Getting locked up is a scary experience, but thankfully, 24 Hour Online Bail Bonds is here to help. We will help your family member or friend bail out of jail and back to their daily routine. Your loved one doesn’t have to remain in jail waiting for the court date, yet we have the most affordable bail rates in Irvine. We even give our clients the option of completing the bail process from their homes via phone or online. For decades, we have been assisting people with the most challenging periods in their lives. We handle every bond request at a personal level to ensure that our customers fully understand the process, the fees involved, and any other financial obligation they might have. So you can trust us to bail your loved one out of jail fast. We invite you to call us for prompt and reliable Irvine bail bonds.

Comprehensive Irvine Bail Bond Information

We will answer all your bail bonds questions and walk you through the application process step by step. Our office is available to offer comprehensive bail information. We give prompt service with free bail bond information.

All our bondsmen are professional and confidential. We will bail your loved one out of jail irrespective of the criminal charges they face. Allow our dream team to work for you. We have served people throughout Orange County for many years. This has allowed us to earn an impeccable reputation as the leading choice of bail bonds in all our service areas. Our vast knowledge and understanding of the California court and jail systems coupled with our deep experience in the industry enable us to deliver a superior service than most of our competitors are capable of.

All our agents treat clients with respect and display the highest level of professionalism. Our company is well known in the Orange County bail bond circles, given our unwavering commitment to assisting our clients and offering them friendly, fast, personalized services. Every person that we interact with, ranging from courtroom clerks to jail staff to our previous clients, can affirm that we are good at what we do.

Where to Post Bail Bonds in Irvine:

Irvine Police Department Jail

1 Civic Center Plaza, Irvine, CA 92606

Always There For You in Irvine

When a family member is arrested, you are suddenly thrown into a confusing and stressful situation. When you call our Irvine bail bondsman for help, you immediately put your stressful situation in our hands. You will have an experienced and customer-focused agent handling your case. Our agents do not waste time attending to our clients' needs. Whenever you call our service, you will not have to wade through many push-button options, nor will you be greeted by an answering machine. You are assured of always having an experienced agent who is fully committed and dedicated to the task of helping you.

We train and instruct all our agents to always take as much time as required to address our clients' needs and answer all their questions. When you call our agent, they will be happy to explain all the available options and offer you reliable counsel in a no-pressure environment. If you opt to post bail with us, our agent will act fast and minimize the time your loved one stays in jail. We always keep our clients informed of the release process and the progress. Our bondsmen will explain to the arrestee about their obligations to the bail bond agency and the court once they are out of jail.

Deep knowledge of the field and long experience are indispensable, particularly for professionals involved in legal matters. All our Irvine bail bond agents have invested many years of their lives in acquiring the necessary expertise. They will use this expertise to bail your loved one out of jail within the shortest time possible.

Some bail bond agencies do not have the necessary skills and expertise to easily navigate the courthouse and the jailhouse in your time of need. In addition, some agents are more interested in getting your money than in bailing your loved one out of jail. We are a premier bail bond company in Orange County because we genuinely care about our clients’ wellbeing. In addition, we have the expertise to help our clients without undue hassle and delay.

After An Arrest Of Your Loved One

You should not hesitate to call us following the arrest of a defendant. Contacting us immediately will reduce the time that your loved one must spend behind bars. When you call us, our bondsmen will ask you several questions like the defendant's full name and their address to begin the process of bailing them out of jail. We have our agents deployed near jails in Orange County. We can act quickly when you call us to prevent your relative from being transferred to another jail.

We process bail transactions through emails, phone, and fax machines. We have the necessary resources and expertise to expedite the bail bond process and get your loved one out of jail. At times, you could have received an arrest warrant, but the arrest has not yet occurred. If you know about your current arrest warrant, we welcome you to call us for assistance. We have well-established relationships, and we will do everything possible to ensure that your arrest is canceled so that you won’t have to set your foot in jail.

Transparent, Upfront Prices

Unlike some bail bond agents that are reluctant to let clients know about the cost of their bail bond services, we have an honest and upfront pricing policy. We do not hold back information about unexpected fees. Some bail bond agencies use tricky advertising gimmicks to attract new customers, only to learn about hidden charges later. We tell our clients about all the costs and possible costs. We also offer our clients a one-time-pay solution. Some factors that set us apart from our competitors are:

  • No court appearance fees

  • No renewable annual premiums

  • The most affordable rates for California bail bonds

  • A single fee per bail bond with a one-time payment option

  • Zero-down payment options

  • No fee for resumption of liability

  • No bail rewrite fees

We understand that bail bond is an unplanned expense for our clients. That’s why we give our clients a wide variety of payment options, both affordable and flexible, to accommodate their budgets and limited fees. Do not hesitate to ask our agents about the payment plans if you cannot afford to pay the entire bail amount up front.

Our bondsmen will do everything possible to find you a workable payment plan so you can get your loved one out of jail. All our agents serve clients with high ethical standards. We have a constant commitment to our clients' welfare. We have agents spread throughout Orange County who will assist you at a moment's notice. The most common criminal offenses for which we issue bail bonds include DUIs, drug offenses, domestic violence, assault and battery, sex crimes, stalking, grand and petty theft, manslaughter, illegal possession of firearms, and burglary. Contact us today to speak to a reliable agent who will take care of all your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bail Bonds Services in Irvine 

Below are the frequently asked questions about bail bonds:

Do I Need Collateral For Bail Bond?

Whether you need collateral varies on a case-to-case basis. If you need to provide collateral, our bondsmen will explain the collateral required and the acceptable types of collateral to you. The most common acceptable kind of bail bond collateral is real estate. Other types of collateral are also acceptable, but these are considered on a case-to-case basis.

