Sometimes individuals find themselves in legal challenges when they cannot pay their bail. When it looks like the law is at odds with the criminal justice system, a Fullerton bail bond agent can work aggressively to secure the release discreetly. 24 Hour Online Bail Bonds provides fast and reliable services. To us, you are not a defendant, and our bonding agents will not stop until you return to your loved ones and work.

What You Should Understand About Bail Bonds in Fullerton, California

Most suspects with large bail amounts involuntarily remain in detention as they await their trial. It is because the defendant cannot raise the amount. Since the U.S. bail system isn't meant to punish the suspect for being unfortunate and poor, there are laws on bail and different types of bail.

So, what is bail, how does it work, and how do they differ from bail bonds? The section below provides an overview of what you should understand if you are accused of an offense.

Defining Bail

The concept of bail dates back to ancient England. Since jails weren't many, it was not practical to hold suspects while awaiting their trial. Therefore, defendants were permitted to purchase their liberty by paying a specific amount of money known as bail, which was compensated to the alleged victims if they were found guilty of the crime.

In modern-day Fullerton, bail is meant to ensure that the defendant makes all the required court appearances and does not flee once they are released. To secure the release, the accused should provide security. There are numerous ways of posting bail, including:

  • Cash bail — Here, you pay the entire bail amount outright. Once your criminal case is resolved, the court will refund the funds minus a small admin fee.

  • Property bail is a bond option where you give the court an asset worth your set bail amount. The property functions as collateral to motivate you to comply with your bail conditions. The court will seize the property if you skip bail.

  • Bail bonds is a legally binding agreement between the defendant and a third party. The surety pays your bail and assures the judge that you will attend all the court proceedings. Several businesses and individuals agree to serve as a surety in return for compensation (usually ten percent). They are called bail bond agencies. All experienced and skilled bail bond agents in California should be licensed.

You can also be released without paying bail either to the court or the bondsman. You only need to sign an agreement that you will show up in court whenever required. Nevertheless, everything about bail remains the same. The judge can impose bail conditions on you and order your arrest if you fail to make your court appearances.

How the Court Determines the Bail Amount in Fullerton

All California courts have bond schedules that guide the judge in determining the bail amount. However, the judge can modify the amount depending mainly on the case circumstances.

Factors that judges will consider when setting the bail amount include:

  • The nature and seriousness of the alleged crime (For instance, a felony carries a large bail amount than a California misdemeanor)

  • Your criminal history

  • Whether you were out of jail on bail during your arrest

  • Whether you pose a threat to yourself or your community

  • Whether you are a flight risk

  • Your community ties

According to the 8th Amendment to the United States Constitution, bail should not be excessive. In other words, a court should not use bail to punish the defendant for the alleged crime or raise funds for the government. Remember, the primary role of bail is to allow the accused to remain free until found guilty of the offense and simultaneously ensure their return to court.

What Flight Risk Means

The phrase "flight risk" means the judge's evaluation of whether the accused person has the incentive or means to flee before their trial.

Suppose Timothy and James are both charged with assault. Maureen was born, bred, and lives in Fullerton. She has a stable job, a family that she supports, and doesn't possess a passport. On the other hand, James was arrested while visiting California from Texas and does not have community ties. Additionally, he has a passport and substantial wealth.

James will pay more bail than Maureen since James has a higher possibility of skipping town.

You Can Request the Court to Lower Your Bail Amount

Even following the court setting the bail amount, you're entitled to request a bail reduction. The judge will schedule another bail hearing to determine if the bail modification is warranted.

How a Defense Lawyer Can Assist with Bail Reduction

Most defendants don't have a criminal defense attorney present during the bail hearing. Generally, this results in the court making quick decisions founded on pre-existing bail schedules instead of taking time to consider the accused's circumstances. Retaining a skilled lawyer allows you to receive individualized attention.

The lawyer can also suggest bail conditions and get an adamant judge to reduce your bail amount.

Can Judge Deny Bail?

The judge could deny bail bonds if the alleged crime carries death as a penalty, there exists a parole hold, or a public safety exception. The public safety exception permits preventive detention and applies to sexual assault crimes charged as felonies and specific classes of felonies. If you are accused of any other crime, bail should be set as your right.

