You may break the law knowingly or unknowingly. Regardless of the violation trigger, the police may arrest you when you least expect it. But, thanks to bail bond services, you could walk out of the jail facility before your arraignment for less severe crimes and upon a bail hearing for more severe cases. By receiving bail bond services from a competent and experienced bail bond company will ease your bail process. The bondsmen will help you if you don’t have enough funds to post the cash bail.

Remember, delayed payments may cause inconveniences. Our bail bond agents at 24 Hour Online Bail Bonds provide the best bail services. Our immense experience handling bail bonds has imparted us with the necessary knowledge to provide quality and fast bail bond services. If you want to post bail in Williamson County, don’t hesitate to speak with our bail bond agents now.

What is Bail Bond

Bail is the amount of money you post for the court to allow you to exit jail. The money works as an assurance you will appear at the court for the proceedings in the future. In most cases, the judge will release you on your recognizance. It's only under particular situations where the court will deny you bail. Alternatively, the bond is an agreement signed between the surety and the bail bond agents. The surety promises to appear at the court after posting the bail.

Types of Bail Bonds in Williamson County

If the police arrest you in Texas for the first time, you might be surprised to learn the various types of bail bonds. The law in Texas recognizes four main types of bail bonds. The kind of bail bond you face is determined by the court, the gravity of the crime, and your payment methods. So, it might be challenging to deal with the whole legal process. The following are the common types of bail bonds in Texas.

  • Cash Bond

A cash bond is the common type of bail bond in Williamson County. Under cash bond, you will post bail in cash only. The court considers cash bonds when you are a moderate flight risk. The court will refund the money upon the case trial and your appearance to the court as scheduled.

  • Own Recognizance

When it’s your first-time nonviolent offense, the court may release you on your promise to appear at the court proceedings. The bond might be combined with other diversion programs to assist you in avoiding committing similar crimes in the future. The court will grant this bail bond after confirming it’s your first-time offense and you are connected to the area through either job or family.

  • Property Bonds

The property bonds are not as common as security or cash bonds. The bonds help the defendants with large bail amounts the opportunity to obtain bail. As the defendant, you must provide property to the court or bail bonds agents. Note, the property must be within the state of Texas. Again it must have equal value or more value than the initial bail amount. You may provide any property of value like a vehicle, jewelry, bank accounts, or a house.

  • Security Bonds

If you’re unable to post bail even with the help of a co-signer, it's recommended you seek legal help from a bail bond company. The great advantage with the bail bond company is, you will only pay 10% of your total bail amount to the bondsmen. But, this type of bail bond comes with risks when you jump bail. Skipping a bail may attract your bail forfeiture and an arrest warrant. If you face bail forfeiture, you will become responsible for paying the total bail amount.

The Arrest and Booking Process

When the police arrest you in Williamson County, they may either release you under a citation or take you to custody. At the custody, the police will carry out a booking process. It may take a few hours before completion. The length of the booking exercise will depend on the total number of suspects being booked. Also, the number of law enforcement officers engaging in the booking exercise. The booking process entails the following activities:

  • Recording your full names against the alleged crime
  • Taking a mugshot
  • Taking your personal property and items
  • Taking your fingerprints
  • Carrying out a full-body search
  • Checking whether you have pending charges
  • Health screening including conducting blood tests and X-rays

How the Williamson County Courts Hold Bail Hearing

In Williamson County, a bail hearing is a court proceeding primarily requested by the defendant to convince the court to release them on their recognizance or reduce their bail amount. During the hearing, the criminal court will decide whether to deny or grant the bail. Also, the court will decide the following during the hearing:

  • Release you on specific bail conditions without posting bail.
  • Ask you to post bail before through a bail bond.
  • Release you on your recognizance.
  • Deny you the bail and order you remain in custody until your trial.

