Sitting in jail is not pretty. Following an arrest, it is in your best interests to secure your freedom quickly. This will ensure you return to work, spend time with your loved ones, prepare your defense and keep things rolling, at least until your case is determined. If you lack the resources to post cash or property bail, a bail bondsman in Sonoma County, Northern California, can provide the much-needed help. At the 24 Hour Online Bail Bonds, we operate round the clock, ensuring that you don’t spend time in jail for a minute longer than necessary.

Nobody plans to get arrested. Often, arrestees are caught off-guard and slapped with unexpected expenses. Even if you have money in your savings account, it is cheaper, more affordable, and convenient to secure bail through a bail bonds company. This ensures you have something left to enlist the best criminal defense lawyers to help you fight your charges. Your bailing company will only require an upfront fee of as little as 10% of the total bail amount.

Bail Bonds in Sonoma County: A Complete Guide for Detainees

Once you appear in front of a judge for the first time, you will receive information about the charges you face. You will also have to enter a plea to kick start the criminal justice process. The period between the first hearing and the trial date can be anywhere between a few weeks, several months, or even a few years.

Under usual circumstances, a judge will set the bail amount, allowing you to go home and prepare your defense. Once you post bail and are released from jail, you will need to adhere to the set terms of release. They may include staying out of legal trouble, avoiding certain persons, and of course, showing up for all subsequent hearings.

Let’s have a look at how the bail system works:

Bail Defined

The bail system offers arrestees a means to avoid confinement as they wait for the outcome of their case. Bail is money asked by the court and used to ensure you attend court dates to answer your charges. Once you post bail, you can remain free until the trial date and receive a refund of your money once your case is determined.

Bail works in the best interests of both defendants and the state. Defendants enjoy freedom and the opportunity to prepare their defense. Essentially, this allows you to exercise your right to a fair trial by working uninterrupted with your criminal defense team. On the other hand, the state benefits by avoiding the risk and expenses of clogged jails where criminals, including the dangerous ones, are confined.

The court gives detainees three main options for posting bail. First, you can provide a cash bail if you are well-endowed and can provide several thousand to the court. The second option is to give the deeds of properties whose equity is slightly higher than the set bail amount. The third and most convenient option is to seek the services of a bail bonds agent in Sonoma County, Northern California. The bail bondsman will only need a 10% premium as insurance that you will attend court dates without fail.

Are Bail Bonds in Northern California Worth It?

Whether securing the services of a bail bondsman are worth it or not will highly depend on your situation. If you have adequate financial resources and face charges for a non-violent crime, it is perfectly ideal to post cash bail.

Using a bailing service may be worth it if you face charges for drug crimes, embezzlement, and other serious or violent crimes. Tapping into your resources may trigger an inquiry into your finances, which may not work in your best interests. Remember that the arresting police, the judge, or the prosecutor can place a Penal Code 1275 hold on your bail if there is probable cause to believe that your bail money is sourced from illicit activities.

Furthermore, bail bonds may be the best option if you don’t have enough resources to post a cash or property bail. You only need to pay a non-refundable fee amounting to 10% of the set bail amount. Reliable bail bond companies in Northern California may also help you choose an easy and convenient payment plan if the fee is still not within your financial means.

Bail Conditions Defined

Often, a release on bail doesn’t come without certain conditions. For instance, the judge may order that you remain within your local area and even refrain from hanging around certain people. Most importantly, you will be expected to attend your court dates without fail.

Bail conditions may vary from one defendant to another. Hence, it is imperative to ensure that you follow all the terms of release as ordered by the judge. Note that violating bail conditions could have a judge cancel your bail and issue a warrant of your arrest.

A judge might set certain bail conditions on a particular defendant, such as remaining in the local area if they think this is appropriate. If the defendant does not fulfill the requirements, the judge can cancel the bail and order a defendant’s return to confinement.

How Is the Bail Amount Determined in Sonoma County, Northern California?

Understanding how the justice system works regarding setting bail is essential. This will give you a hint on what to expect when bailing yourself or a loved one out of jail.

Here is information that can make the process of setting bail a more familiar territory:

Bail Schedules

First, you should understand the bail schedules in your county. The courts deal with specific crimes repetitively and hence have a standard bail amount for particular offenses. If arrested because of any of the crimes on the bail schedule, it may be possible to secure your release before the arraignment hearing.

Felonies and Misdemeanors

Compared to offenses charged as felonies, misdemeanors are the lesser crime. Therefore, a judge is likely to decide on the bail amount based on the type of charges you face. If your offense is a felony, the bail amount may be significantly higher.

Additional Case Details

The unique facts of your case will play a role in helping a judge set an ideal bail amount. A judge has the authority to lower your bail or even increase it depending on your unique situation. The police cannot raise or lower your bail, although specific case details may force them to keep you in custody until your arraignment.

For instance, the bail amount for a particular crime may stand at $500 according to your county’s bail schedule. However, this amount is subject to change if you face charges for multiple offenses or are caught in possession of a deadly weapon. Because of the unique circumstances revolving around your matter, the judge is likely not to follow the standard bail schedule.

Criminal History

Additionally, offenders with a criminal history may not be at liberty to post bail from the police station. Again, a criminal record makes your bail subject to chances that only a judge can make. The severity of past and current offenses may even compel the court to deny you bail altogether.

Community Ties

Another component used in the algorithm to determine bail is your ties to the community. The court has reason to believe that people with strong community ties are not a significant flight risk. For instance, if you have been a local for decades, work within the area, and your kids even attend local schools, this could be enough reason for a judge to decide to lower your bail.