The guidelines for denying bail are outlined in the California Constitution, Article I, section 12. The section permits preventive detention. The judge could deny bail in any of the cases below:

  • A violent felony if the defendant is likely to cause great bodily harm to other people after their release

  • A felony sexual assault if the defendant is likely to cause great bodily harm to other people after their release

  • A felony if an individual has threatened another with great bodily harm and they can execute the threat

When denying bail, the judge must ensure that there is persuasive and clear proof of the primary case facts. PC 292 outlines the California felony sex crimes deemed to be acts of great bodily harm and violence.

However, if the alleged offense is bailable, the judge should set the bail amount at the arraignment (the initial court hearing following the arrest).

Flexible Payment Plans in Fullerton

Bail amount can be as high as thousands of dollars. Generally, it is not feasible for an individual to pay a huge amount. It means that their loved one will remain in detention until their criminal case closes. It is unjust since persons accused of offenses are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Fortunately, you can turn to 24 Hour Online Bail Bonds. We provide fast and reliable services and flexible payment plans, including zero-down bail bonds. Our competent team is ready to discuss the course of action and determine whether you are eligible for the payment plans.

Zero-Down Bail Bonds in Fullerton

Generally speaking, you can only be released before trial without paying money to be released on your own recognizance. However, there is an alternative method of securing your release without initially paying money. Thanks to zero down bail bonds.

Unlike standard Fullerton bail bonds that need a premium, zero-down bail bonds can be acquired without charges, including a down payment. Determining whether a person is eligible for the payment plan varies with bail bond companies. The agency might achieve it by inquiring whether the defendant is currently employed or requesting their credit report. It is also worth noting that not every bail bond company offers 0% bail bonds. And those that do have different eligibility requirements.

Zero-down bail bonds is a flexible payment plan that affords a defendant the ability to foot their bailing firm's service fees in installments instead of upfront.

As with standard bail bonds, you are expected to provide collateral. Collateral protects your bondsman should you skip town and your entire bail amount comes due. If that happens, the company will sell your asset and recover the financial loss.

Collateral can be any valuable asset. The collateral you provide to your Fullerton bondsman will remain within their possession until your criminal case is closed.

After your release, your bail bond financing will continue. Every agency has its mode of installment payments. For instance, you might be required to make monthly installments. Sometimes your installment option might be flexible depending on your agreement.

While adherence cases in repaying the bond financing are common, some clients defect or delay completing them. The bail bond agent can take legal action against you, aiming to compel you to make your required payments. Despite this outcome, most seasoned bail agencies value robust professional relationships with clients and assign a representative to reach an amicable agreement.

1% Bail Bonds

You can also try one percent deposit financing. Your bondsman will downsize the required deposit amount to obtain financing. That allows you to pay attention to other legal processes to secure the release.

7% Bail Bonds

7% bail bonds mean that your bondsman will require you to pay seven percent of your full bail amount as a down payment before the company posts your entire bail amount in court. Then you and your bailing agent can work out your outstanding balance in a payment plan that meets your needs.

Typically, you don't require collateral to obtain the seven percent bond. If you are employed or have a co-signer with a stable job, the employment will be the credit. You should also present a valid California State ID.

Applying for your seven percent bail bonds with 24 Hour Online Bail Bonds is seamless. The co-signer could apply online at the comfort of their home or workplace and their signature electronically approved. The application process involves:

  • Filling out your application form online

  • Signing through email

  • Paying the seven percent payment

  • Uploading your paperwork to a secure website

  • Meeting with an agent at the jail or courthouse

When applying for any payment plan, you need to consider whether it has additional fees and interest rates. Ensure you read and understand any paperwork before signing. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask your bondsman.

You Can Take Advantage of Available Discounts

Everyone loves discounts since they can significantly cut costs, avoiding financial constraints. Some bail bond agencies give discounts to persons qualifying as:

  • Military members and their immediate family members

  • Union members

  • Homeowners

  • Teachers

  • Members of American Association of Retired Persons

Additionally, discounts are available for other defendants; you only need to contact your bondsman to learn more.

GPS Monitoring Bail Bonds

One effective way to lower your bail bond costs and secure your release is to agree to GPS monitoring.

