An arrest is often not a planned event. Sometimes, bad things happen during the most inconvenient of moments. Even though you can secure your release right after a judge sets the bail, this can be challenging if the amount is beyond your financial capabilities. Fortunately, a bail bond company in Fountain Valley, Orange County, may help. Such companies are for-profit businesses, although they provide affordable and convenient services. At 24 Hour Online Bail Bonds, we charge as little as 10% of the total bail amount. Our agents will be happy to work with you and help you post bail for a loved one as soon as you give us a call.

If you have never bailed someone out of jail, it’s perfectly normal to feel confused about the process of working with a bail bondsman. Well, you simply need to sign a legally binding contract saying you agree to be liable for the total bail amount if a defendant doesn’t appear during the set court hearings. As long as the arrestee follows through with the court dates, all you have to spend is a 10% premium to secure a bond.

Bail and Bonds Defined

After an arrest, the police can keep you in their custody until your trial date. However, a judge may agree to release you by posting bail. The bail money stands as a guarantee that you shall return to answer your charges. If you don’t, the court will forfeit your bail and order your re-arrest.

If your financial situation doesn’t allow you to pay a cash bail, you can explore the option of a bail bond. You can obtain a bail bond from licensed bail bonds companies in Fountain Valley, such as the 24 Hour Online Bail Bonds. Generally, the bond is a surety that you will return to court on the set court dates. The 10% fee is the rate for the policy.

Unlike regular insurance, defendants know what is at risk if they don’t turn up for hearings. Hence, the bail bonds company will expect you to meet your end of the bargain and ensure that it doesn’t have to pay your full bail amount to the court. Any time the court forfeits the bail, a bailing company hires bounty hunters to regain the lost money and ensure the re-arrest of a fugitive.

Bail vs. Bond

People often use the terms “bail” and “bond” interchangeably. However, these are two different terms with different meanings. While bail is the money an arrestee must pay to secure their freedom from jail, a bond is insurance posted by a bail bonds company. The bond assures the court of payment of the full bail amount if a defendant skips court.

It is important to note that bail is not meant to punish an arrestee. As long as you adhere to the conditions of release, the court refunds the money after the trial. This is irrespective of whether a defendant is declared guilty or innocent of a crime. You should think of bail as an assurance that you will return to see the rest of your case through.

A Look Into the Who, How, And Why Of Fountain Valley Bail Amounts

Depending on your charges, a judge may set the bail amount anywhere between $100 and $ 1,000,000. If you are slapped with bail amounting to several thousand dollars, it’s normal to wonder why you don’t qualify for a lower amount.

Here is crucial information that you should know:

Who Sets the Bail Amount in Fountain Valley, Orange County?

Each county has bail schedules. The schedules determine the standard bail amount for different crimes. If you face charges for a common crime such as overspeeding, you may settle the bail before attending the arraignment hearing. This is possible, mainly when no unique circumstances revolve around your case, such as an injured person.

A judge can also set the bail during your first court hearing, also known as the arraignment or bail hearing. If you must wait for this hearing because of the unique circumstances of your case, five things may happen.

The judge may:

  • Release you on your own recognizance(OR)

  • Impose the standard bail as listed on the bail schedule

  • Increase the bail amount

  • Reduce the bail amount

  • Deny your release on bail

How Does A Judge Determine The Bail Amount in Fountain Valley?

There are a myriad of factors that judges consider before determining bail. For instance, they take your flight risk, criminal past, and current charges into account. The judge may also consider your ties within the area and whether your release can jeopardize the public’s safety.

Under the 8th Amendment, the constitution protects defendants from excessive bail and fines. Even though judges have the mandate to alter the bail schedule, it is unconstitutional to increase the bail to an unreasonable amount. This is more so if you are not a flight risk and don’t pose a danger to your community.

It is also crucial to understand that judges use unique algorithms to evaluate flight risk. These algorithms also assess the chances of an arrestee committing other crimes when freed on bail. Often, the bail amount increases substantially when the court has reason to believe you are capable of vanishing into thin air or hurting the people around you.

Here are some of the aspects a judge will consider:

  • Whether your family resides within the area

  • The period you have lived within a specific community

  • Whether you are employed locally

  • Your criminal past and history of attending court dates

Why Is My Bail So High in Fountain Valley?

As aforementioned, each county has a bail schedule. Often, misdemeanors and infractions have lower bail amounts, while felonies attract higher bail. For instance, a first-time traffic offender may secure their freedom on a $500 bail. A judge may also impose bail of $10,000 if you face charges for a drug crime.

Furthermore, the judge will always consider the individual factors unique to your case before setting bail. For example, the bail will likely be higher if you have no employment or family within the area. A higher bail helps to discourage arrestees considered a flight risk from skipping town before answering their charges.

Often, defendants don’t have much say on the bail amount. Even though you can appeal, this usually takes a while, meaning you may have to spend more time behind bars. If an arrest in Fountain Valley Orange County puts you in a tricky financial situation, turn to the 24 Hour Online Bail Bonds. We work 7 days a week, 24 hours per day, and 365 days a year. We are only a call away and can provide a fast, affordable, and reliable means of posting bail.

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Out On Bail in Fountain Valley, Orange County

After being arrested, you can secure your release by posting bail. Apart from seeking bail bonds in Fountain Valley, Orange County, you could also choose to post cash or property bail. Irrespective of the bail type you choose, you must avoid making mistakes that can have your bail revoked.

Here are three critical mistakes to avoid once you are released on bail:

Committing More Crimes

The surest way to get re-arrested is to break the law when freed on bail. Trust is the foundation of the bail system. Commission of a crime, no matter how insignificant, breaks the trust forcing the authorities to arrest you once more and revoke your bail.