Everything You Need To Bail Someone Out Of Jail in Sonoma County, Northern California

Bailing a loved one out of jail through a reliable bail bonds agent in Northern California is easy and fast. However, failing to have the correct information at hand may leave your buddy sitting in jail for longer than is necessary.

You can expedite the release process by preparing the following items before contacting your bail bondsman:

Bail Bondsman Fee

The bail schedule in your county will give you a rough idea about the bail amount you should post to free a loved one from jail. Depending on the reasons behind an arrest, a defendant may have to wait for the bail hearing to know the exact bail amount as set by a judge. Generally, a bail bondsman fee ranges between 10 and 15% of the total bail.

Bailing companies vary in their operations and terms of service. The agents are likely to demand collateral to ensure that you have a vested interest in ensuring that your loved one attends court dates without failure. However, you can get the process rolling once you settle the premium for the bail bond.

Identification Card/ Driver’s License

The contract between a bail bondsman and a co-signer is legally binding. Naturally, the specialist will need copies of your identification card, passport, or driver’s license to begin processing the bond.

Defendant’s Information

As part of the bail bond application process, you need to provide the details of the loved one behind bars. Make sure you know their full name, phone number, address, social security number, and contact information. It is also crucial to know their DOB (date of birth) to ensure easier processing out of jail.

Proof of Residence

Providing proof of residence may also be necessary. It’s perfectly adequate to provide a copy of a recent utility stub as long as it has your name and address. Other documents that may come in handy include your mail address or lease agreement.

Providing the above items is often enough to allow the bail bonds agent to start the bail process. Anything else you need will be communicated once you contact the company. Any reliable service will ensure that the process is relatively easy and stress-free.

What If I Don’t Have The Money To Post Bail in Northern California?

An arrest can turn your life into a nightmare. Matters could even go from bad to worse when you don’t have the resources to post bail. Fortunately, a reliable bail bonds company in Sonoma County, Northern California, can rush to your rescue and help you secure your freedom.

Here are a few options you could explore if you’re broke and in jail:

Appeal to the Court

If you are in a tight position financially, your best option is to appeal to the judge. Judges have the authority to lower, increase or deny bail. Most importantly, they can even release you without having to post any bail.

Your attorney can help you plead for lower bail, or you can represent yourself and let the judge know your grievances once you are offered a chance to speak. However, it is imperative to note that a judge is more likely to bend following the arguments of a skilled lawyer. It is not easy to petition for a bail reduction and yield the intended outcome if you don’t have a dedicated specialist in your corner.

Having your bail lowered by several thousand dollars is not easy, but it is possible. Sometimes, a judge may slash out a considerable amount off the bail, especially if you are less likely to flee and have a clean criminal past. In return, this may enable you to secure your freedom, especially if you qualify for a bail bond.

Ask Your Friends and Loved Ones to Fundraise

If the judge will not lower the bail or waive it, you could turn to your buddies and relatives for help. They could all sacrifice what they have to help you raise money for the bail. Generally, this option works well when you have enough people that care about your present and future. If you are also a standup citizen, the church may also be happy to throw in their support.

Request a Payment Plan

If you need a more discreet and less embarrassing way to secure your freedom, let your bail bonds agent know that you’re broke. Even though making a small upfront payment is often necessary, you can work the rest out through a convenient payment plan.

There are various standard methods available for covering the bail bondsman's fee. First, the specialist may ask you to contact a person(s) that can step in as your bail co-signer. A friend, relative, or even your employer may qualify as a guarantor that you will hold your end of the bargain and attend all the court dates.

Furthermore, you can provide an asset as collateral. Some of the common forms of collateral include:

  • Real estate property with sufficient equity

  • Credit cards

  • Trusts or investments such as bonds or stocks

  • Cars, boats, farm equipment, motorcycles, etc.

  • Valuable collectibles, jewelry

Once you have provided the collateral and have a qualified co-signer, the agent will help you develop a system of settling the premium. Note that this doesn’t have to be a frightening experience, primarily when you work with experienced experts.

At the 24 Hour Online Bail Bonds, we have friendly agents who treat all our clients with the respect they deserve. We will be happy to discuss your unique situation, answer your questions and help you find the best solutions.

Sonoma County, Northern California Jail and Court Information

When arrested in Sonoma County, you will be taken to the Sonoma Police Department or the Sonoma Sheriff's Department for booking. Be sure to reach out to the 24 Hour Online Bail Bonds once you are given your right to a phone call.

Law Enforcement Information:

Sonoma Sheriff's Department

Address: 2793 Ventura Ave

Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Tel no: (707) 565-2511

Sonoma Police Department

Address: 175 1st Street W

Sonoma, CA 95476

Tel no: (707) 996-3602

Jail Information

Sonoma County Main Adult Detention Facility

Address: 2777 Ventura Avenue

Sonoma, CA

Tel no: (707) 565-1400

Sonoma County North County Detention Facility

Address: 2254 Ordinance Road

Sonoma, CA

Tel no: (707) 565-2511

Court Information

Sonoma County Hall of Justice

Address: 600 Administration Dr

Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Tel no: (707) 521-6500

Hours of Business: 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM

If you are not sure where your loved one is held, don’t panic. At the 24 Hour Online Bail Bonds, we can lend a hand with a detailed inmate search. You will only need to provide us with your friend’s details, and we can lend a hand with the rest. We are dedicated to making the bailing process stress-free and fast.

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