When the law enforcement officers arrest you in Texas, they release you on bail. Otherwise, you will remain in jail until the court trial. Staying in jail for a long time will affect your daily activities. Again, posting bail might be challenging, especially if you cannot raise your bail amount. The bail amount will also vary based on the nature of your crime and your criminal records.

Before posting bail, you want to learn the various types of bail bonds and the bail bond process. Working with aggressive bail bond agents is always recommended for a smoother legal process. At 24 Hour Online Bail Bonds, our agents will help you understand how the bail bond works and offer you quality bail bond services.

What is Bail?

Bail is a legal process involving the defendant paying a set amount to the court to secure a release from jail. During the release, you will promise to show up during all the set court dates. Upon appearing in court as stipulated, the bail amount is returned after the case ends. If you don’t appear as required, the bail amount will be forfeit and a warrant of arrest is issued against you.

The court bail hearings will vary depending on the court and the facts surrounding the arrest or crime. During the bail hearings, the judge will set the bail amount or decide whether to grant or deny the bail. During the court bail hearing, the judge will consider the following elements:

  • Your financial resources
  • Your mental and physical condition
  • Your criminal records
  • Family ties
  • Your records regarding alcohol and drug abuse
  • Your previous recording about the court appearance

Apart from setting the bail amount, the court may impose several restrictions on your release. The restrictions may include a curfew, refrain from firearms, limited travel, compulsory alcohol and drug treatment.

The Booking Process

When the police arrest you, they will likely take you into custody and start the booking process. During the booking process, the law enforcement officer will record:

  • Your personal information like date of birth, name and physical characteristics
  • Your photographs and fingerprints
  • Investigate your past criminal records
  • The details of the crime
  • Search and confiscate any personal item like phone, purse, or keys and return them after your release.
  • Put you in a local jail or holding facility.

If the police arrested you for a minor crime like trespass, they would release and issue you with a written citation. After signing the written citation, you will promise to show up at the court as scheduled. Otherwise, the police will allow you to undergo a bail process.

Types of Bail Bonds in Tarrant County

Bail bonds occur in various forms. That’s why you will require the legal help of a skilled Tarrant County bail bond agent to guide you accordingly. The following are the common types of bail bonds in California:

  • Cash Bail

Cash bail involves the defendant paying the total bail amount in cash. But in a few cases, the court will accept credit cards or checks.

  • Property Bonds

Under property bonds, the criminal court allows you to provide your property or item of value to act as your bond. The court will obtain a lien of your property. If you fail to appear during court hearings as per the agreement, the court will foreclosure the property to pay the total bail.

  • Surety Bonds

The surety bond usually applies when the defendant is unable to pay their total bail amount. It involves the friend or relatives of the defendant contacting bondsmen. The bondsmen are backed by an insurance company known as a surety company which promises to pay the court the total bail amount when the defendant fails to appear at the court hearings. In return, the bondsmen obtain a 10% of the total bail amount, and they collect collateral like a boat, car, electronics or a house.

Through working with the defendant’s friends, the bondsmen hope the defendant is willing to appear at the court since the friends or relatives promise collaterals to the bondsmen. Also, the agents commit themselves to the court, and they become accountable for paying the total amounts when the defendant jumps or skips court hearings. If you are the surety party, you want to ensure the defendant doesn't skip court proceedings.

  • Own Recognizance

If the court decides to release you on your own recognizance, you will become responsible for appearing at the court hearings, and you will not pay any bail amount. The courts in Texas allow personal recognizance only for the less severe crimes, nonviolent crimes and when the court considers the defendant as not a danger to anyone or the public.

Posting a Bail Bond in Tarrant County

The judge will determine the bail amount you will pay to walk out of jail. To determine the exact bail amount, they will consider the circumstance and the nature of the crime. Also, the court will examine your past criminal record and whether you are a threat to the community. The court would allow you to post the bail immediately after the booking if the crime was less severe.

Alternatively, the court will require you to wait until 48 hours for the court to hold a bail hearing and determine whether you are eligible to walk out of jail through bail. The bail amount might also change depending on the crime in question. For example, the court may set the bail amount for perjury at $20,000 while voluntary manslaughter at $80,000. If you want to post bail, remember to work with our bail bonds agents for a smoother legal process. Contact Tarrant County bail bonds agents and they will help you post a bail right away.

Bail Condition

Usually, the bail serves two main functions; protecting the community and ensuring the alleged defendant appears at the court as scheduled. The judges may have a challenging time when deciding on the conditions to impose on the defendant. To impose the conditions, the judge will consider the facts of the case, among other factors. The following are the common bail bond conditions allowed by Tarrant County bail bonds agents:

  • Obeying all laws
  • Refraining from alcohol and drug participation
  • Seeking or maintaining employment
  • Curfew observation
  • Avoid possessing a firearm
  • Staying away from certain people and places
  • Compliance to travel restrictions

What Happens When You Fail to Show Up at the Court as Scheduled

Failure to appear at the court will attract heavy fines and imprisonment. But, sometimes, you may not appear at the court because of uncontrolled factors. So, if you fail to show up due to these factors, ensure you visit the court after the situation is over. The court will listen to your claim of jumping the hearings.