Unfortunately, the court rarely gives second chances once it revokes the bail. Depending on the circumstances revolving around the second offense, a judge may agree to reinstate your right to bail. However, you should expect a higher bail amount. From the court’s perspective, this should deter you from committing more crimes.

Breaking the law puts your freedom at stake. Moreover, it puts you at risk of losing your cash or property bail. Even if you used the services of a bail bondsman in Fountain Valley, the expert would demand that you repay the money forfeited by the court.

Violating Travel Restrictions

One of the common conditions of release is that you shouldn’t leave the state or country. Even if this much is not stated on your terms of release, you must first check-in with your bail bonds agent. The idea is to ensure you are not mistaken for a fugitive.

The courts or bail bonds companies often impose travel restrictions to ensure that you don’t face hurdles that make it challenging to attend court dates. The court demands that you show up during court dates without making excuses. On the other hand, your bail bond agents also expect you to attend court hearings and check in with them as agreed in your contract.

Skipping Court

Irrespective of the charges you face or even the competence levels of the attorney you hire, you must be physically present during court hearings. Unless the court informs you that your presence is not required, an FTA can jeopardize your bail.

Through the bail system, arrestees can see their cases through to the trial without remaining behind bars. You can return to your loved ones, resume working and even work hand in hand with your attorney to build a strong defense. Unfortunately, skipping court is only likely to force the authorities to return you to jail.

Common Problems Allied With Skipping Court

Once you secure a bail bond, you mustn’t skip court in an attempt to avoid trial. In any case, fleeing attracts a turn of events that may not work in your best interests.

Here are just some of the problems you may encounter if you attempt to dodge court dates:

The Court Will Order Your Arrest

Hiring a competent defense team may make it unnecessary to show up during all court hearings. However, the judge will expect your presence during specific dates. If you don’t show up, a warrant of your arrest will be issued immediately.

The court doesn’t take skipped hearings lightly. Apart from issuing a warrant for your arrest, the judge is also likely to revoke your bail. This means that the police will take you back into custody as soon as they find you, and your bail bondsman will also need to recover the forfeited bail amount.

You’ll Lose Your Cash Bail or Collateral

Skipping court is an expensive affair that is simply not worth it. Keep in mind that the court sets bail to deter arrestees from failing to appear to answer their charges.

Sometimes, the bail amount can be so substantial that you have to provide collateral before your release. Therefore, the bail bonds agent will pocket the 10% fee and seek to regain the lost bail money by liquidating any items you use as collateral. This may include your jewelry, cars, real estate property, or other items.

The Bondsman May Pursue Your Loved Ones

Another unfortunate outcome of skipping court is that you will automatically become a fugitive. Your new status will give the police and bail bondsman reason to storm into your home and hound your loved ones.

Investigations by the police or a bounty hunter are never a pretty thing. The last thing you want is for strange faces to hover around your son’s school or your mum’s home in the hope that you will show up. You can save your loved ones from unwarranted stress by adhering to all the terms of your release.

The Bail Bonds Company May Involve a Bounty Hunter

When you skip court, you turn into a fugitive. The bail bonds company will have to pay the full bail amount to the court as it guaranteed. It will, however, need to recover the forfeited money. Bailing companies can do this by selling property set as collateral, pursuing your bail bonds co-signers, or finding you and forcing you to pay the money.

Finding a fugitive is often an easy task for bounty hunters. Such professionals undergo intensive training, allowing them to trace even the most careful criminals. Additionally, they are happy to do a quick job thanks to the cash incentive after re-arresting escapees.

You May Incur Additional Expenses

Another unfavorable outcome of an FTA is that the court may raise your bail, not to mention that you will also face additional charges. Even if the court acquits you of the first crime, you will possibly still spend time behind bars for the failure to appear for your hearing. Even worse, the judge may raise your current bail or revoke it altogether.

When a loved one is arrested unexpectedly, securing their release from jail can be an uphill task. Times are hard, and tapping into your savings to post cash bail may pose unwarranted inconveniences. If you don’t have the budget to post bail, give us a call and let us help you. For a small fee, we can process the release of your loved ones and ensure they don’t suffer in confinement before their trial.

How Can I Secure A Bail Bond In Fountain Valley?

At the 24 Hour Online Bail Bonds, we ascertain that the steps involved in securing a bail bond are as straightforward as possible. We are available round the clock, even during holidays and the weekends. You can call us at any time to start processing your loved one from jail.

Securing a bail bond begins with a call to one of our skilled agents. The specialist will then provide forms you should complete and hand over for a bail bond approval. If you desire not to waste time traveling to our offices, you can receive the forms via mail, print them, and send back the completed and signed papers electronically.

If we approve the bond, you can now settle the premium. Again, you can do this from the comfort of your home without interrupting your daily schedules with unexpected travel plans. Our agents will inform you about the payment methods we accept and lead you to a portal to settle the bond fee. You will also receive a detailed and transparent breakdown of the charges.

Fountain Valley Jail & Court Information

Fountain Valley has a small capacity holding facility operated by the local Police Department. It serves as the primary housing facility for local arrestees. Note that the police may move defendants to other neighboring detention centers when their facility is full.

Jail Information

Fountain Valley Police Department

Address: 10200 Slater Ave

Fountain Valley, CA 92706

Tel no: (714) 593-4485

Court Information

Central Justice Center

Address: 700 Civic Center Dr. West

Santa Ana, California 92701

(714) 834-2801

Harbor Justice Center

Address: 4601 Jamboree Road

Newport Beach, CA 92660

(949) 476-4822

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