The period between arrest and trial is the most trying for an arrestee. The uncertainty of what would happen to you or what you must do to be released is overwhelming. It is stressful. It becomes better knowing that you can bail yourself from jail and enjoy freedom before trial. But bail might be expensive and unaffordable. You may not even afford your freedom however much you wish to obtain it.

In California, bail bond dealers work with defendants and courts to help obtain a quicker and more affordable release for defendants who qualify for bail. You could benefit from this after an arrest in San Fernando. We offer reliable, affordable, and timely bail bonds at 24 Hour Online Bail Bonds. That should help reunite you with your family and friends as you await a judge’s verdict on your matter.

What Next After a San Fernando Arrest?

An arrest doesn't come easy for anyone. Some people are arrested in front of their families or colleagues, others after a scuffle with the law enforcement officers. Either way, it is an intimidating moment for the arrestee. The police usually have the upper hand and will decide what would happen to you. It helps to understand how the justice system in California works. Then you can be prepared for what is ahead after your arrest. But the most important thing at that instance is finding a way to free yourself.

That could happen after the booking. The police must process your details first and conduct a background check to determine your criminal history. They will also take your fingerprints and record your personal data in the police database. That happens for all arrested persons, regardless of your case’s details. The information will be forwarded to the prosecutor, who will open charges against you in a criminal court.

The justice system in California is relatively straightforward. After the process above, you might be allowed to make bail. However, you may have to wait for your initial arraignment in some circumstances. The police have the Los Angeles bail schedule and can quickly tell you your bail, depending on your case’s details. But in most cases, the judge sets your bail depending on the bail schedule and facts of the case. It happens during the initial arraignment. The arraignment occurs a few hours after your arrest and is mainly meant for determining your suitability for bond and how much it will be.

The judge will issue bail as it appears on the bail schedule. The predetermined bail is set according to the following factors:

  • The severity of your charges

  • Whether someone incurred an injury, and if so, how serious their injuries were

  • Whether you made threats to the alleged victim or his/her close family

  • Whether you used drugs or a weapon to accomplish the offense

  • If you are a threat to the public safety

  • If you're employed or have any other strong connection within your society, like business or property

  • Your criminal background

  • The possibility of honoring all court-ordered appearances

The Judge Can Deny You Bail

California trial court judges have total discretion when deciding bail matters. The judge decides whether or not to release a defendant without bail or to grant or deny bail. The judge’s decision is informed by the specifications of the underlying case and your criminal background.

First-time offenders can obtain a free pass from incarceration if the circumstances of their charges allow. If you face the first charge for a misdemeanor, the judge might let you wait for the court’s decision from home. However, this release on personal recognizance is only allowed for defendants who can assure the judge of their future court appearances. If not, you might be required to pay bail for your freedom.

The magistrate might deny your right to bail for a reason. If the magistrate had already issued another warrant for your arrest, he/she might have you stay in custody longer as the police conduct a preliminary investigation on the previous and current matter. In that case, you might not obtain your freedom soon enough. The same could happen if another jurisdiction has an arrest warrant on you.

The judge can also deny bail if you commit another crime during the bail period. One of the main conditions for bail in California is for the defendant to not commit another crime, at least during the bail period. If that happens, the judge will order your rearrest and might not allow you to pay bail again.

Other reasons for denied bail would be violated probation or violated parole. Paroles and bail are granted on strict conditions by which the defendant must abide. Violating your probation or parole calls for your immediate re-arrest and might cause the judge to reconsider granting you bail in the future.

The judge will not allow you bail if he/she has a reason to think that you’ll skip bail. Some defendants will flee immediately when an opportunity presents itself. The judge has to be sure of your willingness to cooperate throughout the trial period to grant you bail. For example, if your charges are for a serious felony and you have no permanent job or strong ties in the community, it might occur to the judge that you’ll likely flee if set free.

Ways To Make Bail in Los Angeles County

Every defendant in California has a right to bail before trial. Only in exceptional situations does the judge deny bail. Therefore, you will possibly be allowed to pay bail after a San Fernando arrest. Fortunately for you, there are many ways to do that.

Cash bail is the most standard way today. It involves paying the entire bond in cash, money order to check. It is the simplest and swiftest way to obtain a pretrial release in California. But, you must have the required amount to do so.

The advantage of a cash bond is that the court pays back the whole amount after determining your case. You also do not incur any extra costs along the way.

If your bail is more than you can afford, it becomes challenging to post cash bail. You may want to fundraise among your family or friends. But that might take you a long time, which means that you’ll remain jailed for a more extended period. Additionally, you might lose the whole amount if you skip bail.

Your other option would be the property bond. It is for people who may not have the cash to pay bail but have a valuable asset to use as collateral for bail. California courts allow property bonds, provided their value is higher than your bond. The court will return the property to its rightful owner after the case’s conclusion.

However, you might lose it all if you skip bail. Additionally, the court might take longer to evaluate the property and verify its documents, which could keep you incarcerated for a more extended period.

