When you face an arrest, the one thing running on your mind is how to walk out of jail fast. In California, walking out of jail happens after the judge determines your bail amount and you post the bail. California law allows you to post bail by cash or property. If you cannot raise the required bail amount, you could seek a bail bond agent to help you.

The court will hold a bail hearing to determine your bail amount and the conditions to impose before your release. When setting the bail, the judge will observe several factors, including the safety of the alleged victim, your criminal record, the nature of the case, and your chances to appear at future court dates. Thus you want to work closely with your criminal defense attorney and a well-recognized bail bond company to help you post the bail.

Our bail bond agents at 24 Hour Online Bail Bonds are on standby ready to help you post bail. We have extensive knowledge of bail bond laws since we have served numerous clients seeking bail bond services in Huntington Beach. It doesn’t matter the time of your arrest since we offer our service 24/7 and even allow online/over-the-phone bailing. Thus don’t hesitate to call us immediately after your arrest.

What is Bail in Huntington Beach?

Bail is the amount you pay to the criminal court for you to secure a release from the detention center. You will promise the court to appear at future court appointments and dates for your trial. When you fail to appear at the court as ordered by the court, the bail will be forfeited and an arrest warrant issued for your re-arrest.

Where to Post Bail Bonds in Huntington Beach:

Huntington Beach Police Department Jail

2000 Main Street, Huntington Beach, CA 92648

The Arrest and Booking Process In Huntington Beach

When law enforcement arrests you or your family member, they will more likely take them to the nearest police station or sheriff’s office. After taking you to the detention facility, the law officers will then conduct a booking process. The booking process will involve taking your fingerprints, conducting a background check, confiscating your items, taking your full names, and interrogation. It will take around two to eight hours for the process to complete.

The Various Types of Bail Bonds in Huntington Beach

Bail bonds come in various forms in California. Several bail bonds are treated differently. For instance, every bail bond has several requirements you must meet. That’s why you should discuss with your criminal defense attorney to help you know the type that suits your case. Our Huntington Beach bail bonds agents can also help you understand the following forms of bail bonds in Orange County:

Release on Citation

One of the types of bail bonds is released on citation. A release on the citation will occur when the law enforcement officers fail to take you to a detention facility. The bond usually involves traffic offenses in California. The bond will depend on the discretion of the citing officials since you cannot appeal or apply for citation release.

Cash Bail

Surety bail is probably the common form of bail bonds in Orange County. Cash bail is what it sounds like: paying the full bail amount in cash only. When you have sufficient money to post bail, then this is the most available type of bail. With this bail bond, after you appear at all the court appointments or dates and the court makes the final judgment, the criminal court will return the total cost of your bail. With cash bail, you will not lose your money.

Surety Bonds

A surety bond is one of the common types of bail bonds in California. Bail bond companies usually provide the bond. It costs around 10% of the total bail amount. Many people go for surety bonds because, in most cases, the court sets the bail at a dollar value exceeding their average budgets. Indeed, many people cannot afford the bail costs, especially when facing a severe criminal charge. Thus you will have to go for a surety bail bond and pay the company with time. The process of acquiring surety bail bonds is easy. You only need to work closely with your attorney. The process involves:

  • The police arrest you.

  • The criminal court judge determines your bail during a bail hearing

  • You call a bail bond company

  • The bondsmen will let you know your financial obligations

  • The bondsmen pay your bail amount after you provide your collateral at a fee of 10% of your bail

  • Then the detention officers will free you.

However, ensure you observe all the court appointments and dates. Otherwise, the court will issue an arrest warrant and take you back to the detention facility. Would you please speak with our Huntington Beach bail bonds to help you know whether you are the right candidate for surety bonds? Also, they will help you understand more about surety bonds and provide the bail bond services you require.

Property Bonds

Another common type of bail bond is property bonds. Under a property bail bond, you will use your property as collateral to secure the bail. With the property bonds, you should note that the full rights of the property in question will apply(no partials). Many properties accepted as collateral here include real estate. However, you may use other properties to secure your release from jail. The main difference between this bond and the surety bail bond is the time you will take to secure a property bond. It might take weeks, if not months, for the general inspections and paperwork to be completed. Would you mind speaking with our Huntington Beach bail bonds agents to help you post bail through property bonds?

Release on Recognizance

Release on recognizance is the second most preferable type of bail bond in Orange County. With this type of bail bond, you will not pay any money for your release. Just like in the citation release, recognition will be up for the arresting officer's discretion. The main difference is that you can fight for your freedom in the criminal court.

Immigration Bonds

Another type of bail bond is immigration bonds. The bond is available to non-American citizens. The bonds are usually complicated and take much time before the process is complete. Don’t handle immigration bonds by yourself. You want to hire a professional bail bond agent to help you secure the bonds.

Federal Bonds

Federal bail bonds are available for federal offenses. It means when you commit a federal crime in California, you will be eligible for federal bonds. Unfortunately, they are more expensive and difficult to obtain. Thus when you require federal bonds, you want to speak with our Huntington Beach bail bonds agents to help you secure your release.

How to Set Bail in Huntington Beach?

Setting bail will vary depending on the nature of the alleged crime and your criminal records. However, every county has its bail schedule based on the type of the crime, and the bail will vary, ranging from $20,000 to millions of dollars for serious crimes like sexual assault, murder, kidnapping, and drug trafficking. Posting the bail might be challenging even to your family members or friends. Remember the percentage of the money you pay to the bail bonds agents will not be refunded after the case trial.

