With our instant bail bond quote form, you can find out how much a defendant’s bail will cost immediately. Just provide some basic details, such as the defendant’s name, your contact details, and the bail amount and we will give you a clear estimate within minutes. 


How We Calculate The Price Of Bail Bonds

The primary determinant of the price of a defendant’s bail bond is their bail amount. For instance, the cost of a bail bond to cover a $100,000 bail will be higher than $20,000. 

The price of the bail bond is a percentage of the total bail posted by the court. For example, you might pay $3,000 for a bail bond to cover a $30,000 bail.

In some cases, the bail bond fee may vary. California caps this at 10 percent, but you could pay less depending on special offers, your status, and the nature of your case. 

Our instant quote form asks several questions designed to give you an accurate estimate of what your bail bond will cost. Alternatively, you can speak to one of our agents. They will discuss the defendant’s specific situation and adjust the price of the bail bond, depending on the circumstances. 

Why Get An Instant Bail Bond Quote From Us?

Many bail bond services require you to call them, wait in a queue, and then spend time talking to an agent who will then post your quote the next day. At 24-Hour Online Bail Bonds, though, we believe you should know what you will pay immediately. That’s why we offer an instant quote form that gives you answers straight away. 

Instant bail bond quote tools give you peace of mind during what is often a stressful time. Knowing the price you need to pay shows that you are getting a fair deal. The cost of securing release from jail is often considerably lower than you might think. Once you have a bail bond quote, you can arrange payment and the defendant can return to their regular life quickly, without having to wait behind bars until the court date. 

Defendants from across California love our bail bond services for the following reasons:

  • Lowest prices: When it comes to bail bonds, you want the lowest possible prices. You’ll find our rates are highly affordable compared to other bail bondsmen.
  • Easy payment plans: While bail bonds reduce the cost of busting a defendant out of jail, they still depend on the total bail amount, which can be substantial. That’s why we offer easy payment plans. Here, you can spread the cost of the bail bond over several months, splitting it into easy-to-digest payments. 
  • No collateral: In most cases, you won’t have to provide collateral, meaning that you don’t have to risk your house or car to access bail bond financing. Simply sign the agreement document to get the money you need to pay the bail upfront. 
  • Contact us 24/7: We know that arrests can occur at any time of the day or night. Therefore, as our name suggests, we’re always available to chat to you on the phone. 
  • Bilingual English and Spanish agents: Communicating with us about your case is easy, even if you are a native Spanish speaker. 

Why You Should Get A Bail Bond Quote Now And Not Wait

Being arrested and incarcerated is an unpleasant experience for defendants. Deprivation of freedom causes serious harm both emotionally, psychologically, and physically. However, there are practical costs of arrest, too. 

For instance, when law enforcement imprisons someone awaiting trial, that person can no longer serve the people who rely on them. Children may not have anyone to take care of them, or businesses may lack key people to keep them operating. With court dates often weeks or months away, being in jail simply isn’t an option for many. 

That’s why the ability to get an instant quote for a bail bond matters. These lower the cost of getting out of jail, allowing the defendant to return to their normal life and carry on with their regular responsibilities. 

Do We Provide Instant Quotes For Other Types Of Bail Bonds?

At 24 Hour Online Bail Bonds, we only provide quotes for bail bonds in California. We do not offer price quotes for immigration or federal bonds. We also do not provide quotes for bail bonds in neighboring states. 

How Long Are Bail Bond Quotes Valid?

After getting a bail bond quote from us, it is only valid on the same day. If you wait more than a day to pay, you will need to get a new estimate. That’s because circumstances and fees can vary over time. 

Please note that courts set the amount of bail that you pay. We do not have any control over their decisions. The value of the bail will determine the bail bond fee. The cost is proportional to the bail amount. 

In some cases, you may pay more for your bail bond because the value of your bail is high. High bail amounts are more likely if: 

  • The alleged crime is serious 
  • The court believes that there is a high chance the defendant will skip their court date
  • The court believes that the defendant will commit additional crimes

In California, typical bail amounts vary from $20,000 to $50,000. Therefore, most defendants will pay between $2,000 and $5,000 for a bail bond. In some cases, bail costs can be a million dollars or more. However, these tend to be rare as judges will often simply deny bail if the risk is too high. 

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