Bounty Hunters in Tarrant County

Bounty hunters consist of experienced professionals hired by the bondsmen. If you fail to appear at the court as ordered, the bondsmen will hire the bounty hunter to come for you and return you to custody. Remember, they are not government employees but are hired by the bail bond company, which offered you their legal services.

Under Texas laws, the bounty hunters will only enter your home with your consent. The law allows them to carry guns and handcuffs. They should always state they are bounty hunters working for a specific legal company. Also, the court doesn’t allow them to wear uniforms or badges, implying they are federal or state agents.

The bounty hunters will then receive a reward from a certain percentage of your bail amount. The bondsmen may offer the bounty hunters ten per cent of the total amount. So, it means, if your bail is set at $20,000, the bounty hunters will receive $2,000. But, they will only receive the reward if they return you into custody.

After the court sets your bail amount, you will pay the amount in either real property, checks, money orders or even cash. After posting the bail amount, the court will direct the sheriff at the custody to release you.

If you are unable to post the bail amount by yourself, you may seek the services of bail bond agents. The bondsmen will charge you a fee between ten and twenty per cent of your total bail. The bondsmen will, in return, accept to pay the remaining bail amount when you show up at the court hearings as ordered.

If your friends or family members post the bail for you, the bail bond will become an agreement between you, the surety and the court. The surety will ensure you appear at the court hearings. The court allows your friends, relatives or bail bond agents to become the surety. Remember, as part of the agreement; you will also agree to appear before the court for the scheduled hearings.

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We understand most people usually don’t save money to post bail, thus making it uneasy about preparing for something you’re unaware of. That’s why our bail bond agents promise to work with you throughout the entire process.

  • We Will Never Let You Go Throughout the Legal Process Alone

For clients seeking bail bond services in Tarrant County and have never had to conflict with the police or a criminal court, an arrest may frustrate them. So, you want to hire a bail bonds agent with experienced bail bond agents to help you work throughout the legal process. We understand your rights, and we will help you understand the court process and help make the legal process smoother. Since we work with both the law enforcement agencies and the court, we will help you make the right decision at the proper time to ensure you obtain fair results. Again, we understand the difficult times, and we will not leave you alone even during these difficult moments.

  • Post Your Bail Over the Phone or Online

Sometimes, the police may arrest you before an important event in your life, like marriage. At this time, you will want to seek a bail bond agent faster to secure release. The bail bond procedure should obtain the bail without waiting for the regular working hours. Since our bail bond agents are well skilled and well equipped to post your bail over the phone, we cater to emergency cases from our clients. You will only require several essential documents like your full names, booking number and the detention center.

Our agents will handle your case and help you exit the jail within the shortest time. Also, the agents will keep in touch with the detention officials to know the type of crime you are facing. So, the agents will be aware of the possible bail amount you require to post the bail.

  • Make Payments via Various Money Transfer Platforms

Due to the various developments in online money transfer, we allow our clients to make payments through debit cards, bitcoin, Venom and PayPal. Tarrant County bail bonds agents focus on providing easy payment options for convenience. Before these methods were included in payment options, most clients had difficulty making payments for the legal services since they were restricted to debit card and cash methods only.

These payment options are beneficial since you will exit the jail by paying the bail amount more conveniently. You will also reduce the time you would have spent travelling to our bail bond company to make the cash transactions. You will only need to register in the money transfer platform you prefer and only pay the service fee.

Our bail bond agents also record your payment and keep the receipts after every transaction. Therefore, you may access your financial details online. But remember, if you want to make the payments in cash, our bail bond company also allows you to do so. The agents will make a quick arrangement to receive the cash and issue you with a receipt immediately. Otherwise, you may either pay through either cash or over the online platforms, based on your preference.

  • Receive 24/7 Bail Services

As you know, the police may arrest you anytime, anywhere in Texas. Therefore, you will require legal services immediately after the police booking process. The booking may occur at midnight. So, you want the bail bond process to kick off immediately. Our bail bond agents at 24 Hour Online Bail Bonds will ensure they help you post your bail any time of the day. We don’t wait for the normal working hours to begin the bail process.

Jail and Court Information in Tarrant County

Tarrant County Courthouse

100 West Weatherford

Fort Worth TX 76196 - 0240

(817) - 884 - 1111


Tarrant County N.E Courthouse

645 Grapevine Highway

Hurst, Texas 76054



Weatherford Municipal Courthouse

303 Pinto Street

Weatherford, Texas 76086



Tarrant Sub-Courthouse

700 East, Abram Street

Arlington, Texas 76010



Lon Evans Correction Center

600W. Weatherford

Fort Worth, TX 76196

(817) - 884 - 3116


Green Bay Unit

2500 Urban Drive

Fort Worth, TX 76106

(817) - 740 - 4310


Tarrant County Detention Center

100 North Lamar Street

Fort Worth, Texas 76196



Mansfield Jail Facility

1601 Heritage Way

Mansfield, Texas 76063



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