An unplanned event can occur in life where you or your child finds themselves in trouble with the law or accused of an offense. The arrest comes when least expected, and this might stop various aspects of your life like work and family if you are incarcerated. It’s why you start thinking of how to be released when you realize you are in jail. In Placentia, you could be apprehended for various reasons and face the legal process based on the offense or civil wrong’s nature.

At 24 Hour Online Bail Bonds, we will assist you in regaining your life before the arrest by securing an early release. This article has highlighted what to do after the arrest and the mistakes you should avoid when bailing someone from jail in Placentia.

Action to take after an Arrest in Placentia

The action you take after an arrest determines your incarceration period awaiting a hearing or trial. So, it’s critical to understand the steps to take after an arrest.

Appeal for Bail

Incarceration affects many aspects of your life. If you remain in jail for long, it will affect your business, career, social, and family life. So, whenever you are arrested in Placentia, you should start thinking about bailing yourself out. The standard way defendants obtain freedom awaiting trial is through bail, a surety or insurance provided to the court, promising to attend court proceedings when required.

If you follow the court’s instructions, you will receive back the surety at the close of the lawsuit. Nonetheless, if you disregard the court’s requirements, it will retain the bond and issue a re-arrest order, denying you freedom until the next hearing or case determination.

The bond process commences with the court setting bail. California relies on a standard bail schedule, a list of various crimes that could land you in custody, and the predetermined amount one should pay to obtain freedom before prosecution. When you pay this amount, the officer releases you without having to wait for a bail proceeding. If you can’t afford the amount, you can call a bail service near you for help. Otherwise, any problems regarding the bail amount or your eligibility will be determined by a judge.

If you are uncomfortable with the bond amount, the law allows you to file a motion requesting a special hearing to negotiate a bail reduction. The motion is based on statutory factors like:

  • Your community connection

  • Criminal history or past court appearances

  • The severity of the charges

  • And that letting you out of jail won’t be a danger to you or the community

Even the California constitution prohibits excessive bail. And because there are constitutional guidelines on bail reduction, you will need an experienced defense attorney to convince the judge to lower the money. Your best chance for requesting a bail reduction is during the hearing or arraignment. When you build a strong argument, the judge will minimize the amount to make an early release possible.

Bail Bond Payments

A good bail agency accommodates the payment capabilities of its customers. Therefore, you can make payment to your Placentia bail agency through credit and debit cards, money orders, PayPal, Zelle, Bitcoin, Venmo, cash, check, bank wire transfer, or money order.

  1. Bail Payment Using Cryptocurrency

Using cryptocurrency to post bail is convenient. Nevertheless, you can’t pay bail directly using Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency due to their unstable nature that makes them unable to satisfy the court’s conditions. Therefore, cash and different conventional modes of payment like money orders are the ones accepted. Yet, instead of trying to convert your cryptocurrency to use the money in court, bail companies allow defendants to use the digital currency as a bond surety to avoid its large conversion into cash.

It’s difficult to predict whether the government will allow individuals to use digital currency to post bail. Yet, California courts were accepting bail payment via cryptocurrency at first but later had a change of mind. There was fear that using digital currency to pay bail would result in market instability, causing a reduction in the coin’s value. Also, there were concerns about the court’s capabilities to convert the currency. It wasn’t in the court’s best interests to use digital currency to post bonds.

  1. Securing Bond Using Digital Currency

Although courts do not accept digital currency for bail, there is still hope for you. Bail agencies only require 10% of the total bond upfront as a surety. You can pay the bondsman this fee using Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin, and they will pay the rest of the bond to the court.

Purchasing a Bail Bond

A release on own or personal recognizance is a rare event. You are likely to need the services of a bail company to obtain a bailout. A bondsman will help you in many ways. These are:

You have a Right to Bail Under the 8th Amendment

Arrests are often unpleasant and stressful, especially for the family, colleagues, friends, and relatives. Your bail company will be instrumental in this situation by helping you understand your rights.

The eighth amendment provides all Californians with the right to bail. Yet, although you are presumed innocent until otherwise proven, the state can decide to incarcerate you until you appear in court. Your bail can be set by the court in a hearing or predetermined in the bail schedule. Bail is established considering the nature of the baseline crime, but the amount shouldn’t be excessive. Nonetheless, this is no indication everyone can consolidate the amount, and this is where you require bail services.

You Work with Knowledgeable and Experienced Professionals

The justice system is a complex one with many setbacks. Working with a professional who understands these handles can alleviate many of your problems and simplify the process. One of these experts you can work with is a bondsman.

Very few arrestees understand how bail works, which usually makes the process a complex one. If you are among these individuals, you should consider hiring a bail agent in Placentia to walk you through this process. By retaining the services of a bail agent, you are working with an expert that understands your rights after apprehension and statute limitations. They will explain how the process works based on your charges, expectations, and preparation.

Ensure Prompt Release

If consolidating the bond is a problem, you and your family member could remain in jail until the case is terminated. Bail companies that have been around for a long time have created a network in the legal system and have people in the proper offices who can hasten your release from jail.

Also, a bail agency offering services for decades has established a relationship with various courts in Orange County. So, when the court is familiar with the company working towards your freedom and knows them as dependable, you will have people vouching for your release awaiting trial to begin, making the process quick.

If you are working with an experienced company and the offense involved isn’t severe, you could be out of jail the same day of arrest.

Help with the Paperwork

A lot of documentation is involved when buying bail bonds. The paperwork can be confusing and tricky to comprehend. A simple mistake while filling out the documents could delay the process of obtaining freedom, which is why you need someone familiar with the documentation to navigate. Therefore, don’t allow minor mistakes to prolong your stay in jail by enlisting a bondsman’s services.

