When the police arrest you or your close friend, you will probably ask how to post bail to secure your release. California law allows arrested suspects to walk out of jail on bail or even seek help from bail bond agents. The court holds a bail hearing to determine your bail amount. If you are arrested in Costa Mesa, a bond hearing or bail hearing is a critical part of the bail process. The court will determine your bail amount during the bail hearing and decide whether you will remain in jail until your trial or walk out of jail and appear during court sessions.

You may find the bail process challenging, especially when it's your first-time arrest. That’s why you require legal help from competent attorneys. At 24 Hour Online Bail Bonds, we are here to assist you in walking out of jail by posting your bail. We provide bail services on a 24/7 basis; thus, you may contact us anytime, either during the daytime or nighttime.

Where to Post Bail in Costa Mesa:

Costa Mesa Police Department Jail

99 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Bail vs. Bail Bonds in Costa Mesa

Bail involves the property or money you pay to secure your release from jail. The primary function of the bail is to ensure that when you don’t show at the criminal court as scheduled, the court will keep the property or money and issue a warrant for the law officers to arrest and take you back to custody. Since many bail bonds agents will become responsible for paying the total bail amount when you skip a court date, the agents will order you to place your property as collateral. The property might include your home, house, or vehicle.

In Orange County, bail bonds are usually more expensive than paying cash bonds. When the court grants you to post the bail through cash, you will pay the cash to the courthouse, and the clerk at the court will deduct a small processing fee. Under the bail bond, the primary fee is approximately 10% of the bail no matter what happens.

Example of Bail Bond in Costa Mesa

Many bondsmen effectively invest in their clients. For instance, when the court sets your bail amount at $20,000, the bondsmen will charge you a non-refundable $2,000 ( which is 10% of your bail) to post the bail amounting to $20,000 with the courthouse. However, the bail bond will come with promises and consequences. You will promise the bondsmen to appear at the court for all the scheduled court dates. Also, you will have to suffer the consequences of the agreement when you disobey it. So when you fail to attend the court dates, the bail bond agents will pay the court $20,000 minus the $2,000 charged as the fee.

Bail Bonds in Costa Mesa and Their Various Types

Bail bonds come in various types. Every type is unique. Thus they will be applied depending on the situation of your case. Speak with our Costa Mesa bail bonds agents, and they will help you understand all the types of bail bonds and even determine the appropriate one for you. The following are the various types of bail bonds:

Property Bond

One of the common types of bail bonds is property bonds. If you own an item of value or property, like a house, the bail bonds agents may place the home as collateral when securing the bail. The bail bond agents will put a lien on the item and sell it when you fail to show up at the court dates.

Cash Bond

Cash bonds are the common form of bail bonds in California. The bond involves you paying the total bail amount in cash. If you have insufficient money, the law allows your friend or family member to pay the bail for you.

Surety Bonds

Surety bonds are another form of bail bonds. Under this type of bail, an insurance company will secure you the bail bond. It's not unique for the bondsmen to work with insurance companies to provide a backup at their bonds.

Cite Out

The type of bond applies when the law enforcement officers find you doing something unlawful and the law officers issue you with a citation to show up at the court instead of remaining at the detention center.

Release on Own Recognizance

The judge may agree to let you walk out of jail without posting any bail. The situation will happen when you engage in a low-level offense, and the criminal court judge is confident you will appear at the courthouse on future court dates. You may peak with our Costa Mesa bail bonds agents to help you know whether you qualify for release on recognizance.

Immigration Bond

The type of bond is set mainly for the immigrants. Thus when you face detention from the US immigration and customs enforcement, you will become eligible for the immigration bond. Therefore you will walk out of the detention facilities until the criminal court completes the hearings. Please discuss your issue with your criminal defense attorney to help you know whether you are the right candidate for immigration bonds.

How is Bail Set?

A magistrate or judge sets bail during your first court appearance, either at an arraignment or bail hearing. Typically, the court will use the state's bail schedule to set the bail. In California, a bail schedule comes with all the crimes against their appropriate bail amounts.

In several cases, you may even pay the bail at the police detention center right away after your arrest. The option will speed up your release exercise. However, you will have to pay the bail amount outlined in the bail schedule and have no opportunity to convince the judge to reduce the bail. Under the state's laws, only the magistrate or the judge has the authority to reduce or increase the bail amount during a hearing.

What is Bail Hearing in Costa Mesa?

Under the California bail laws, a bail hearing is a proceeding where the criminal court determines whether to release you from the detention center as you wait for your trial. During the hearing, the judge decides whether to:

  • Release you on own recognizance
  • Place certain conditions on your release instead of paying the bail
  • Require you pay a bail amount before you walk out of the detention facility
  • The court may also decide to deny you bail and order you to remain at the detention facility until your trial

As mentioned above, the criminal court will follow the bail schedule during the court proceedings. The court will also consider your probation status and if you have any pending cases. Remember, the law gives the judges the power to decrease or increase the bail amount and even differ with the bail schedule.

A bail hearing allows you to ask the criminal court judge to reduce the bail. You should note the criminal court judge has much discretion regarding eliminating, modifying, or setting bail. The court will determine emphasis on the following factors when determining your bail:

  • Criminal history
  • The nature of the alleged crime
  • Your threat to the general public
  • Your chances to show up at the court in the future
  • Your ability to post a bail

It's good to note; the court will not reduce the bail amount when you commit a violent felony or severe crime unless they determine you have a valid reason. Also, when the judge grants you bail, they may still order you to remain in custody when your trial starts.

