Are you trying to get your loved one out of jail? The 24 Hour Online Bail Bonds offers fast and discreet bail bond services in Redondo Beach. Our agents will guide you through this stressful situation to help secure your loved one out of jail. We are always available, 24/7, with a professional agent, ready to help you. Our fees are fair, based on the industry standards with flexible payment plans. In an industry often characterized by unscrupulous and aggressive, we are an exception to the rule. You don’t have to go through this difficult process alone; contact us to talk to a reliable agent.

We work with families, friends, and defendants who have never been through the criminal justice system. Many of our clients are initially confused and overwhelmed by the bail bond application process. We will guide you through the basic steps followed to get a defendant out of jail. Our agents are here to walk you through the entire process and ensure that they answer all your questions to make the process as easy as possible.

Knowing The Amount Of Bail

To secure your loved one’s release from jail, we must first start by knowing the amount of bail. This means that the defendant must first go through the booking process and the initial hearing. Next, you will find out if bail is possible, know the applicable charges, and then contact a bondsman. When contacting a bondsman, you should have the defendant’s full name, the booking number, date of birth, and the jail where they are being held. Even if you cannot find some of the outlined information, you should still contact us; we are here to help you. We will discuss your bail options, including surety bond and cash bail. If we require collateral, we will discuss the acceptable collateral options with you.

The typical fee for a bail bond is 10% of the set bail figure. This premium is non-refundable. The best thing about working with a bondsman is that you don’t have to pay the whole bail amount. Instead, you will only pay the 10 percent premium, and the bondsman will take care of the rest. This convenience makes bail bonds the best option for many families.

Collateral Explained

When applying for a bond, the bondsman may need you to provide collateral. Collateral for a bond is the same as the collateral used to secure a loan. Collateral refers to an asset that has a specific value. The bail bond company holds the collateral as a form of insurance. The company releases the collateral back to the defendant or the person who put up the collateral, provided the defendant attends all court hearings. The bail bond company can retain the collateral if the defendant fails to appear for some or all court hearings. The company may retain the collateral even if a defendant's friend or family member puts up the collateral. If you choose to sign as a guarantor or indemnitor on a bond, collateral is an important consideration that you should understand.

There are different ways of providing bail bond collateral. The most common items used as collateral include vehicles, real estate, quality jewelry, and valuable electronics. Any item used as collateral must be registered under the defendant or the person putting up the collateral. When putting up real estate or a car as collateral, titles for the properties are required. In some circumstances, the defendant may also qualify for bail bond financing. Talk to our bail bond agents to discuss the available options.

Determining The Bail Amount

It can be challenging for the defendant or family and friends to understand how the court determines the applicable bail amount. While judges have a discretionary leeway, they must follow set criteria while setting the bail amount.

The first thing that a judge considers is the type or the seriousness of the charges a defendant faces. Next, the judge considers whether the defendant is a threat to public safety. For instance, a person facing shoplifting charges will receive a different consideration than murder charges. Different judges may have slightly different definitions of public safety while weighing other unique facts of a case.

The judge also considers the defendant’s past criminal charges for similar or different crimes. If the defendant has posted bail and appeared in court before, they are considered less of a risk than a defendant with no record of honoring court dates after posting bail.

The ties to the community also matter when the judge is setting bail. Defendants who are employed, own property, or have a family are considered limited flight risks. Even after posting bail, defendants with ties to the community are not likely to escape or fail to appear in court. However, a defendant with no community ties, no family, or history of past missed court dates is considered a higher flight risk. Therefore, the judge is likely to set a higher bail amount for defendants with no ties to the community.

The judge also considers the defendant’s character and mental health condition when setting bail. The judge will also consider the defendant’s employment history. Defendants with a pattern of living or working in the same community always have an advantage when the judge sets bail.

No Collateral Bail Bonds

Not everyone has the financial capability to post bail for their loved one. Most people do not also have enough collateral to secure bail bonds. However, these people can still benefit from the no-collateral bail bonds, which are favorable for people who cannot put up a property on the line as collateral. Before providing a no-collateral bail bond, bail bond companies will consider several factors.

The bondsman will first consider the bail amount. The lower the amount, the more likely the bondsman will not require collateral from the applicant. However, this does not mean that only people with low bail figures can qualify for the no-collateral bail bonds. A no-collateral bail bond may still be available even when a large bail figure is involved.

When providing a no-collateral bond, the bondsman will also consider the applicant's credit history. A bondsman is like a lender; they consider the credit score of bail applicants. The higher the bail applicant’s credit score, the more likely they are to be considered for no-collateral bonds. Conversely, bondsmen may require applicants with low credit scores to provide collateral.

Before issuing a no-collateral bond, the bondsman may also consider the defendant’s criminal history. The defendant may or may not provide collateral depending on the weight of the charges they face. If a defendant faces serious criminal charges, the bondsman may need them to provide collateral.

The defendant’s general moral character will also determine whether the bondsman requires collateral or not. For example, if the defendant is of high moral character and has strong roots in the community, the bondsman may not require collateral.

We Support Our Clients Throughout The Bail Process

An arrest and detention is often a problematic experience for both the defendants and their family or friends. We understand the importance of securing the defendant's release within the shortest time possible. We do our best to fulfill our duties and post bail promptly. The agent handling your case will be glad to provide any additional service, including offering information at every step of posting bail. We avoid using complicated jargon but share details you can understand as we strive to secure the defendant's release. Our bondsmen understand the importance of confirmation and reassurance of success at each step during the release process. Therefore, we will update you regarding all the developments before your release to help you calm your anxiety levels.

