Posting bail to secure your release from jail is an essential process to undertake. By completing the application and making the necessary transactions, you will regain your freedom. You can return to your everyday life as you prepare for the subsequent court processes. Posting bail with the help of a bail bonds agent is ideal because you will access a smoother process. At 24 Hour Online Bail Bonds, you will work with some of the best bail bond agents seeking bail bond services in Anaheim, California. Our wealth of experience in posting bail on behalf of our clients gives us an edge over other service providers in the area.

Where to find 24 hour bail bonds services near Anaheim

We have local Anaheim Bail Bonds agents available 24/7 to post bail at the Anaheim City Jail and throughout all of Orange County, California. Please call us for immediate bail bonds assistance or visit our office just minutes from the Anaheim City Jail.

Why Post Bail in Anaheim

The provision to post bail is one of the ways to exit prison after arrest. It entails depositing a specific amount of money with the court as security for your release. Therefore, you present the money in exchange for liberty, although the court will impose conditions for your release.

The most significant condition to comply with is making all court attendances as required. Following the criminal trial process, an accused person must be in court during trial for a fair hearing to occur. Hence, your absence would inevitably delay the trial, resulting in several inconveniences for you and other parties.

If you fail to appear as directed, you risk having an arrest warrant issued against you. Consequently, you will spend the rest of your trial period in custody unless you can justify your court absence. Further, you will have forfeited the bail amount deposited with the court due to non-compliance. The punitive measures may result in severe financial constraints for you, particularly if you hope to retrieve the money.

Additional conditions to satisfy include refraining from involvement in crime and remaining within the state for court jurisdiction purposes. Defying the directives attracts repercussions that could affect your case outcome and criminal record.

Events Leading to Posting Bail in Anaheim

Before you meet the requirement to post bail, a proper criminal process must occur. It often begins with suspected involvement in criminal activity, specifically any offenses listed in the Penal Code. an arresting officer must have probable cause for arrest, meaning they can justify their decision to apprehend you. Often, probable cause is formed based on circumstantial events demonstrating your involvement in the alleged offense.

For example, if a police officer spots you breaking the law, they will have formed reasonable cause for apprehension. Alternatively, they may work based on complaints and reports lodged against you. If so, they need to obtain a warrant of arrest from a judge before taking you into custody.

Once you face detention in jail, you can then begin to explore several options to exit the facility. However, you will first need to undergo the booking process to access additional services and ultimately exit jail.

The Booking Process at the Anaheim Jail

Before you face detention in a cell or have a chance to contact an attorney or a loved one, you will undergo the booking process. This is typically the first procedure to face upon arriving at the station, as the arresting officers want to capture your details. The booking process is fairly quick and should only involve collecting details relevant to the court process.

Hence, learning the requirements to fulfill is ideal, as you will be better prepared to complete the process. Your name and identification card details are essential to capture, so you must fill out a form detailing the specifics. The officers will also require you to provide a working phone number and recent home address to avail tracing details.

Further, the officer guiding you in the process will take mugshot images for your identification and for record-keeping. Fingerprints or biometric prints are also a necessity, as they uniquely identify you in multiple scenarios.

Lastly, the officers will run a background check on you to determine whether you have previously committed any offenses. If so, they can retrieve the information and forward it to the prosecutor handling your case when the trial begins.

The booking process concludes by saving your information, meaning the records will be accessible in the Department of Justice databases. Afterward, you can request an estimate on the bail amount required to be posted.

Obtaining the details on the bail estimates is a fairly straightforward process, as a schedule with offenses and bail amounts is available for reference. Hence, the officers at the station will produce a charge sheet and inform you of the charges you face. You will then receive an estimate on the average bail amount necessary for your release before your court arraignment.

Court Arraignment Procedures

Every arrested person should appear before a judge to take a plea and receive their bail payment directives. Taking a plea allows you to either accept or deny your charges, leading to subsequent events. If you accept the charges as presented, you are likely to receive a citation and fine mandates. Conversely, denying the charges in question results in the need for a trial, meaning you will need to post bail for your release.