The judge will only release you on your recognizance when you face a less severe charge, and you strongly believe you will appear at all the court dates as ordered. When the court decides that it doesn't favor you, they may still revisit your case.

You may also bring in a motion for the court to eliminate your bail. However, in many cases, the judge doesn’t revisit the previous decision. Ensure you work closely with your bondsmen to provide legal help when you require them the most.

Pretrial Supervision and Conditions of Bail

The criminal court may order for pretrial supervision and other conditions of the bail. Also, the court allows your criminal defense attorney to participate when setting the conditions for your bail. For instance, when the court considers releasing you on recognizance, they may place the following conditions:

  • Travel restrictions
  • Electronic monitoring
  • Alcohol or drug treatment program
  • Regularly visiting your probation expert

The court may order other bail conditions, including remaining away from the victims, weapon prohibitions, surrendering your professional licenses and passport. Above all, you should not break any of the states or federal laws. Remember, when you violate any of the above terms, the court will forfeit your bail and order for your re-arrest.

What Happens When You Cannot Pay the Bail?

When you cannot post the bail bond or bail, the court may allow you to undergo a bail review hearing. During this hearing, the judge will consider your financial ability to post the bail and examine your financial resources, including rent and childcare. Once the court ,you cannot pay the bail, they will reduce it or release you under recognizance.

The Work of Bail Bonds Agents and Bondsmen in Orange County

Bondsmen are people or companies who help you post bail. The bondsmen or bail bonds agents profit after providing the bail bonds services to you. They also generate money by selling the property as collateral when you fail to appear at the court as planned. Thus when you seek the services of the bondsmen, you want to follow the agreement of their contract. They might even hire bounty men to apprehend you.

The bounty hunters have the authority to arrest you and take you back to the detention facility. The bail bond company will pay them a certain percentage of your total bail amount. However, they will only receive the money after they apprehend you. It means when they fail to arrest you, they won't receive any pay. It's no surprise the bail bond company will motivate them to return you to the detention center.

What Will Happen When the Court Forfeits Your Bail?

When the court forfeits your bail for failing to show up at the court as scheduled, you will owe the bondsmen the total bail amount. The bail bonds agents or bondsmen will also exercise their rights by selling the collateral to recover their money.

The bail bondsman will try all that they can to ensure they apprehend you before the court forfeits the bail. For instance, when they visit you and find you are unwilling to appear at the court, they will convince or force you to show.

Why choose a Costa Mesa Bail Bonds Agents

Bail bond agents play an essential part in criminal justice. When arrested, you need bail bond agents to post bail so that you come out of jail while your case is being heard in court. If you want your family member or friend to return home quickly and efficiently, choose a licensed bail bond agent with many years of experience. You will benefit a lot after hiring a bail bond agent. The following are the reasons why you should choose our bail bond agents.

Constant 24/7 Availability

In California, arrest never happens at a convenient time. You may find yourself or your loved one in need of a bail-in weekend or at nighttime. For this reason, you need a bail bond company willing to help you at any time, even at night time. At Costa Mesa bail bond agents, our bonding services are available 24 hours to assist you regardless of the day or time. We will therefore help you post bail faster. Again, your loved one will not have to spend the night behind bars.

Efficiency a Competency

Our agents provide our customers with better services than our competitors. Our main goal is to help your family member or friend walk out of custody as soon as possible. After posting your bail, a release will happen immediately. Again, our bail bond company is licensed and has expertise in new developments in the prison system. Our bondsmen are well versed with the details of criminal justice in California. Consider choosing a 24, hour bail bond as we are deficient in our services.

Bail Anytime-Anywhere

It doesn't matter your location or when you require help; bailing out 24-hour bail bonds can assist you in planning for a bail bond anywhere and anytime. Even when you face arrest in another state, a 24-hour bail bond can work with a bail bond agent in the state to help you come out of jail. If you have your friend or family member in California or any other state, a 24-hour bail bond is the best agency you want to seek help from.

Our Bail Bond Agents Have Lot of Experience

Bonding procedures always vary according to state. It is therefore essential for you to choose a bail agent with many years of experience. Experience translates to knowledge when we speak of bail bond procedures. Our bail bond agents have knowledgeable bail bondsmen who can speed the release of your family member efficiently while adhering to all the laws. Our bondsmen are familiar with posting your bail, accomplishing documents, and other tasks.

Understanding and Compassion

Facing arrest is stressful enough, and you don't need a judgemental bail bond agent. One of the best characteristics of a good bail bond agent is the one concerned about you. At 24hour bail bond, our bail bondsmen show sympathy and concern for your situation. Again, our bail bondsman listens carefully to your situation and helps you. They are friendly and understanding while helping you navigate your difficult time.

Affordable Bail Rates

Our Costa Mesa bail bonds agents offer affordable bail rates to our clients. Our bail agents will care for all our clients and work hard to provide the lowest possible bail rates.

Court and Jail Information in Orange County

Orange County Men’s Police Station

550 North Flower st

Santa Ana, California 92703


Orange County Jail

525 N Flower Street

Santa Ana, California 92703


Theo Lacy Police Station

501 The City Dr. South

Orange, California 92868


Women’s Central Detention Facility

44 Civil Center Plaza

Santa Ana, California 92703


Orange County Superior Court

700 West Civic Center Dr

Santa Ana, California 92701


Lamoreaux Courthouse

341 The City Dr. South

Orange, California 92868


Old Orange County Court

211 West Ana Blvd

Santa Ana, CA 92701


Harbor Courthouse Newport Beach

4601 Jamboree Rd

Newport, California 92660


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