Remember, when you cannot post the bail through cash, you still have the chance of seeking the services of a bail bonds company. You will then come into an agreement with the bail bond agents. They will charge you a nonrefundable percentage of your total bail amount. In many cases, the bail bonds agents will require you to place a value property as collateral. The collateral may be either property or even cash. When you fail to show up at the scheduled court dates, the court will give the bail bond agents a grace period to take you back to the detention center. Otherwise, the court will forfeit the bail, and the bondsmen seize the collateral to recover their money. The court may also set your bail at the bail hearing.

What is Bail Hearing in Huntington Beach?

An Orange County bail hearing is a lawful proceeding where the judge decides whether to hold you at the detention facility or release you on bail. The criminal court judge will then use orange county bail schedules to determine your bail amount. Note, a bail schedule is a document that outlines the criminal cases against their bail amount. The schedule also outlines the bail amount depending on your current status on probation or any other pending criminal case. The law allows the criminal court judge to increase or reduce your bail after finding factual findings of your likelihood to show up to the court and your risk to the alleged victim.

What Takes Place During the Bail Hearing?

In orange county criminal courts, the bail hearing will give you a chance to eliminate or reduce your bail amount. The law awards the judge a lot of discretion when modifying, eliminating, or setting the bail. The judge will consider the following factors before making their ruling:

  • The facts surrounding the case

  • Whether you have ties to society like family and friends

  • General public safety

  • The safety of the alleged victim

In case you are in custody and have failed to post the bail, the court will conduct a bail review within five days from the date of setting the original bail. It's good you speak with your criminal defense attorney to guide you throughout the legal process. Our Huntington Beach bail bonds agents are also ready to let you understand the bail hearing.

What are the Conditions of Bail?

Your criminal defense attorney may persuade the criminal court judge to reduce the bail or release you on your recognizance during the bail hearing. However, the court will place terms and conditions for your release. The conditions and the terms may require you to:

  • Wear a SCRAM monitoring device or a GPS tracking device

  • Surrender your driver’s license

  • Surrender your passport

  • Attend a counseling or treatment program

  • Traveling restriction

  • Staying away from the alleged victim

Whether the judge increases, eliminates or reduces your bail at the bail hearing will significantly depend on the attorney you work with. A skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney is highly recommended. But, you will have to agree to certain conditions and terms as discussed above. The conditions will act as insurance you will seize from violating laws during the case. Remember, the criminal court judge will not impose conditions or terms that violate your rights.

Why Choose 24 Hour Online Bail Bond

Choosing Huntington Beach Bail bond service will offer you numerous advantages. You may have limited knowledge of how the bail bond administrative process works. Again, you may have a limited amount of money to bail your loved one out. Our bail bondsman will help you with the payment. Again, our bail bond agents are available all round the clock and are familiar with the state laws, thus fastening the release of your loved one. Below are the benefits our bail bond agents provide.

Variable Payment Options for Bail in Huntington Beach

Posting bail is not something you always plan. Therefore you may find yourself in a situation where you need your loved one out of jail yet strapped for cash. Work with a bail bond agency with varied payment options like collateral, bank, credit card, etc. At Huntington Beach, we accept various payment options like a personal check, visa, discovery, credit card, western union, local check, MasterCard, credit terms, American Express, etc.

Alternatively, if you don't have the required amount, you may pay the fees with collateral. Collateral includes your house, car, jewelry, or something else you possess with monetary value. Therefore, signing a bail bond service like Huntington Beach gives you more flexibility to fasten the release of your loved one.

24/7 Availability

You or your loved one may be arrested at any time. To ensure the release of your loved ones, you want to keep in touch with a bail bond company available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When you require a 24/7 bail bond agency in Orange County, you want to reach out to our bail agents in Huntington Beach. Our bail bondsmen are available to help you in times of emergency and sudden arrest. Again, we strive hard to help your loved one come out of jail within the shortest time possible.

Experienced Bail Bondsman

Bail bond agents with many years of experience have a deeper knowledge of navigating the laws surrounding bail and court appearances. Our bail bondsman in Huntington Beach has been in the field for years and decades, thus competent and professional. Again, they are familiar with posting your bail and accomplishing documents to fasten the release of your loved one.

Because of their experience, they are conversant with the laws of every state. Therefore, they will assist you in the bail procedure to fasten the release process and allow your loved one to return to work and commence with regular life.

Accept All Cases

Choosing a bail bond service that accepts all cases is advantageous. Again, it shows they have widespread knowledge in posting bail regardless of the committed crime. Our bail bond agents in Huntington Beach accept all cases due to their competency in all state laws. They are ready to offer their services regardless of the committed crime, time of the day, or night.

Licensed and Insured

Our bail bond agents in Huntington Beach are licensed and insured. You want to work with an approved professional means you will trust and count on the service provided. We hold unexpired licenses from the state, and we are ready to prove the hold of a valid license.

Jail and Courthouse Information in Orange County

Lamoreaux Court

341 The City Dr. South

Orange, CA 92868


Superior Courthouse of Orange County

700 W Civic Center Dr

Santa Ana, CA 92701


Harbor Court Newport Beach

4601 Jamboree Rd

Newport Beach, CA 92660


Old Orange County Courthouse

211 W Ana Blvd

Santa Ana, CA 92701


Orange County Men’s Detention Facility

550 N Flower st

Santa Ana, CA 92703


Theo Lacy Detention Facility

501 The City Dr. S

Orange, CA 92868


Orange County Detention

525 N Flower St

Santa Ana, CA 92703


Women’s Central Jail

44 Civic Center Plaza

Santa Ana, CA 92703


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