The court has bail schedules that guide the judge on how to determine the bail amount. The bail schedule is a document that sets the approximate bail amount depending on the alleged crime. The judge has the authority to increase the bail or even reduce it. The judge will weigh the facts surrounding the case and the likelihood of the defendant returning for the court hearings.

The bail hearing allows the defendant to request the judge eliminate or reduce the bail amount or release the defendant through their recognizance. To make the final decision about the bail amount, the judge will consider the following elements:

  • The type and the nature of the crime in question.
  • Your past criminal record.
  • If you pose a threat to the public.
  • Your chances of appearing at future court hearings.
  • Your financial ability to post bail.

You have to note that if you face a severe crime, the judge will not reduce the bail amount under the bail schedules unless you have a good reason. Also, if the judge allows you to post the bail while you have a pending case, they will issue an order to the detention officers to let you walk out of jail.

How to Post Bail in Williamson County

Primarily, the need to exit from the jail will begin immediately after your arrest. When the police put you on a land cruiser, you will have an opportunity to call your loved ones and friends and inform them about the predicament. It’s more likely that your family members will search for a bail bond agent while you are at the detention center. Ensure you provide the location of the detention facility to your friends and loved ones.

The law requires you to appear at the court within 24 hours after the arrest. The presiding judge will consider several factors to determine your bail amount. For example, the judge will consider whether the police arrested you due to a serious crime like murder. The judge will also not allow you to exit the jail through bail when you face a capital offense. The court may take some time before making the bail determination, so you provide your passport, among other primary documents. The documents and passport will hinder you from escaping the state after your release.

After the court determines your bail amount, you are now required to post the bail. If you have the money, you may post it by yourself. Alternatively, you may let your friends or relatives post the bail. The court also allows you to work closely with a bail bond company and smoothen your bail process. Williamson County bail bonds agents will charge you a service fee of about ten to twenty percent of your total bail. The fee is non-refundable, and the bail bond agents will keep it once the court returns the bail.

The bondsmen may also ask your family member or friend to put up collateral. The collateral may be in the form of property or cash, any item of value. When you fail to appear at the court as scheduled, the court will give the bail bond agents a certain period to search you and return you to custody. If the agents cannot locate you, the total bail amount will be forfeited, and the bail bond agents will seize your collateral.

What are the Bail conditions in Williamson County?

Your criminal defense attorney may recommend certain bail conditions to the presiding judge. If you agree to the bail conditions, the judge may decide to reduce the bail amount and sign your recognizance for your release. The judge will not impose any condition which might violate your constitutional or legal rights. The following are examples of bail conditions your judge may recommend you observe:

  • Travel restriction
  • Surrendering your driver’s license
  • Surrendering your passport
  • Wearing a track monitoring device
  • Entering a treatment facility

Remember, every person in Texas has a right to an attorney and thus doesn’t work as your attorney. Working with your defense attorney would be a step forward. Your attorney will guide you on how to choose the best bail bond company. Remember posting the bail will not be the end of your case. You will also require the attorney to defend you in court.

What Happens When You Jump Bail?

When you sign a contract with the bail bond agents, you become accountable for appearing at all court hearings. When you fail to show up at the court, you put your bail bond agents at the problem with the court. Also, you will risk facing re-arrest. The court will give the bondsmen a grace period to return you to the detention facility before becoming responsible for the full bail amount. Speak with Williamson County bail bonds agents and they will help you understand bail conditions.

Bondsman and Bounty Hunters

When you jump bail, it’s the mandate of the bail bond agents to either pay the total bail amount or return you into custody. Since the bail amount might be huge amounts of money, it would become a huge blow to the bail bond company. That’s why the company has a backup plan (bounty hunters) to ensure you don’t escape.