The judge will provide directives on the final bail amount based on several factors. The primary guiding principle is the type of offense committed, as it directs the schedule reference. For example, committing a misdemeanor attracts a lower bail amount compared to felony charges.

You should also note that some offenses do not allow release on bail for various reasons. California prohibits offenders accused of murder or voluntary manslaughter from release. Consequently, you will remain in custody until the conclusion of your matter.

The rationale behind the prohibitive rules is that the suspects may interfere with pending investigations, especially if they were involved in the crime. Additionally, you may be at risk of attack from the public uproar in the criminal allegations. Hence, the judge exempts you from applying for bail to preserve a straightforward trial process.

Before issuing directives, the judge will also consider whether you are likely to flee the court’s jurisdiction to avoid a conviction. Persons capable of fleeing are classified under the flight risk category and strictly scrutinized throughout the trial process.

Alternatively, the judge may deny release on bail if they strongly believe you are likely to flee the country. Nonetheless, you can explore options like forwarding travel documents to the court as a security deposit. By transferring custody of your passport, credit cards, and other essentials, the court is more assured of your compliance.

Lastly, you will have a chance to present any mitigating factors to your case, especially regarding the bail amount to be issued. During this period, you can express your financial needs and request leniency during the final court pronouncement. Upon receiving the bail amount ordered, your Anaheim bail bonds agent will begin the process.

Ways to Post Bail in Anaheim

The court will not restrict you from posting bail using different means, provided the transaction is completed and approved on time. Subsequently, you can explore the three main options to exit jail in California. However, you should remember that each option provides some merits and demerits. Therefore, weighing the circumstances of your case is necessary to help you reach an informed decision. The options to explore include:

Posting a Property Bond

Under section 1276.5 of the California Penal Code, arrested suspects can post bail by presenting a lien over their property to the court. This serves as an alternative to persons who cannot access the requested funds.

While the option is valid, it presents several challenges that you ought to consider carefully. For example, you will spend a considerable period sourcing persons to prepare the interim property transfer documents. Moreover, some properties may have titles in dispute, meaning they are unsuitable for use as a security for your release. Often, presenting property liens with disputed titles may lead to separate court proceedings, resulting in additional expenses.

Through Cash Payments

Alternatively, you can explore bail payments through cash as directed under section 1269 of the Penal Code. The option is not popular among arrested persons because it requires you to have ready access to large cash amounts over a short period. Consequently, you are likely to encounter financial constraints as you try to consolidate your sources to meet the required amount.

Nonetheless, persons with readily available cash can post bail using the method and enjoy a straightforward process. Despite this, you should note that the court pays extra attention to cash transactions to avoid processing releases from proceeds of crime.

The cautionary measures apply mostly to persons facing charges for offenses that often involve holding large amounts of money for laundering. For example, fraud, theft, and drug trafficking suspects will face additional challenges in convincing the court that the cash used to post bail was obtained genuinely.

Under cash payments, you can also explore cashier, traveler, or personal checks. They provide a safer and more acceptable form of transactions, as you will have to satisfy various requirements. In light of this, you should be aware of the specific expectations and standards to meet before your check is approved. For example, the court may require the cashier who authorized the transaction to appear in court and confirm their approval signatures.

Through an Anaheim Bail Bonds Agent

Finally, you can opt to work with an Anaheim bail bonds agent to post bail. The choice is popular among detained persons thanks to the convenience and timely service delivery. Since you will not have to worry about making upfront payments, you can shift attention to other plans to undertake after release.

What to Expect When Working With a Bail Bonds Company

After your Anaheim bail bonds agent receives your request, they will liaise with the relevant officers to prepare your bail transaction and additional forms to be signed. Since your agent has access to online platforms, you can expect smooth and fast processes geared towards satisfactory results.

Nonetheless, your bail bonds agent will require support in accessing your details. You want to request assistance from the detention officers to contact the agent, as they will then help you forward the details.

Details to Provide Your Bail Bond Agent

The following are the primary details to convey to your bail bonds agent to allow the bail posting process to begin:

  • Your full name

  • Place of residence

  • Contact information, including your email address

  • Your physical address

  • Employment details

  • Your current detention center location

  • Charges pressed against you

  • The presiding officer at the station

  • The estimated bail amount

The Chargeable Fees and Payment Plans

Once you request the services of a bail bonds agent, you will need to make several payment arrangements to facilitate the process. As a result, your Anaheim bail bonds agent provides details of the required transactions to help you navigate the process.

