Bail is the amount of money or property you deposit with the court to secure the release of a loved one or friend from jail while their case is pending. Posting bail is a way to assure the court that a defendant will show up for their court proceedings until the case ends. Immediately after an arrest, you are booked in jail. Since court processes may take a while, spending time in jail would not be in your best interest.

Bail is not imposed on every crime. However, a California judge will set your bail based on the seriousness of your charges, your criminal history, and other factors surrounding your case. In most cases, bail is too high to raise the required amount on short notice. Therefore, you will need to use a bail bond to secure a release.

At 24 Hour Online Bail Bonds, our goal is to lessen your stress by guiding you through the bail process and providing the finances you need to post the bail. Our Newport Beach bail bonds agents are on standby to help you make the bail process easier and faster.

Where to Post Bail Bonds in Newport Beach, California:

Newport Beach Police Department Jail

870 Santa Barbara Drive

Newport Beach, CA 92660

Overview of 24 Hour Bail Bonds Services in Newport Beach

A bail bond is a contract between a defendant, the court, and a licensed bail bond agent. The bail bond agent represents a bail bond company that helps you post bail for your loved one when you lack the necessary finances to post cash bail. In addition to posting the bail, the bail bond agent assures the court that the defendant will appear for the required hearings. Bail bond companies often charge 10% of the total bail as a fee for their services. After negotiating the premium, the bail bond agent will deliver the bond to the jail, where your loved one is held to secure the release.

The bail bond process is efficient and timely, which helps reduce the amount of time the defendant must spend in jail. When you contact a Newport Beach bail bonds agent, you must have all the necessary information regarding the defendant. This will make the process of posting the bail bonds easier. 

Temporary Restraining Order Bond

A temporary restraining order is a short-term court order that a judge issues forbidding you from contacting or engaging another person. In most cases, temporary restraining orders are issued in child abuse, divorce, harassment, and domestic violence. When a plaintiff files a temporary restraining order against you, you could suffer hardships or losses like losing wages and family time. However, you can avoid these inconveniences by filing a temporary restraining order bond.

A TRO bond is a type of injunction bond which protects you against the loss if the court determines that the restraining order was unnecessary. The TRO bond guarantees that the plaintiff will compensate you for any damages and costs you sustain if the court does not hold a hearing. To secure a temporary restraining order, you will need to work with a bail bond company.

A temporary restraining order bond is riskier when compared to other plaintiff bonds. Therefore, the bail bond company will thoroughly assess and underwrite your degree of risk before offering you the bond. Bail bond underwriters will evaluate your situation before they approve your bond. The underwriting involved when issuing a TRO bond include:

  • The case circumstances behind the need for the bond. This could include the type of crime that resulted in the temporary restraining order and the damages resulting from the restraining order.

  • Your financial capacity. A temporary restraining order bond is riskier than other forms of bail bonds. Therefore, the bail bond company must ensure that you financially qualify for the risk. You will need to prove to the bail bond company that the temporary restraining order is the only way out before you receive the TRO bond. 

  • Professional experience and credentials. Before offering you a TRO bond, the bail bond company will assess the professionalism involved in your case proceedings.

When you work with a reliable bail bond company, you will receive professional guidance throughout the bond process. A Newport Beach Bail Bond Agent will help you determine the bond amount and pay your bond.

Federal Bond

There is a significant difference between state and federal court proceedings. One of the main differences between these two proceedings is how bail is handled. After an arrest for a federal crime, the government will present you to a pretrial services officer for an interview. The pretrial officer will discuss your personal, criminal and financial background before recommending the course of action to the court. Also, the officer will determine whether you can afford an attorney or have one appointed by the court. After reviewing these recommendations, the federal court will allow you to argue in favor of your pretrial release.

Bail is some form of money or property commitment you pledge to the court to secure a release from jail before trial. Bail in a State court is common. However, bail in the federal court is an exception. This is because the crimes tried in federal court are often very serious. The focus on pretrial proceedings in federal court is not whether or not you can aff0rd the bail but your likelihood of returning to court.

If the federal court grants you a bond, the judge will impose several conditions that you must meet while out on bail. Although there is a variety of conditions that the court could order, most of them are centered on the following factors:

  • You will not engage in criminal activity while out on bail.

  • You will cooperate with the probation officer assigned to your case. After a release on bail, the federal court will appoint a probation officer to monitor your lifestyle and conduct while out on bail.

  • While out on bail, you will not associate yourself with individuals with a known history of crime.

  • You will remain employed or have gainful income. If the federal court grants you a release on bond, the judge will order you to find a job and stay employed.

  • You will keep away from the use of drugs. The court works to ensure that you keep away from the use of drugs by requiring you to submit to random drug tests and pass.

Before you are released on bail, the judge will educate you about the consequences you could face for failure to comply with bail conditions. Violating one or more bail conditions could result in the revocation of your release. Also, you could be charged with the crime of violating a federal judge’s orders.

Securing a bond in a federal case is essential. Since federal cases are often very serious, going home will allow you to spend time with your family and meet with your attorney to devise a defense strategy for the case.

Mostly paying a federal bond in cash could result in financial scrutiny. Therefore, you may need to prove that you obtained the funds legally. If you do not have enough money to pay for a federal bond or you want to keep your financial affairs private, you will require the services of a reputable bail bond company. However, it is crucial to understand that the process of a federal bond is complicated, and the bail bond premium is high.

Immigration Bond

The U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement are responsible for arresting and detaining foreign nationals who commit crimes in the United States. If your loved one or friend is arrested and detained for immigration reasons, you will need an immigration bond to have them released from custody with a pending case. The ICE can release you on your own recognizance, and you will not need to post a bond. However, most people will require a monetary commitment.