The law allows bail bond companies to hire bounty hunters. The bounty hunters are not employed by the government instead work as private investigators. They locate the people released through bail but fail to appear at the court as scheduled. Many bounty hunters have a law enforcement background which gives them knowledge and experience in capturing bail jumpers. Also, many are trained in self-defense but usually use research, persuasion, and trickery techniques to capture the fugitives. They may use the following methods to locate and capture the fugitives:

  • Surveillance
  • Background checks
  • Contacting relatives and friends
  • Criminal record checks
  • Entering the defendant’s house without a warrant

Usually, they will charge a certain fee on the percentage of the total bail amount. Also, the agents will charge money for travel. So, when you work with bail bond agents and jump bail, remember the bounty hunters will come searching and return you to the detention facility.

Benefits of Using 24 Hour Online Bail Bonds

When you seek to post bail in William County, choosing the best bail bond company is always preferable for a better outcome. Also, ensure you choose a licensed and insured company. Williamson Bail bonds agents meet all the requirements recommended by the state. Enjoy the following bail bond services when you work with our bail bond agents.

  • We Provide Support To Our Client’s Throughout the Bail Process

When your loved one is in jail, undergoing the entire bail process might be challenging. Our bondsmen understand you are in a hurry to secure the release of your loved ones within the shortest time possible. So, we fulfill our responsibilities and post the bail imminently. We offer additional legal services to our clients, including guiding the clients on each step to take during the bail process. We also understand the need for reassurance and success to obtain the bail. That’s why you want to hire our bail bond agents today.

  • No Hidden Fees

24 Hour Online Bail Bonds agents believe in honesty and trust to win client’s trust and respect. We understand you should not face additional fees for filing your case late or when you accidentally fail to show up at the court. You will only pay the money indicated during the bail bond contract. We set our fees following the state’s guidelines. Several bail bond terms like forfeiture and revocation might leave you in darkness, but our bail bond agents will help you understand.

  • Bilingual Bail Bond Services

Our bondsmen are competent in posting bail for people from different backgrounds. In the past years in the US, the Spanish-speaking community has been growing. So, they might find it challenging to post bail, but no one understands their language. Although a few might understand English, expressing themselves well might be a big challenge. Working with our bail bond agents is a good way to show the non-American people we respect them. Our bail bond company doesn’t allow the language barrier to become a barrier in providing bail bond services to our clients.

  • 24/7 Availability

The most important trait about our bail bond company is that we are available 24 hours a day. Therefore, we will start your bail bond process as soon as the police book you at the detention facility. Even if the police arrest and book you at midnight, don’t hesitate to call our bail bond agents. Since we are always available, we will ensure you exit the jail and resume your regular duties immediately.

  • Lowest Prices and Easy Payment Plans

Williamson County Bail Bonds agents offer a down payment to the clients. Sometimes you may lack the money or property to post your bail. Our bail agents will work closely with you and develop a payment plan that suits your current financial situation. We will also plan your payment method either weekly or even monthly. We also allow you to make the payments online, over the phone, or walk and make the payment in person.

  • Bail Online or Over the Phone

Do you know you can bail your loved ones without leaving the comfort of your home? Yes, at 24 Hour Online Bail Bond we allow our clients to post bail online or over the phone. The court will require the defendant’s basic information like birth date, full names, payer occupation, phone number, and address. So, avoid the expenses incurred while traveling in and out of the courthouse or jail.

Jail and Court Information in Williamson County


Stacey Lynn Courthouse

405 Martin Luther Jnr Street

Georgetown, Texas 78626



Williamson County Court

412 Vance Street

Taylor, Texas 76574



Williamson County District Justice Center

405, Luther King Jr Street

Georgetown, Texas 78626



Supreme Court of Texas

201W. 14th Street

Austin, Texas 78701

(512) 463 – 1312


Williamson County Detention Center

306 West 4th street

Georgetown, Texas 78626



Williamson Juvenile Jail

200 wilco Way

Georgetown, Texas 78626



Austin Jail Center

417N Chesley Street

Bellville, Texas 77418

(979) 865 – 5321


Williamson County Correction

211 Commerce Blvd

Round Rock, Texas 78664

(512) 248-3232


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