Firstly, you want to agree on the collateral or security deposit to pay. This fee is issued to your bail bonds company as surety of your compliance with court mandates as expected. Since failure to make a court appearance results in forfeiting your bail amount, the bail bonds company assumes risk by posting bail for you. Hence, they will need to secure themselves to maintain their business.

Usually, the collateral amount should be transferred to the bail bonds company before they begin to process your application. You can therefore contact a family member or a trusted loved one to complete the transaction for you. However, having insufficient or inaccessible funds is understandable since you will be detained in jail.

Your bail bonds agent is ready to listen to your circumstances and offer a different payment option to settle the collateral requirement. For example, they may agree to post bail for you and issue you a specific period to complete your payment. Alternatively, you may provide a property lien to the bail bonds company as collateral.

Since the amount acts as security for the services they provide, you can expect to receive your money or property lien. Typically, the court case will have to be concluded first, and the company should have received their bail amount from the court. You should note that some of these processes may be delayed. If you experience setbacks, contact your bail bonds service provider for more information.

The second form of payment to make is the service fee. The bail bonds company will handle all processes, including filling application forms, communicating with the court, and transacting the amount. Hence, they require a service fee to keep the company running, as they handle multiple cases at a time.

In California, clients will pay a standard 10% fee for bail bond services. The figure translates to varying amounts for each person, depending on the amount set through the schedule or in court. Hence, you may need to pay your bail bonds agent a significant amount of money if the original bail was also high.

Having no access to the funds required in service fees is understandable, as most arrests are unforeseen. Due to the unpredictability, we can provide alternative payment plans to help you access a more comfortable means of payment. For example, you may pledge to make monthly installments until completion instead of facing financial constraints in concluding the payments at once.

Benefits of 24 Hour Online Bail Bonds Services

Integrating technology with legal procedures helps to complete your application faster, thanks to the efficiency. As a result, your Anaheim bail bonds agent will rely on online platforms and means of communication to meet your needs expeditiously.

For example, you will only need to call us or email us to inform us of your arrest and provide the contact details. Afterward, we will request your e-signature, if accessible, to help with verifying your application documents. The bail bonds agent will then send the compiled documents to the court officer for processing, meaning you can expect a quicker release process.

Further, our online services give us flexibility in making payments, so you can organize for fund transfers within a short period. Subsequently, you do not have to face any delays with the bail posting and release, provided your Anaheim bail bonds agent understands the procedure to follow during transactions.

Lastly, the 24-hour availability means you can access our services at any time. Our goal is to ensure you receive proper assistance regardless of the time of the arrest. We understand that events resulting in apprehension may vary, so you can count on us for a timely response.

The benefit can help you avoid unnecessary delays in custody as you await proper communication from a bail bonds agent. The experienced personnel in the team are accessible and ready to undertake their roles for your convenience.

Jail and Court Information

Orange County Superior Court-Lamoreaux Justice Center

341, The City Dr. S,

Orange County, California,

92868, United States.


The Anaheim Detention Facility

425 S, Harbor Boulevard,

Anaheim, California,

92805, United States.


Anaheim Police Department

425 S, Harbor Boulevard,

Anaheim, California,

92805, United States.


Anaheim City Prosecution Office

200 S, Anaheim Boulevard,

Anaheim, California,

92805, United States.


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Typically, posting bail without assistance from a bail bonds agent can be stressful. The court system has several demands, including high cash bails. Consequently, you may need to give up your liberty or face several setbacks when working alone. You can avoid facing these disadvantages by working with a bail bonds service.

At 24 Hour Online Bail Bonds, you can worry less about posting bail for yourself or your loved ones. Our experienced team understands the importance of securing your release from jail. Thanks to the support you receive, you can expect to be released sooner and with minimal involvement. If you or a loved one requires bail bond services in Anaheim, California, contact us today at 800-930-8999.