There are two main types of immigration bonds available to illegal aliens:

Delivery bond

If you are arrested and detained by the U.S Immigration and Customs, you may be eligible for a delivery bond based on the determination of an immigration judge. Before a release, you must be notified of the potential release on the delivery bond. A delivery bond ensures that you will attend all immigration hearings. Also, it allows you to go home and continue with your daily life as you consult an immigration attorney to guide you through the case.

Voluntary Departure Bond

When you are arrested and detained by the ICE, you could be given an option to voluntarily leave the United States within a specified time at your expense. Once you have left the country within the set time, you will refund the amount you pay as a voluntary departure bond. However, failure to leave would result in voluntary departure bond forfeiture.

The immigration judge or the ICE is responsible for setting your bond, and the bond amount may increase or decrease based on:

  • Your immigration status

  • The strength of your family ties in the United States

  • Your employment status

  • Your criminal history

If you are in the United States illegally or do not have strong ties, the ICE will consider you a high flight risk and increase your bond. Often, the minimum amount you may be required to pay as a delivery bond is $1500, and the amount can increase based on the assessment of other factors in your case.

On the other hand, the voluntary departure bond may be as low as $500. Although the voluntary departure bond is refundable, the government could return the bond money to the payer.

There are two main ways through which you can secure an immigration bond:

  • Cash bond. If your loved one or friend faces an arrest and is held for immigration reasons, you can pay their full bond in cash to secure their release. The money will be refunded once the defendant attends all the hearings and the immigration case ends.

  • Surety bond. Where there is not enough money to pay a cash bond in immigration cases, you can seek the services of an immigration bond agent. The bail bond agent will provide the finances to post the bond. However, it is crucial to understand that an immigration bond may cost more, and the premium charged by a bail bond company may range between 15-20% of the immigration bond.

The process of posting an immigration bond can be quite complicated and expensive. Therefore you will require the guidance and services of a competent Newport Beach bail bonds agent.

Appeal Bond

When you lose a case in court, you can choose to appeal the court’s decision to a higher court. The court may require you to secure an appeal bond when you appeal your case. You can post an appeal bond when filing for an appeal while delaying the payment of a judgment. An appeal bond holds a defendant liable for court costs if their appeal is unsuccessful. If the court appeal upholds the decision made in lower courts, the appeal bond guarantees that you will pay the court costs, interest, and attorney fees.

An appeal bond is usually in the amount of your original judgment. However, the court may increase the amount. When you seek the services of a bail bond company to pay the appeal bond, you may need to provide collateral in addition to the bond premium. An appeal bond will remain active until the litigation process is finalized. You have nothing to lose by appealing your case. However, if you need to hold payment for the judgment, you must provide the appeal bond.

Bail Bonds Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding the bail process is complicated, especially when you do it without expert guidance. The following are some frequently asked questions about the bail bonds:

  1. Will a bail bond company offer its services if I cannot afford the premium?

Yes. Purchasing a bail bond is an easy way to ensure that you or a loved one does not spend unnecessary time behind bars. Although you will have less financial responsibility with a bail bond, you may find it challenging to pay the premium. Lack of the total premium should not be a reason why your loved one remains in jail. The bail bond company can set up a payment plan to give a down payment and pay the rest in installments. If you do not have enough money for the premium, you should discuss a payment plan with your Newport Beach bail bonds agent. 

  1. What is the role of a bail bond co-signer?

A bail bonds co-signer has two main responsibilities. First, the cosigner shoulders financial responsibility for the bail bond if a defendant fails to show up for court hearings. Secondly, they must ensure that a defendant obeys all court orders and appears for trial. Before you cosign a bail bond for a relative or friend, you must trust that they will attend the trial. It is important to understand that you can withdraw from being a cosigner if you feel the defendant is a flight risk.  

  1. What happens to bail money after my case ends?

Bail is not a penalty or punishment for your crimes. Therefore, you will recover the money if you do not violate the bail conditions. Also, a bail refund is not based on the outcome of your case. How the court refunds bail money will depend on the method of payment. If you posted cash bail, you would receive your money a few weeks after the case ends. If your trial was in federal court or you posted a property bond, the payer must file a petition to release the bond money.

Failure to appear for a hearing or violation of bail conditions will result in bail forfeiture. If you do not have a valid reason for skipping the court dates, you will lose the money or property you used to pay bail.

If you face an arrest in Newport Beach, CA, you could be detained in any of the following jails:

Newport Beach Police Department

870 Santa Barbara Dr

Newport Beach, CA, 92660


Orange County Central Men’s Jail

550 N Flower St

Santa Ana, CA 92703


Some of the courts Serving Newport Beach, CA, include:

Orange County Public Defender Harbor Court

4601 Jamboree Rd

Newport Beach, CA 4601


Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Department

4601 Jamboree Rd

Newport Beach, CA 92660


Find a Bail Bond Agent Near Me

Unless you face charges for a crime punishable by life imprisonment or capital punishment, criminal defendants in California are entitled to a release on bail. The judge could set your bail based on the specifics of your case. If you have the full amount needed for bail, you can post that amount in court to secure your loved one’s freedom. Unfortunately, bail may be very high for many defendants to afford. When you lack enough money for cash bail, you can seek bail bonds services.

A bail bond company will post your bail and charge you a 10% fee. Additionally, the bail bond agent will take responsibility for your conduct. If you seek a bail bond for your loved one or friend stuck in a Newport Beach jail, we invite you to contact 24 Hour Online Bail Bonds. Contact our Newport Beach bail bond agents today at 800-930-8999.