Your Finances Remain Confidential

Shockingly, when you have funds to post bail upfront, the court might become suspicious or apprehensive about its origin. Whether you or a friend, the person paying the money, will be required to prove whether the cash is valid and earned legitimately.

The judge will order an inquiry on the matter, and various documents like bank statements, pay stubs, and proof of asset ownership will be required. A lot of hassle is involved in collecting this paperwork, and you might have to wait longer before reuniting with your family. Luckily, if you partner with bondsmen, they won’t ask for these documents, thus keeping your finances private.

You Keep your Money

Essentially, bail is a way of ensuring you don’t skip court when required. Sadly, many defendants are unable to raise the amount because the minimum bond is usually high. With a bail company, you are only expected to pay 10% of the bond. So, if, for instance, the amount is set at $20,000, you will only pay $2,000 upfront, and the agency will act as a surety for you.

The case can go for months without determination. And if you can pay the total bond upfront and avoid financial stretch during this period, excellent! Nevertheless, when you can’t, you can keep the cash in your pocket and let the bail agent pay on your behalf.

If you have no names in mind about bail companies, you can request recommendations from a family member or ask them to find a bail agency on your behalf. The earlier you contact the agency, the easier it becomes to be out of detention.

Noting Court Dates

The primary condition the court imposes of your release is to appear for hearings when required. You might do your best to meet this requirement, but unluckily, something may happen to force you to jump bail. If you cannot attend a court hearing for any reason, inform the court and your bondsman about it to set a new court date. Many judges will reset the date without imposing any penalties.

However, if you are a no-show in court and fail to give reasons for your actions, you will be considered a fugitive, and a warrant will be issued for your re-arrest. You will be taken back to custody and suspended bail. Suspension of bail not only means loss of freedom but forfeiture of the surety.

Blunders you Might Make when bailing out your Child

An arrest becomes more unpleasant if it’s your child that is in custody for a delinquent act. And like any other guardian, you want to reunite with your child soonest possible. The typical way for doing this is posting bail. It’s easy to make errors if you decide to handle the bailout process in person instead of hiring a Placentia bondsman. The common mistakes you should avoid are:

  1. Failing to Take Time to Think and Develop a Strategy

When you learn about your child’s arrest, the first thought that crosses your mind is bailing them out. Yet, rushing to pay bail without understanding the circumstances that led to the arrest and the best way out of the situation can push you into making more mistakes. You might successfully pay bail and take your child home, but the possibility of them being re-arrested is high because you failed to address the main issue that landed them in jail in the first place.

When you fail to think before posting the delinquent’s bail, the following issues might arise:

  • You might lose your savings, mainly when you pay cash bail

  • The child might disregard release conditions

  • The minor could continue engaging in delinquent acts because they know you will bail them out

Never rush to secure a pretrial release for your child. Instead, thin through the issue, and if you can’t find solutions, you should consult with your Placentia bondsman.

  1. Paying the Total Bail

The bail bond you will pay for your child to be freed from jail depends on the nature of the crime they are alleged to have committed. And because of the love you have for the minor, you could be tempted to pay the money upfront for them not to be incarcerated further.

The problem with this move is that you drain your savings and waste a lot of time in the bailout. Yet, if you work with a bail agency, you will save time and money. Bail companies have the resources and professionals necessary to expedite bailout. These companies are available around the clock, even at nights, weekends, and holidays. You can count on them to ensure an early release for the child at only a premium fee of 10% of the bond. Instead of paying the bond in full, you only pay the fee upfront, leaving the rest to the bondsmen.

A profound bail agency knows to complete all the documentation involved in a bailout promptly and without mistakes that might result in additional time in custody for the child. Besides, the agents will pay the money for you, and because they understand how the justice system works, they will complete the process fast, saving you from the hassle of this complicated process.

  1. Obliging to Travel for Long Distances

Imagine living in California, and your child is in jail in Nevada. On top of the hefty bail funds you must put with, you will incur colossal expenses traveling for court hearings. Also, commuting will interfere with your schedule, and there will be a lot of time wastage that might even affect your employment. You will need plane tickets, pay for accommodation and incur other unplanned expenses like meals and paying for a taxi.

Also, time will be wasted trying to locate the jail in which the child is being held. The more time you waste in travel, the longer the minor remains in detention, which can be frustrating for both you and the child.

Luckily, you can reduce the frustration by having a bail agency handle your case. All you need is to contact a bondsman from t your home or workplace and have them commence the release procedure. With the technological advancements, you need to worry less about filling out and signing documents because you can do that online through email or a signing app.

All the paperwork can be completed over the phone or online, eliminating the need to travel. Even after the bailout, you won’t travel to pick the child because the bail agency will arrange for transportation.

  1. Poor Communication

After learning about your child’s apprehension, do not lose your temper to maintain proper communication. If there is poor communication, the child might remain in jail longer, meaning more frustrations.

When you choose to remain silent about the bail paid or the collateral used to secure the bond, problems might arise in the future. Improper communication could cause significant problems later on. If the child doesn’t know the bail posted to secure their freedom or the property you have put up as collateral, they might be tempted to skip court or violate terms of the release resulting in forfeiture.

Furthermore, whatever communication you receive from your bondsman, you should relay the information to the minor, especially if the info is about court dates and travel schedules. Also, you should share your frustrations regarding the child’s apprehension and discuss what led to the offense. That way, the minor can avoid crime and grow to become a responsible adult.

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