determine whether a particular company can meet your expectations or offer its services below your expectations.

24-Hours Availability

An arrest can occur anytime, and therefore, you must look for a company that works around the clock to release your loved one immediately. Our Joshua Tree bail bonds agents are available anytime and are ready to help you whenever you call them.

Transparency and Trust

You can learn a lot about a particular bail bonds agent based on their mannerism and appearance. Therefore, if you feel that your company of choice isn't transparent enough, you can find another company before it's too late.

Customer Services

Bail bonds agencies are companies just like any other. Therefore, you should expect your company of choice to maintain the same level of professionalism and courtesy that you would get from any other professional business. For instance, you don't expect the firm to take too long to interact with you or answer your concerns. A good company should genuinely care about you and be patient with you by answering all your questions along the way.

Types of Collateral in Bail Bonding

Our Joshua Tree bail bonds agents understand that raising the required cash to secure your loved one's freedom can be difficult. That's why they have opted to obtain a bond by putting some form of collateral. Let's have a closer look at some of the common types of collateral accepted by our agents.

Real Estate

Real estate includes various properties like vacation properties, homes, and farmlands. These are perhaps the most common form of collateral used in securing a bail bond. Before you decide to use your property as collateral, ensure that it has sufficient equity to cover your full bond and the expenses that the bail bonds agency might incur.

Real estate has an advantage over other types of collateral since it can't be concealed and has a reasonably easy value to assess. However, you should note that a bail bonds agent usually checks whether liens are on your property to avoid issues when recovering their losses.


Vehicles are another common form of collateral used in securing bail bonds. You can use your aircraft, truck, car, or trucks to secure a bond. Bail bonds agents use the automobile's trade-in value as a benchmark of their value. Remember, bail bonds agents try to prevent a loss when you don't meet your court obligations. That's why they must check on the vehicle's trade-in value to ensure that its value is enough to meet their losses.


Our Joshua Tree bail bonds agents can accept personal jewelry as your collateral. This includes items like broaches, rings, necklaces, and other things of value. It's recommendable to seek an appraisal for your jewelry before you opt to use them as your collateral. You should check with our bonds agent's policies to acknowledge other requirements that you must meet while using your jewelry as collateral.

Credit Card

Your credit card can come in handy when you run out of options while securing a bond. However, you must authorize our agents to run your credit card if the defendant fails to appear in court.

Please note, the bail bonds agency will lock the money inside your account and unavailable for withdrawal until you meet all the court obligations.

The Dos and Don'ts of Dealing with a Bail Bonds Agency

Once you have selected a reliable bail bonds agency, you must learn how to make your experience smooth. Here is a detailed look at what you should do and avoid when dealing with a bail bonds agent.

Look for the Agency's License Number

One of the best ways to determine whether a particular bail bonds agent is reliable enough is by checking its license number. This will help you ensure that you're getting bail bonding services from an accredited company. Apart from that, the jail where your loved one is held might ask for this information.

Clarify Your Payment Options

Generally, you must post at least 10% of the bail amount with your preferred bail bonds agent to secure a bond. Ensure that you understand the payment plan that your agent has in place and their terms and conditions before you agree to work with them.

Avoid Wasting Your Phone Calls

If you're in jail, you only have one phone call to make. The best way to utilize this call is by calling a bail bond agent. The agents will later call your loved one and collaborate to get you out of jail as quickly as possible.

Use the phone call to briefly explain your arrest, the jail location, and the specific case number they should refer to while securing your release.

Avoid an Arrest

Once you're released, it's imperative to avoid another arrest by staying out of trouble. Another arrest will most likely revoke your initial bail. The best way to avoid an arrest is by staying home with your family and avoiding places that would invoke you to commit a crime.

Meet Your Court Dates and Time

Finally, you should show up for your court proceedings on time and avoid skipping your hearings. Failure to adhere to this might have your bail revoked, putting you on the hook financially for the amount of money that our Joshua Tree bail bonds agent has put up on your behalf.

Jail and Court Information in Joshua Tree, CA

You should familiarize yourself with Joshua Tree's, C.A. court, and jail information. It helps you reach out to your loved ones immediately when they are arrested and know which court they will be prosecuted. Below is the information for jails in Joshua Tree, CA:

San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department Morongo Basin Station

6527 White Feather Rd.

Joshua Tree, CA 92252 United States

Phone: + 1 760-366-4175

Palm Springs Jail

200 South Civic Drive

Palm Springs, CA 92252 United States

Phone: + 1 760-323-8116

John J. Benoit Detention Center

82675 CA -111

Indio, CA 92201 United States

Phone: + 1 760-863-8252

Smith Correctional Facility

1627 Hargraves St.

Banning, CA 92220 United States

Phone: + 1 951 922-730

Below are physical addresses of courthouses in Joshua Tree, CA:

Joshua Tree Courthouse

6527 White Feather Rd.

Joshua Tree, CA 92252 United States

Phone: + 1 760 974 3047

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