What Is The Difference Between Bail Premium And Bail Amount?

A bail premium is a non-refundable fee charged by a licensed bail bondsman to secure the arrestee's release from jail. Usually, the premium is 10% of the bail figure. For example, if the court sets your bail amount at $20,000, the bail premium charged will be $2000. The bail figure is the dollar amount the court sets for the defendant's release from jail. The bail figure will vary depending on several factors like the defendant’s charges, criminal record, and their likelihood of honoring all the scheduled court hearings.

What Are The Advantages Of Hiring A Bail Bondsman?

The leading benefit of hiring a bail bondsman is that you don’t need to have the entire bail amount for your loved one to be released from jail. All you need is some amount to pay the bail premium. The good news is that you don’t have to pay the entire premium at once. Many bail bond companies have flexible payment options to help you pay the premium at your pace. The bail bondsman will take care of everything and get you or your family member out of jail. You will go back to your family, job, and other interests. You will also have ample time to work with your attorney and plan for future court hearings.

Bail can be a huge expenditure, and many people do not have large sums of money lying idle in their bank accounts. With the help of a bail bondsman, you can get ready for court from the comfort of your home instead of remaining in jail awaiting trial.

How Long Will It Take To Bail My Loved One Out of Jail?

We have bail bondsmen standing near every jail in Orange County. These agents will respond immediately when you call them, ready to post your bail as soon as possible. The processing times may vary based on several factors. Usually, it could take between six and eight hours for the defendant to be booked into jail and for them to become eligible for bail. Once qualified for bail, a licensed bail bondsman can post bail for the defendant, and the jail will commence the process of releasing the defendant.

The jail release process takes between one and two hours, but this will depend on the jail size and how busy the jail is. The jail release processing time is out of the bail bondsman's control since every jail has unique procedures. You can expect the entire bail bond process to take between seven and ten hours. The best way to guarantee or ensure a fast release from jail is by ensuring that you contact a bail bondsman soon following the arrest of the defendant.

Do All Bail Bonds Require A Co-signer?

A co-signer refers to the person who is responsible for the defendant while they are out on bail. The co-signer has a crucial role in ensuring that the arrestee appears for all the scheduled court dates. The co-signer assumes responsibility for the entire bail amount if the defendant fails to appear for court hearings and bail forfeiture occurs. Not all bail bonds require a co-signer. You can have a co-signer from out of state. The bail bondsman will fax or email all the necessary documents to the out-of-state co-signer for review and signature. Payments can be processed via wire transfer or credit cards.

What Is An Exonerated Bail Bond?

A bail bond is exonerated or discharged after completion of the defendant's case by way of dismissal, trial, or other means. Even after a bail bond is exonerated, the defendant remains liable to the bail bondsman for an unpaid premium or additional fees owed to the bail bond agency. It is important to note that the premium is not refundable under any circumstances. The bail bond fee is the fee the bail bondsman earns for securing the defendant's release from jail. The bail premium is payable irrespective of the outcome of a case. Therefore, this fee will not be refunded regardless of the case's outcome.

What Is A Bail Bond Forfeiture

A bail bond forfeiture may occur if the defendant fails to honor a court hearing on a scheduled court date throughout the duration of their court case. Upon a bail bond forfeiture, a bench warrant is issued for the defendant’s arrest. If the defendant contacts a bail bondsman soon after failing to attend court, the agent may be able to reinstate the bail bond and keep the defendant out of jail. The bail bondsman can negotiate with the court and help the defendant set a new court date.

The court issues a summary judgment if the deadline for reinstating the bail bond or returning the defendant to court has passed. After the issuance of a summary judgment, the entire bail amount is owed to the court.

What Is A Bail Bond Reinstatement?

A bail bond reinstatement occurs when the court re-activates the bail bond after being in forfeiture with the court. The bail bond securing a defendant’s release is forfeited when the defendant fails to attend court hearings. To reinstate the bail bond, the defendant must contact their bail bondsman. The bail bondsman then notifies the court and assists the defendant in setting a new court date. When the bail bondsman notifies the court promptly, the court will reinstate the defendant's bail bond, helping avoid a bench warrant of arrest that could be active due to bail bond forfeiture.

Can A Defendant Leave The Country While Out On Bond?

If the defendant intends to leave the country while out on bail, they must seek court and bail bond agency permission. It is rare for this permission to be granted. The defendant will only be allowed to leave the country if it is indispensable, for example, to visit a dying relative. Most of the time, the defendant is not allowed to leave the country while out on bail.

What Happens If the Defendant Is Re-arrested While Out on Bail?

If a defendant is re-arrested while out on bail, the court will set another bail for them. The only means for the arrestee to bail out of custody will be by paying the new bail amount. Your last bail will not count for the new arrest. You may get the second bail bond from the same agency or an alternative agency. In case of a re-arrest, the court may set the defendant’s bail higher because the defendant will have proven to be a liability.

We Will Ease The Financial Impact Of Posting Bail

Even if posting a bail bond is a straightforward process based on the bail required by the court, we do our best to ease the financial impact of bail on your household and family. We understand that for most people, paying the total bail premium is not always feasible. Therefore, we work with our clients to structure a payment plan that is convenient for them. While a client's creditworthiness and collateral matters, it is totally up to the bail bond bondsman’s discretion.

Court Information

Superior Court of California of the County of Orange

Address: 700 W Civic Center Dr, Santa Ana, CA 92701, United States

Phone: +1 657-622-5800

Jail Information

James A. Musick Facility

Address: 13502 Musick, Irvine, CA 92618, United States

Phone: +1 949-855-2600

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