The next option is a surety bond. You can obtain your pretrial freedom through a surety bond from a bond dealer. Bond dealers are third-party companies that partner with courts to help defendants obtain a pretrial release. You can contact a reliable San Fernando bond dealer immediately after your first arraignment to start the bail process.

Bond dealers work very fast. They are usually prepared with the money and knowledge of how the bail process works in California. Experienced bond dealers know how jails and courts within San Fernando work. Therefore, they will likely facilitate your release fast.

The Role of a Bond Dealer

Many defendants do not understand the state’s justice system, including how bail works. It becomes difficult for them to make decisions that could minimize their stay in jail. Working with a bond dealer could save the situation for you. Bond dealers have the information that might benefit you even as you plan for trial. Your bond dealer will advise and guide you on all matters regarding bail. For instance, you might not know how to go about posting bail for your freedom. But a bail agent will do it for you. The process becomes smooth and quick when working with a bail bond dealer.

Bond dealers are there to help you obtain your pretrial release. If you qualify for bail and have no means of posting it, the bond company will help you with that. You do not worry about bail when you have a reliable bail bond dealer in mind. Contact the dealer immediately after your first court appearance. The agent will request a few details to start the process, including your personal information, case facts, jail, court information, and bail amount. If you do not have some of this information, the bail agent will find that out and start the process.

The bond dealer makes the bail process fast and more straightforward. Many things could delay the bail processing, including your inability to raise the required cash. It might seem like a good idea to fundraise among friends and family, but that could prolong your stay in jail. Bond dealers have experience in the bail process. The right bond dealer in San Fernando will have experience working with the court clerks, judges, and the police to process your documents and obtain your release quickly. That is precisely what you need to reunite with your family, go back to work or school.

The Bond Process

When you decide to partner with a bond dealer, it helps to understand the bond process to know what needs to happen before your release. The agent will be processing your case behind the scenes. But you need to know your role and how to play it to enjoy a smooth bond process.

Choose a Dealer

The first step in the process is in identifying the right San Fernando bail bonds. Several companies offer bail bonds in town today. You must ensure you are working with the right one for your needs. Some companies are unreliable, expensive, and illegal. Making the right choice requires you to do due diligence first before committing. Ensure that the company operates within Los Angeles County, and more specifically, San Fernando. You will only be allowed to use a surety bond from a local dealer.

The right San Fernando bail bonds will be affordable. The standard cost for surety bonds is 10% of your bail in California. Some companies prefer to charge that, while others have a lower price. It will save you money to work with a more affordable dealer. Also, ensure there are no hidden charges to avoid additional costs.

Determine how soon you will possibly be out of jail when you engage your chosen bond dealer. It helps to work with a dealer that works 24/7 to minimize any delays that could leave you incarcerated longer.

Contact The Bond Dealer

Once you choose reliable San Fernando bail bonds, contact the dealer. Fortunately, most bond dealers in Los Angeles County operate online or over the phone. You don’t have to go to their office to seek their help.

A bond agent will contact you immediately to obtain vital information he/she needs to start the bail process. The required information will include your full name, date of birth, state of residence, details of your charges, and your holding jail. It is advisable to provide accurate information and any other information that might help your situation to avoid delaying the process.

Make Payment

The bail agent will first discuss their bail bonds and your needs for easier decision-making on your part. It is advisable to ask questions before you commit to avoid any regrets.

For instance, determine the charges beforehand, including the mode of payment and payment plans. Some bond dealers require an upfront payment before they can start the bail process. Others will be considerate enough to allow you to make flexible payments.

Find out whether the bond dealer can lower your fee further. The agent might be willing to negotiate, especially if you can assure them of your court appearances. For example, if you have valuable collateral and a cosigner, your charges for the bail bonds could be lower. The company will be sure of recovering its money if you don’t appear.

Choose a company that allows flexibility when making payments. When your bail is high, the premium will also be considerably high. You might not afford to raise all that money in an instant. If you’re in business or are employed, you can agree on flexible payment plans that will see you clearing the amount after a few months.

Complete The Bail Process

A reliable bond dealer will only take a few minutes to facilitate your release when everything is ready. Experienced bond dealers in San Fernando understand the processes better. Therefore, they are quick to finish the paperwork.

What If I Fail To Appear

If you fail to appear as ordered, you will probably be rearrested and incarcerated once again. The judge might not even consider allowing you to pay bail. In that case, you will lose your right to pretrial release.

When that happens, the dealer will be ordered to complete payment for your bail as you will have forfeited bail. On the other hand, the dealer will use the collateral you gave to secure bail bonds to recover its losses. The biggest loser in all this will be you (the defendant). Even after your rearrest, you will likely lose the valuable asset you had used as collateral.

If something comes up and you are sure you cannot make it to court, it is advisable to give the court notice in good time. California trial court judges give defendants up to 30 days to make court appearances after failing to appear on the set dates. If you do this right and have a valid reason why you could not appear, the judge might be considerate enough to overlook the violation.

But be careful not to skip bail because the consequences could be more when that happens, including possible additional criminal charges.

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