The GPS monitoring device is put on around the ankle and provides secure location monitoring. Its features include:

  • Long-lasting battery

  • State-of-the-art technology

  • Slim design

  • Waterproof and shock-resistant

  • Round-the-clock location monitoring

  • Toll-free installation

The GPS ankle monitor is user-friendly and has been revolutionized to prevent fake alerts. The one-piece strap avoids disruptions, ensuring accuracy.

GPS location monitoring can be instrumental in obtaining a pre-trial release, especially for a high-risk defendant, since the accused's movements are tracked efficiently and accurately. The judge will be more willing to lower the bail amount if you agree to GPS monitoring as your release condition. It tells the judge that:

  • you will adhere to the court order,

  • you are not a flight risk, and

  • do not pose a threat to your community.

Whether voluntary or court-ordered, your skilled Fullerton bail bond agent can assist you with acquiring a court-approved GPS monitor at a pocket-friendly cost. It would help if you consulted with an agency immediately following the arrest to determine the available options and the best approach for securing the release.

Steps to Take After a Loved One is Arrested

Receiving news or watching a loved one getting arrested can be confusing and stressful. If you want to assist your relative, it is advisable not to let the confusion get you. Here are steps you could follow to secure their release and begin taking the required legal steps.

Remain Calm

If you think that your relative is being arrested unjustly, you might be tempted to get aggressive, raise your voice, or argue with the law enforcers.

If the police had not decided to make an arrest, an altercation could worsen the situation. If the officer had initiated the arrest process, you might face obstruction of justice charges.

Instead, remain calm throughout the process and encourage your loved one to act so. Avoid fleeing the scene and stand wherever instructed to.

Collect as Many Details as Possible

If possible, request to speak with the arresting police officer at the crime scene. Inquire why your loved one is being arrested and what will happen to them. You must know what they think occurred so that you can compare this information to what you know took place during your next steps.

If you cannot speak with the police at the crime scene, visit the detention center. Remember to ask for the suspect's booking number.

Moreover, it would help if you focused on what happens around you. Listen to the police officer if they read your relative their constitutional rights when making the arrest. Take note of any aggressive conduct from the police that you believe is unjustified.

Consult with a Seasoned Criminal Defense Lawyer

A defense attorney can help your loved one navigate the complicated judicial system. The legal expert can analyze the case facts, develop the best legal defenses and advise you on what to do next.

If there were other witnesses at the crime scene, you could provide the lawyer with their name and contact details in case they need to collect more information and use the witnesses in court.

Contact a Proficient Fullerton Bail Bond Agency

Your bondsman has the required experience and resources to get your loved one released fast so the defendant can return to their daily routine. It is particularly true if you cannot afford to pay the entire bail amount.

Sometimes you might still want to use a certified bondsman to maintain a low profile even if you have enough money to post cash bail. If the defendant is accused of human trafficking or a high-profit narcotics sale, this might be the case.

Police Department, Court, and Jail Contact Information

Fullerton Police Department Front Desk Center

247 West Commonwealth Avenue

Fullerton, CA 92832

Phone: 714-738-6800

Superior Court

City courthouse in Fullerton

1275 N Berkeley Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832,

(657) 622-8459

North Justice Center- The Superior Court of California

1275 N. Berkeley Avenue

Fullerton, CA 92832

Phone: 657-622-5600

Fullerton City Jail

247 West Commonwealth Avenue

Fullerton, CA 92832

Phone: 714-738-6800

Fullerton City Jail operates for twenty-four hours, and you can be released at any time of the day if arrested. The lobby closes at 10 PM, but a call box on the exterior of the building gives you access to the Fullerton Police Department.

If you have an outstanding warrant, the police will take you to Orange County Sheriff's Central Jail. Here are the facility's contact details:

Orange County Sheriff's Central Jail

550 N. Flower St.

Santa Ana, CA 92703

Phone: 714-647-4666

Contact an Experienced Bail Bondsman Near Me

An arrest in Fullerton is not foreseeable and can occur at any time. If a loved one has been arrested on a weekend or at night, you could be worried since you are used to the regular business schedule. When you call 24 Hour Online Bail Bonds, our friendly bailing team will offer professional services, addressing your concerns and answering all your questions. Irrespective of the time of the day, our qualified agents can process the case and secure a release promptly.

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