Your Privacy Is Our Leading Priority

We understand the stigmatization that often results from an arrest. Therefore, all our bondsmen strive to offer trustworthy services while respecting our clients' privacy. We will not draw any undue attention to the defendant or the bond applicant even when seeking personal information. Thanks to our discrete procedures, only the bondsman handling your case will access your details. We train all our agents to create exclusivity for our client's cases. We understand that an unexpected arrest does not always mean the defendant is guilty. Therefore, we serve all our clients without prejudice of the crime they face an arrest for. Our end goal is always to provide a seamless and convenient jail release.

Licensed Bail Bond Services You Can Rely On

California has stringent laws that require any bail bond agency in operation to adhere to specific requirements before receiving a bonded certification and a license. Upon meeting or supporting the set requirements, the state provides recognition to compliant agencies, attracting higher ratings for the agency.

At 24 Hour Online Bail Bonds, we have received both certifications, enabling us to provide high-quality services to all our clients. All our bondsmen undergo thorough training before gaining vast experience in the bail bond industry. We strive to equip all our bondsmen to provide exceptional service delivery to all our clients. We have worked with numerous clients in Redondo Beach and registered satisfactory results to each client while ensuring that defendants face no challenges with their release from jail on a surety bond agreement.

Why You Should Choose Us For Bail Bonds in Redondo Beach

Choosing the right bondsman is not always easy, especially with the many options available. After an arrest, there may be a lot in your mind, preventing you from making an in-depth analysis of each bail bond agency. Choosing us will save you the delays and the turmoil of posting bail, thanks to the many benefits we offer our clients:

Unwavering Commitment

Our team is committed to making the process of obtaining no-collateral bail bonds in Redondo Beach as convenient and hassle-free as possible. We understand that it can be emotionally devastating and frustrating to have someone close to you put in jail. We do our best to ensure that defendants return to their families as soon as possible. We will go the extra mile to ensure a speedy release for your loved one if you come to us.

After being charged with an alleged offense and put in jail, the defendant is often required to post bail to be released from prison. While the process of posting bail is seemingly straightforward, it has some challenges. First, the court often requests a bail amount that is beyond the financial capability of most people. This is where a bondsman comes in. You will only have to pay the bail bond premium, and the agency will cater for the rest.

24-Hour Bail Bond Services

Often, live events hit us unexpectedly, especially following an arrest of your loved one at odd hours in the night, on weekends, or on holidays. Therefore, having 24-hour bail bond services in Redondo Beach is a benefit to any person seeking bail bond services. You will need to contact a bondsman soon after an arrest to seek the help you need in securing your release from jail. It would be highly inconvenient for you to call a bondsman after regular work hours, only to receive an automated response from an answering machine.

When you face such inconsistent services, you may despair as you try to consolidate funds in a hurry to get the defendant from jail. Even after seeking help from other people, you may still not gather enough cash to post cash bail. Given the urgency that surrounds the process of posting bail, you need a bondsman that is available at all times. Our clients are confident that whenever they call us, we will always be there for them, even during the wee hours.

Quick And Efficient Services

Detention in jail for longer periods could weigh down the defendant and affect their general readiness to integrate back to their normal life. Therefore, we believe that a defendant is entitled to a speedy release from jail. We provide prompt bond services to enhance a quick release from detention. When we receive your call, our agents start handling your case, gathering all the necessary documents to promote efficiency. Our agent will arrive at the detention center where the defendant is being held to determine the amount of bail required. Soon after, the defendant will be eligible for release to enable them to get home and prepare for all scheduled court arraignment dates. For decades, we have been securing people's release from jail. We understand every aspect of detention and bail release systems. Therefore, you will enjoy the efficiency applied by your bondsman irrespective of the type of charges you face. You can count on our support whether you face felony or misdemeanor charges.

Bail Bond Prices In California

Strict regulations bind all bail bond providers operating in California. The law restricts the charges for posting bail or bonds to 10% of the total bail amount. Therefore, the bail bond premium varies depending on the bail figure set by the presiding judge. It is illegal for any agency to charge a higher premium, more than 10%, for their gains. However, a bail bond agency may charge some separate fees to cater for paperwork, transport costs, or other transaction fees that might arise. However, many agencies strive to incorporate all the applicable charges within the 10% set by the law.

We understand that you may not have enough cash to pay the premium at once. Therefore, we have convenient payment plans for our clients. You should ask your bondsman about the available payment plans. We also have attractive discounts that you can take advantage of.

The payment process begins with contacting a bondsman and providing all the necessary details about the arrestee. Before starting the bail application process, the bondsman may provide you with a list of requirements to efficiently complete the application process. Some of the information that the bondsman may need from you include:

  • The arrestee’s full name

  • The arrestee’s date of birth

  • The arrestee’s address

  • The arrestee’s place of work

  • The charges against the defendant

After providing all the outlined information, the bondsman will request you to make the 10% premium payment or commit to a payment plan to allow them to proceed with posting bail for your loved one in jail. We provide a wide range of payment methods to accommodate our clients' preferences. You may choose to make a cash payment, debit card swipe, credit card payment, or cashier's check. We also accept payment by property if you don’t have enough money to pay the premium. However, a property payment could present some delays because it will take several days to conduct a property appraisal. We are open to the payment method that works best for a client. We are always ready to incorporate flexible payment plans to avoid exerting too many financial constraints on our clients.

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